[Drama News] Yoon Eun Hye’s Change of Heart in Mi Rae’s Choice

Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) is the new set of stills the production team decides to release for tonight’s episode of Mi Rae’s Choice. The new haircut depicts a 180 degree transformation from her previous self. Mi Rae is now seen sporting a straight bob haircut. I must admit that I was getting used to the noodle hair and it’s not too much of a distraction when she ties them up. However, this sure looks way better and less messier – so is that also mean she will be more decisive from now on and less flighty? Usually when girls get haircuts under the influence of emotions, it means they want to undergo certain changes e.g. a change of heart or a change of mood etc. I just hope the change of heart is not what I think it is…

Preview Trailer to Episode 10:

Omo omo. Looks interesting! I haven’t watched episode 9 yet but Yoo Kyung found Ajumma’s journal!  And… and… and… did Yoo Kyung confesses to Se Joo?

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Ahhhhh Pandora Box idea won an award so Oppa suggested a team outing! That’s why we get them riding bicycles and all main four characters are there! YAYYYYY!!!

Oh geez… did Shin bully you or something. Why the pouty look?

↑ Now who is that guy there? Se Joo? Shin? Oppa? Shin?

And we have Seo Yoo Kyung (Han Chae Ah) finding out something from Ajumma’s journal…. gosh, this is interesting! Dying to know what’s happening next!

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Soooo many things can happen on an outing / camping like that! I hate the cliffhanger!

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