[Drama News] Sweet Laughters and Smiles BTS of The Heirs

First set of stills released today are fun-filled behind the scenes pictures from the main casts of The Heirs. Ahhhh I love BTS pictures, they never fail to make me smile and brighten up my day. The Heirs team are really busy these days however everyone is always energetic and demonstrate strong team work. Off the set, the actors usually gather together and chat up a storm. Let’s look forward to tomorrow night’s The Heirs. I can’t wait to see that scene where Tan kicks Young Do into the pool! HAHAHA! ROFL!

Lee Min Ho‘s professionalism is well-known on the set. He always has someone filming his acting with a camcorder and he will check them in between takes to see the results of his acting. I believe that is how he had improved so tremendously well and quick over the years. I have seen pictures of him with Kim Hee Sun sitting together and replaying the video in Faith. This time he is watching it with his hyung Choi Jin Hyuk. Hehehe! Now how I wish they’d be like that in the show too… when will I see it, Kim Eun Sook?

Next picture we have Park Shin Hye playing the camera man and filming everyone. Shin Hye, I think that video camera is too heavy for you!

HAHAHA!!! All stars are vain. Just look at them! That’s supposed to be just acting and Krystal is making sure her uniform looks good and the boys are posing to look cool. Cracks me up! Gosh, now I just wish I can get my hands on that camera. I’ll have lotsa goodies from it!

Playing with the phone while waiting for your turn or you are singing? Twittering The Heirs pics to your fans?

Oh! A selca of Lee Min Ho!
Share more, you shit. Others have been so diligently in promoting the show with their SNS. I know you are buzzingly well-known around the world but still, we love seeing BTS and selcas and are never tired of it!


From TV Daily and selcas from Yoon Hee


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  1. “Share more, you shit”
    OMG ! You crack me up @La Petite !!!

    An impression of déjà vu when i saw LMH with his camecorder. lol Still professionnel as always.

    LOve the picture with PSH filming the cast. It’s so great to see her smile cause we’re so often prived of it in the show.


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