[Drama News] Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s BTS Intimate Scenes

Photo stills of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye rehearsing their intimate scenes have been released for The Heirs. These stills sure is leaving viewers and fans asking for more! So where are these BTS videos, SBS?

The ‘Air Kiss’ is particularly my favourite one of all. The atmosphere created during this scene is very sensual and sexual and leaves viewers with plentiful imaginations. You can almost see what the naked eyes cannot see – the so-called ‘Pink atmosphere’ enveloping Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. You can also feel the tension and excitement the moment Lee Min Ho leaaaaaaaans closer and closer ever so slowly and silently towards his targetted lips. Even though there is no kiss but the strong desire that Kim Tan really wants to kiss Eun Sang is there and can be felt by the audiences. Bravo! Lee Min Ho!

Before carrying out the ‘Silence Kiss’, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye went through their scripts and engage in deep discussion on how they were going to present this kiss. It has been reported before that they discussed, they tred out the angle which will make the kiss looks best on screen and so on. I personally love the angle that was decided to be filmed because that beautiful jaw was nicely captured by the camera.

Personally, the ‘Silence Kiss’ is my least favourite. Everything was perfect until the camera showed the front view of the kiss. Park Shin Hye’s lips was shut soooooo tight and Lee Min Ho’s lips look completely awkward and misplacingly glued onto it. One would imagine a sudden kiss like that, the guy would at least be able to take the girl by surprise and hence her lips should not be shut that tight! It became even more awkward when both of them had to remain in their kissing position for almost a minute from the same angle and it must have been so long that Lee Min Ho had no choice but to swallow his saliva.

It is fine that if there is no lips movement since it is a shut-up kiss and it is not meant to be romantic but a kiss looking so visually un-beautiful is unacceptable at front view, PD-nim. I request a re-take!

Next we have the one minute backhug scene in which Kim Tan asked Eun Sang to wait a little while, he is thinking and finding a way that she will have no barrier to cross. It would have been more promising if he is a 26 years old rather than 18 years old. Netizens find a promise made at that age to be naïve and unconvincing. I love his sincerity for it of course but I can’t really argue with that since there is so much to what a kid does not know when they are that young. Nonetheless, what the message is trying to convey is ‘don’t give up on hope‘.

A Little Musings:

The problem with the character or personality of Cha Eun Sang (Note: not Park Shin Hye) is that at the beginning of this drama, she was cheerful and assertive; she was also hopeful and she has a dream (although it was small) but once she lost her last hope (her sister) and her dream shattered, she became someone who is just living her life day by day without purpose and like a shell with no life. I would argue living her life just to survive is hard enough is nonsence. Everyone does that but poor people can still live happily and she isn’t that poor to the extent of being so much in despair.

She still has a roof under her head. She has mobile phone and warm clothes. She has food on her table for every meal. She has education. If we see it from this point of view, she really shouldn’t be this pessimistic about her life at such a young age. She becomes so unhappy and pessimistic that it was rather draining to watch especially it continues on for more than 5 episodes. I guess others would argue it is because at that age, teenagers magnify their problems and treat them like end of the world. Perhaps yes, that is true. In that case, someone will have to LC her and show her it isn’t end of the world yet. Hahaha!

I now see why Tan keeps being cheeky with her and tries hard to cheer her up. In reality, stress and pressure of merely living and surviving in general are always there but one just have to find a way around it and still be strong and happy. This is one of the things that Eun Sang needs to learn and overcome and I hope she will for the next 10 episodes. Give us back the cheery Eun Sang!

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6 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s BTS Intimate Scenes

  1. just about shinhye… when you’re young and smart, and doing well at school… your mom is maid, you go to school and you’re basically poorer than most of your classmate, and you don’t have freetime to enjoy youth, your best friend is much much richer than you are, and all you do is work part time job after part time job, and all you see in the future is not enough money to pay for uni, and once you finally get into a school where you might have a future instead of none at all, that future gets threatened from all sides by tan’s mom, tan’s aggressive love, young do, and snobbish kids, and you witness somebody from your situation having to leave that school, i’d say it’s a miracle if you don’t become sulky and resentful. I remember that at that age, even the fact that your friend had a pen you didn’t, or got to watch a movie when you didn’t get to, you would feel rather unfortunate… so for eunsang to be in that situation since her dad’s died…. no wonder she feels depressed.
    That said, i have confidence that she’ll get out of it eventually (with lots of “love is moment~~~~” moments). ^^


  2. That’s a beautiful picture of Minho and Shin Hye with both their eyes closed in that pantry scene. Also, cute smiles all around when they were looking up at the camera-man. This scene was really done so well – the tension & chemistry! The backhug was more melancholic – bur also tastefully done. They were both acting their hearts out on that scene. LMH really emotes well – he’s just standing there looking sad and sincere and I’m buying it. It’s such a nice benefit he’s so good looking.

    Shin Hye really cries very well….. though I hope there’s less crying and she finds her spunk back. I blame Kim Eun Sook. Darn it; why can’t she write kick-ass heroines like Faith’s ES and Ha Ji Won’s character in King of Hearts (??).


  3. Now that Heirs has ended, I would say that many netizens jumped to conclusions and misjudged some of the characters, especially Eun Sang. In regards to this article, akane, you were spot on. Kudos to you for your unbiased understanding of the character. Park Shin-hye is fast becoming an accomplished professional in her art. She played a difficult role (difficult because of all the criticism, even of the way she kisses). Now that Heirs has ended it is better understood that she was an innocent, serious, 18 yr old girl trying to survive as best she could who stood her ground, without hurting others, and gained a world in the process just by being who she was. I say Kim Eun Sook reminded us of lessons we had forgotten we had learned.


  4. i so love the heirs. i spent 3 sleepless nights waching it. i set aside my lessons just for it, and it’s really worth my time. i love every characters especially do young:-) i hope there’s a part 2:-) can’t get enough of it:-0


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