[Drama News] Jung Yong Hwa and Yoon Eun Hye Dine with Go Doo Shim in Mi Rae’s Choice

The latest stills released reveals that Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa), Lee Mi Ran or Miranda (Go Doo Shim) and Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) will have dinner at a Chinese restaurant in this week’s Mi Rae’s Choice.

Omona, please tell me this isn’t one of those >> a guy brings the girl home to meet the parents kind of dinner! Baybaypig Emoticons 3It does not help when the news article itself reveals nothing regarding the storyline but only about the filming and how well they have all worked together from midnight till 5 am in the morning.

That said, I believe it is that kind of dinner but mask under the “we have work to discuss” between Se Joo, Miranda and Mi Rae. I don’t believe Se Joo has revealed his identity to Mi Rae yet, not that this girl doesn’t know it anyway. My only wish is that she does not pretend and acts surprise with the revelation – that would only mean the innocent Mi Rae that both Se Joo and Shin so strongly believe in never existed.

I must say, it would be a lovely scene to watch. I love the grandson and grandmother’s moment and we have been deprived of that for several episodes now.

Hmm looks like Mi Rae is still sporting her curls. BTS pictures have shown her  new haircut with straight hair and looking disturbingly like Ajumma Mi Rae’s current hairstyle too. I wonder if it is Ajumma’s flash-back scenes of herself with Kim Shin in the future. But what can be certain is that Yoon Eun Hye will be sporting the new hair-do soon.

Hahaha! It’s not surprising to find Shin looking unamused with what is happening before his eyes. Cheer up, dude. You have her heart all the way and you two have my blessings all the way 😛

Did the meal not go well, Se Joo? You look sad again.

Baybaypig Emoticons 45 Can we have more Yoo Kyung and Se Joo stills pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee?

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  1. I’m hoping the writer will show us some lovey dovey moments between Seju and Yookyung when they are together in the original timeline. And how did he exactly fell for Yookyung.


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