Furukawa Yuki in ELLE MEN

Furukawa Yuki is the new big thing in Japan. This boy took up the role of Irie Naoki made famous by Kashiwabara Takashi back in the 90s as well as the Taiwanese actor Joe Chang (It Started with A Kiss) and Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong (Playful Kisses) for the remake of the drama named Itazuna na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo. The drama has 16 episodes which ended at Kotoko and Naoki getting married. Netizens wish for a second season since Naoki and Kotoko’s real couple story only began after their marriage.

Before Furukawa Yuki has gotten so famous, he has starred in small roles in drama such as Asuko March!, Rich Man Poor Woman and Boku to Star no 99 nichi. Funny how I have never noticed him and let alone remember his face! He has also become big in China and is invited for a photoshoot for China’s edition of ELLE Men.

From Sina News