[Drama News] The Heirs 상속자들: Episode 11 – 12 Preview

Omo! Finally a preview!! When there was no preview at the end of episode 10, I thought the show must be on live shooting but seeing one now after re-run is great and that means they are still not too behind on schedule. Aja aja fighting The Heirs Teams! [赞]

Rough Translation (from Baidu by 淡淡)

Young Do: Don’t listen. Don’t get hurt. If you give me an answer first then I won’t be able to continue asking.
Eun Sang: Is that considered as conversation to you?
Young Do: Do you really like Kim Tan?
Madam Jung: Let me look at that note book too, bring it.
Ki Ae: What are you trying to do to uri Ahjumma now?
Madam Jung: You had someone stalking me?
Ki Ae: Gasp!

— At Won’s office —
Madam Jung: If this time Tan accepts the present (what present?), Tan’s share will be the same as yours, probably more.

— In Tan’s bedroom —
Tan: Facing your back at me, I’ll hug you. Verbally challenge me, I will kiss you. [亲亲] [偷笑] (DO IT!!! Hahaha!)
Ki Ae: What are you guys doing? Are you crazy? (Aishhh, party pooper mum!)
Ki Ae: Are you two going out? Was I in the dark all this time?

— Background voice —
Eun Sang: Must you really do this? Is this the true heart you want me to deliver?

— At the pool —
Young Do: What I did just now is what Kim Tan will do to you in future
Young Do to Tan: Cha Eun Sang will be like someone being named a concubine
Tan: Shut your mouth! Can you bear the consequences?


Awww… the Young Do and Eun Sang shippers will love this, he’s being sweet for the first time, putting the hoodie on her so she won’t catch a cold. Hahaha! But where is Tan?

But I just had to laugh at how SHOCK she is to his sudden sweetness. [哈哈]

I don’t understand Korean but this part I know for sure Young Do asks her if she really does like Tan.

Awww another sweet moment. Looks like Ki Ae is defending Hee Nam! [good]

I just had to put this up, the butterfly and the big ring is distracting and Ki Ae’s expression is cracking me up. [嘻嘻]

Uhhh ohhhh… what are you two planning? Won who does not like this mum but will they join forces to kick Tan and his mum out?


OH MY GOD! For the first time Eun Sang is asking a kiss from Tan??? [吃惊] [吃惊] [吃惊]

KISS ME BABY, ONE MORE TIME (coz I screw up and did not open my mouth last time). HAHAHA… I’m joking but it’d be nice she does, for once! [偷笑]

[闭嘴] [闭嘴] [闭嘴] OH NO!!!

Mum found out?!

Aishhh… arm grabbing by force again? Young Do, you never learn! [怒骂][怒骂][怒骂][怒骂]

Evil smile this one… so childish [怒骂]

No wonder the rumoured love triangle ended next week. How are you EVER going to get the girl’s heart by doing this? It’s WINTER! [怒骂]

See. He even looked dignified after doing it. I give up on you, mister! HAHAHA!

And here comes Tan struddling over looking so normally and …

… kicks Young Do into the pool too. [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

Collar grab + warning again. Seriously, anything new? Start doing something, Tan!

Oooohhhhh wet Kim Woo Bin! [害羞]

That shirt… ummm… never mind, I’ll just concentrate on your pissed face! [偷笑]

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17 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Heirs 상속자들: Episode 11 – 12 Preview

  1. the story would be more interesting if YD would stop being a bad boy to ES, otherwise how could there be a love triangle and it would also be nice to see a reason for tan to be jealous of YD if bothe will show how much they like ES


  2. I think they were almost into live shooting ESP for ep 9-10. I think LMH & KWB had other commitments that week and could not shoot non-stop. They probably caught up this week & I do hope they continue to be ahead of schedule by a week so that the editing is not choppy.

    Let’s get on with the cute please! The show isn’t a rom-com in the first place. But squeal-worthy scenes will still be appreciated. Tan & ES are at their best when they are bickering and being cute together.


  3. Aigoo… If only YD had asked more love advices to MS, we would get a love triangle more worthy than that. Like YD wasn’t at a disadvantage already with ES liking KT back, but even till now he’s still bullying her. -_-”

    By the way, where is the pool scene situated ? It doesn’t seem like KT’s house. Is it at YD’s house or YD’s hotel or… ?


    • Btw love the pool scene too. I am more on YD side to get ES. KT is so lovey dovey. He needs to put on the JYP facefrom boys ovover flowers to match up with YD.


      • i m YD side too….i feel YD is ES saviour. YD has been working part time like ES but for a different reason kekekekke…. YD really need to be nice with ES, if he wants to win her. Cant they make him a bit nicer and to ES that makes ES fall in love with him over a different reason.


  4. Oy vey. Young Do just doesn’t get it. Dropping her in a pool and saying that’s what Tan’s going to do to her is NOT going to win him any points! Gah! How dumb can this moron be? If you really want to be a rival for her affections stop being a complete —-!


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