[Drama News] Lee Min Ho’s Intricate Acting in The Heirs

The next new released stills are none other than the main main lead from The HeirsLee Min Ho. Love his smile and laugh in that picture! [心]

The production team has chosen to release these set of stills to show the intricate and expressive acting of Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho uses detailed facial exprressions to perfectly convey the emotional changes of Kim Tan according to the script in the drama. This week’s The Heirs will get better and better with the love triangle between Kim Tan, Choi Young Do and Cha Eun Sang officially set in motion. The production team said, “Please look forward to more passionate romance.”

That’s right SBS. Lee Min Ho is the master in using facial expression and eyes to act. The best among all The Heirs cast too! ^ ^
But due to the script-writer and her written character, I think she hasn’t fully utilized Lee Min Ho’s ability unlike Song Ji Na.

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Anyone noticed this? Lee Min Ho must have created this “Kim Tan only” lips biting habit in the show.

Busted face … so ugly. HAHAHAHA! >> I mean as compared to before getting busted!

Image from TopStarNews and Chosun


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