[Drama News] Another Peek into BTS of The Heirs

New BTS stills was released yesterday that featured some of our main stars from The Heirs – Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye and Krystal. Some pictures depict the actors working hard in discussion or acting while some are BTS of them smiling or laughing. [可爱] It is always lovely to see them all getting along soooo well. I wonder if their fans all get along, too? [疑问]

Lee Bo Na (Krystal Jung) has becoming more and more lovable each week. I just hope she stays that way. I am also kind of glad she hasn’t gone too delusional to think Tan likes her so she’d go to the extent of revenging Tan for their past. The reason I said that was because that was her original character description – something along the line of she thinks Tan is hot and she wants Tan to see what he has been missing. That really got me worried about her relationship with Chan Young. But looks like, maybe I don’t need to worry; that Kim Eun Sook has changed her character?

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The love triangle between these 3 were rumoured to cease by next week. Really? How? I wonder… whatever and however it ends, let’s just say I AM GLAD. Love triangle is soooo not the in thing anymore. I much prefer to see these two boys kiss and make up rather than injuring their beautiful faces. [怒骂] Why can’t you fight with your high IQs? Put those brains into some good use, will ya?

The Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) in USA is smiling, carefree and lonely…

The Tan in Seoul is angry, sad and lonely [悲伤]

Aishhh… I can’t be angry at leather Kim Woo Bin but…

This dipshit, I can!!! [怒] Bullying a girl, tripping her TWICE are not acceptable already and now you let her fall into a pool in Winter! Minus 100 points off of you!

It has been awhile that I have not seen a smile on Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). She is never a happy and optimistic girl and she got worst and worst as the episode gets further… C’mon girl, be strong! Love is supposed to make you stronger?!

Last but not least…

Big brother Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk). When will I see you smile and be happy too? Huh? Huh??? Rumour also has it that the story will start concentrating more on Won too after the love triangle ends. Good.

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3 thoughts on “[Drama News] Another Peek into BTS of The Heirs

  1. There wasn’t much of a love triangle in the first place since ES was never interested in YD. Since she’s already confessed she likes Tan, I’m glad KES is moving forward with letting KT &ES overcome their other obstacles (engagement, status, etc). Hope they focus on the ‘cute’ now with minimal angst, and Tan’s growth & fight for the ‘crown’. I was wondering when KES was gonna get around to that since their tag line is “one who wears the crown, bears its weight”. The difference between the brothers though is how uninterested Tan is with his wealth while Won would pretty much give up the girl to keep his position. I don’t wish for Tan to change but he does need some semblance of power to protect ES.


  2. if there will be a love triangle YD must start to be nice to ES and stop being a jerk in order to have a believable plot, no girl would fall for a guy who does nothing but trip and bullly her!


  3. But how can the love triangle ends so soon when YD only started to realise his feelings for ES ? Even if ES and KT already like each other, YD hasn’t showed his good sides to her yet.
    Um.. a love triangle that ends so soon in the show.. it smells fishy…

    Glad that the show is going to focus a bit more on KW&HJ though. I guess they’ll probably meet at work now.


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