The Heirs Highlights: The Memorable and The Funniest in Episode 10

Episode 10 was fun to watch, okay rephrase… more fun to watch than episode 9. It has heartfelt moment between Tan’s mum and Eun Sang’s mum. Unfortunately, there is no video of it. But all others we do have! Yippeeeee…

(1) A Taste of Your Own Medicine When the Other Party is so Bull Headed with Multiple Warnings!

This is not a fun scene but it is memorable. Netizens argue Tan should not have done this to Young Do but I would say, he was pushed to do it. I shan’t defend his actions or choices however, if there is any other solution(s) better than this of course I’m up for it as long as it can get through to that thick skull of Young Do.

But few netizens also raised some questions. So first thing first – is that solution going to entertain the viewers? Is it going to raise the ratings? If not, then no point carrying onΒ  serious discussion. After all, this is just a drama. Let’s not take things too seriously πŸ˜€ If everyone is against violence vs violence then we should all stop watching action or super hero movies coz heyyyy, the good guys beat up the bad guys too! [ι˜΄ι™©]

(2) I Showed Courage for you but you refused to do anything for me

Both of them have their reasons but frankly, Eun Sang has already backed off before she even tried. Tan is right on this, he has shown courage for her multiple times but she hasn’t and is unwilling to try to do anything for him. A drama won’t be drama if there is no push and pull for entertainment’s sake. However, it’s time for her to step up the game or else we really don’t have a drama to watch!

(3) It’s Exam Time!

HAHAHA! One of my favourite scenes in Episode 10. Absolutely hilarious!
From the moment they take their exams till the result is out, LOLLLL!

Young Do gives all the same answers.
Myung Soo cheats.
Tan looked like he actually knows the answers.


Young Do – No. 98
Myung Soo – No. 99
Kim Tan – No. 100


(4) Camping is Fun – Not!

If only the peace can last longer, seriously. [ι»‘ηΊΏ]
If only Young Do can behave normally like when he helped Eun Sang setting up the tent.

(5) Paint Ball

It’s a moment of [ι»‘ηΊΏ] and [ζ±—] to [ε“ˆε“ˆ][ε“ˆε“ˆ][ε“ˆε“ˆ][ε“ˆε“ˆ][ε“ˆε“ˆ]I swear it was dumb funny but somehow it’s just funny and I enjoyed it. HAHAHA!

credit video to Drama SBS


2 thoughts on “The Heirs Highlights: The Memorable and The Funniest in Episode 10

  1. @La Petite
    I agree, Tan was continuously pushed to the edge by Young Do, what son will just sit by and let his mom be humiliated in their own home?! What Tan did may not be the subtlest of ways but it has done the effect he wanted.

    And yes people are taking the drama way too seriously and forgetting it’s for entertainment


  2. The paint ball scene is my fav scene from the ep. Bona-chanyoung moments made me cringed a bit but i rofled at hyungsik ‘s scene… How can he be so different with his realman μ§„μ§œ μ‚¬λ‚˜μ΄ show? He got best score for shooting in there but disqualified early after shooting himself accidently.. TT…


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