[Drama News] Yoon Eun Hye Cries to Jung Yong Hwa in Mi Rae’s Choice

A new set of stills is released early today for the upcoming episode of Mi Rae’s Choice.

In the stills we see Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) crying and treating her painful burnt wound on her ankle while Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) looks at her with so much affection. He also offers her tissues to dry her tears. So at a situation like this, where is the man who has her heart, Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun)?

The stills aren’t very telling with what happened but from the trailer, Oppa looks like he is trying to break up Shin and Mi Rae and Shin tells Mi Rae to decide for her own future. That must have led Mi Rae to a bit of despair or they had another argument. Sighh… Se Joo-ya, just let her be will ya?

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5 thoughts on “[Drama News] Yoon Eun Hye Cries to Jung Yong Hwa in Mi Rae’s Choice

  1. If writers don’t give him a happy ending and make him look like a loser until the very end, I’d seriously flip tables. So far, out of the 4 main characters, he’s the one who deserves it the most. Yes, he is hiding his real identity as a chaebol but I don’t think that makes him a fraud. It was obviously done in good faith and not for any selfish motives. He hasn’t hurt anybody, at least intentionally.

    Mirae won’t even spare him a glance which is a bit ridiculous to me but seriously it’s the writers fault for killing the love triangle too early. In my opinion, there’s no point in dragging it any longer especially when a romance with the other lady (Yukyung) has so much potential.


  2. Scriptwriter of MHIYD is the worst person ever he or she is the reason why the tv rating is so bad and she pull down all the big star in this drama it was a waste for them to accept this project….se joo and mi Rae is good match and their chemistry is amazing in this drama just check the rating when ever they were together…


  3. I’m always very happy to see Seju’s stills/previews but here in lies the problem with this drama,i.e. the male lead is often no where to be seen. If the writer has not created a male lead that is likeable by the viewers, then I’m afraid the drama is not going to get lots of support and team Seju viewers will only get more and more frustrated as we go along. Anyways, Yong Hwa is doing a good job at being Seju and that’s what matters. I still want Seju to move on and start liking Yoo Kyung soon.


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