Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 7

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The show has reached halfway through its story and this episode opens up a new chapter – the Team 3 gets new project, the beginning of an entangled loveliness between the 4 main characters and Ajumma’s own evil project.

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The episode opens up with Shin walking up on a Se Joo and Mi Rae moment. He turns to a corner with disappointment on his face. He dwells on it a little and decides to call out to them to join the others. Se Joo gets up first and Shin gives Se Joo a pat on the arm for his hard work and thanks him for his quick thinking on the water tank. Se Joo quietly accepts his appreciation and goes inside.

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Yoo Kyung arrives at the scene where PD Lee warmly invites her to sit beside him but she has her target locked on the space beside Se Joo and writer Bae, LOL. She bites her lips and calculates in her head how she is going to get to that space for a moment. Then very un-subtly, she points at writer Bae going, “There! That!” as she bulldozes her way through the boys and sits right in the middle of Se Joo and writer Bae. HAHA.

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Next to join the team is Mi Rae. Se Joo is the first to offer the free space on his right but only to be blocked by Shin, who moves to that space and offers his. What they did not see it coming is Oppa taking up the offered space and tells Mi Rae to sit beside him, LOLLL. Awkwardness sets in while all the boys anticipate Mi Rae’s decision. PD Lee then offers his side and Mi Rae takes that seat instead out of avoiding any misunderstanding (since Shin doesn’t know Oppa is her brother). All the while, Yoo Kyung takes in what plays out in front of her – Se Joo is quick to grab Mi Rae a plate of food and Shin offers to fill her glass. She sizes up her enemy and concludes Mi Rae’s very popular because even Shin is taking action. Hahaha!

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PD Lee’s phone rings and turns out it was from the newsroom director. Lee puts his phone on speaker and the director belittle them all for reporting the subway news because by right, they should have let the news department handle it. He proceeds to berate at Shin for acting as if he is still an anchor and tells Oppa to transfer all the relevant news materials to him and his department will handle the rest of the coverage.

Dead silence.

What a way to kill the mood. PD Lee timidly reaches out for his phone while the others sigh and accept the difference in treatment for their department and the news department. Mi Rae doesn’t understand so she naïvely suggested to just make a new program. Everyone has to take turn to explain to her how a workplace works and how the management runs the company. They all sigh and accept the fact that they can’t fight against the management, however, Shin suggested that they try to find a way out.

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Cut to both Oppa and Shin visiting Miranda and ask her for permission to host a new program. Miranda disapproves and Oppa backs down when Miranda asks if he is threatening her. Oppa gives up and is about to drag Shin out with him when Shin speaks up, “Let’s move to the regional province office and make a new program ourselves. Over there no one will interfere and we will have prime time slot.” That prompted Miranda to think twice since Shin has become famous overnight due to the subway incident. It would not be a good idea to send him away as it would spark controversies among the viewers. Miranda eventually gives in to them but demands that they film a pilot program and broadcast it first. She promises that if the pilot program receives 10% in ratings then she will let them continue it into regular program. Shin happily takes the challenge.

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Next, we see Team 3 moving their swivel chairs and documents to a new meeting room. Mi Rae suggests that Shin joins in the fun of pushing her on the swivel chair and they engage in their own little cute world while Se Joo, silently and with the “I’m all cool” expression, steals a glance at them but goes back to work on his things. Hmm… what’s on your mind, Se Joo?

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Back at home, Mi Rae scratches her head to come up with new ideas for the program that will earn a rating of 10%. She mumbles to herself how the program needs to be different to the morning show, it has to have depth and … she gets frustrated. She blames herself for her big mouth because she is unable to help Oppa and writer Bae. Shin’s advice for her to find time to study her basics flashes through her mind and she takes out her phone to call, but she remembers Ajumma is home so sheepishly, she walks out of the house.

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Ajumma cooks a whole table of Oppa’s favourite dishes and apologizes for causing him trouble. Oppa accepts her apology but still insist that she sorts out her rental issue and moves out. Ajumma lies that she is handling it and if she handles it well, Mi Rae will be well too and hints that she will be able to see him. Oppa of course did not catch on the hint and starts freaking out that Ajumma will further haunt him after she moves out, HAHAHA. Unable to explain or reveal further, Ajumma ushers Oppa to try the food. She forgets to put chilli in one of the dishes so she rushes out to get it and tells him to wait.

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Both Mi Rae and Shin stare into their phones, contemplating whether or not to call each other. Nerves take control of them as they press on the dial only to hang up quickly or they call each other at the same time so both their phones are engaged, LOL. Mi Rae finally gets through to Shin while he prepares his voice to accept the call and acts like he isn’t anticipating it. HA. Funny. She asks Shin out on for a learning session (excuse of course) while Shin pretends to play hard to get by telling her he will check his schedule if he is free. He counts 1-5 and tells her he can meet her at around 1 PM. Mi Rae happily accepts the time to meet up and Ajumma walks up on her (from the supermarket) in time to overhear their conversation.

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Ajumma confronts Mi Rae for her choice to see Shin and tells her that even if she ignores the fact that she will be ruined but how can she when that means someone she loves will die. Mi Rae pushes to know who she is referring to but Ajumma refuses to answer. That flares up Mi Rae and she thinks Ajumma is lying and they have the same argument about them being two different people all over again (this is absolutely going nowhere). Mi Rae finds it difficult to believe she will turn out to be like Ajumma and swears that she will not be like her and Ajumma walks away, hurt.

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Ajumma sits on a bench in the park and cries while cursing her younger self. HAHAHA. Someone creeps up behind her and she sees the shadow getting closer and closer. She is scared but bravely turns around to see who it is. Turns out it is that time-travel mystery man who has his hands out, ready to grab her. Ajumma screams and that got him to scream too (idiot! HAHAHA); she quickly flees from the scene and he chases after her. Ajumma runs to the main road as a black car pull over and offer her to get in. Desperately trying to get away, she hops into the car with Miranda’s man.

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Poor Oppa. He has politely waited for Ajumma to return and 40 minutes have passed with no sign of her. He feels angry and questions himself why he is waiting while his stomach protests and growls, but what is funny is that he doesn’t look angry at all. He must be too hungry and low in energy to react angrily. HAHAHA.

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At Miranda’s mansion, Ajumma baits Miranda about Se Joo’s future. Now that Ajumma has proved to be a real fortune-teller, Miranda is quick to believe her. Ajumma strikes a deal with Miranda, she will help Miranda with what she knows and she gets to stay in the mansion for a few days (to avoid mystery man). She warns Miranda that reporter must be scraped off on the list of choice as granddaughter in law. She then tells Miranda (again) that Se Joo has his eyes set on a woman. Miranda asks who and Ajumma flashes her a mysterious smile.

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In the morning at Na residence, Oppa sits at Mi Rae’s study table and informs her that Ajumma called to tell him she can’t come back; he thinks it is strange. Mi Rae takes it lightly and tells him it is probably because they had another fight. Oppa asks Mi Rae to follow him out in search for a new topic for the program and Mi Rae declines, refusing to answer who she is going out with when Oppa asked.

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A man in sunglasses and face mask appears on my screen – it’s Kim Shin. He is at a public place waiting for Mi Rae and avoiding to be recognised by pedestrians. Mi Rae recognises him immediately (DUHHH he’s grabbing attention rather than avoiding it) and goes up to greet him. Mi Rae then points out happily that they are wearing the same colour clothes, and he smirks with agreement. They had to quickly get a move on when a woman stops to talk to Shin.

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Just when they were happily on their date, Mi Rae receives a call from Se Joo. Se Joo invites her to come to his house and that he has prepared lots of food but Mi Rae cuts him short and informs him apologetically that she already has arrangement. Se Joo is immediately disappointed but picks up quickly on the clue and asks, “Who are you with?” Mi Rae remains silent and chooses not to answer. Se Joo gets it and tells her, “It’s okay, I’ll see you next time” and hangs up.

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Pretending nothing has happened, Mi Rae and Shin embark on their excuse-to-find-new-topic date on a street filled with shops. They look like they enjoy themselves and taking pictures.

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It is now revealed that Se Joo is on the rooftop with beautiful scenery, a table of food with red wine and barbecue equipment set up. He sits down disappointedly, looking all alone and sighs. Just then, his phone rings and it was Yoo Kyung. She invites him out for a drink to the bar and upon hearing “wine” Se Joo invites Yoo Kyung over since he has everything set up.

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At a park by the lake, Shin and Mi Rae check their phones of the pictures they took. In an attempt to find out what Shin thinks of her, she asks him: “What is your first impression of me?” Shin replies, “Hit and run, fraud… things like that” and Mi Rae asks again, “What about now?” Shin looks at her and goes, “Maknae writer”. Pffftttt ~ That’s not what a girl wants to hear, my dear. He then asks her back which she responds, “Bad fate. Someone I need to avoid.” Shin gets puzzled and asks her what is that all about but they get distracted by a couple behind them getting a little too cozy.

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Yoo Kyung arrives on the rooftop, sees the set up and thought it was all for her but Se Joo tells her honestly he did it for Mi Rae but she could not come because she’s with Shin. Yoo Kyung tries to make up excuses for Mi Rae by telling Se Joo that she must be in a meeting with writer Bae. Se Joo sees through her lies straight away and retorts, “Team leader Na is at home now. Do people usually held a meeting regarding the new program in the absence of team leader?” Speechless, Yoo Kyung’s eyes move around in the eye sockets (rather cutely) and chews on the grapes she stuffs into her mouth. Ha. Busted.

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Mi Rae’s heart wavers again when she sees from afar a couple in wedding dresses and thinks about her own with Shin. Ajumma’s warning echoes in her head, “Is it okay if someone dies especially if it is the person you love?” Her smile fades and she looks at Shin, feeling troubled. She stands up and asks to leave. Shin senses something is up so he asks her to tell him if there is. Mi Rae did not but instead, she asks him out for another date – a proper date where they go out to eat and watch a movie. Shin happily agrees to make time for it. So does this mean you have made up your heart/mind, Mi Rae?

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Back at the rooftop, Se Joo pours his heart out to Yoo Kyung while she pigs out. Se Joo thinks it must be his karma that he used to chase away all the women that came after him in a cruel, rude way because they are covetting his money so he feels them unworthy of his respect. And now, he sighs, he has no idea what to do with Mi Rae. Se Joo: “I must be overly self-complacent. Who in the world would reject me? I’m Park Se Joo, the heir to Young Gun Group. But to her, I am only a VJ.” He asks Yoo Kyung if he has no charm. HAHAHA! Yoo Kyung tells him he is charming and handsome too. He laughs and thanks her in a way that he takes it as she is consoling him.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0162_zps50ae1096.png

He gets up, declares he should stop making vain efforts and concentrate on working hard but Yoo Kyung advises him to try confessing his feelings to Mi Rae. Se Joo tells him he has done it only to earn a snort from Yoo Kyung and she imitates him: “You think of me as a man. That’s a relief. That? What kind of confession is that? You are only talking to yourself.” She encourages him to prepare an event and do it coolly. Se Joo declines, telling her that he hates doing those things because it’s not a show and it’s ordinary like a manual. Yoo Kyung eventually persuaded Se Joo to prepare a surprise event for Mi Rae and she promised to help him. She turns around and thinks to herself:

You need to hit harder, that way, you would be able to give up on Na Mi Rae.

Yoo Kyung! You didn’t! Noooo! *Face-palm*

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0187_zpsa3ec6fb2.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0188_zpsb301b452.png

Ajumma returns to work and the other ajummas are curious why she has a man following her. He is Miranda’s man and turns out Ajumma borrow him to protect her from the mystery man. Ajumma’s plan is to hold out on Miranda about Mi Rae because if she tells her now, Miranda would just put a stop to it. She has everything planned out in her head and Miranda offers her to stay.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0273_zps38f04419.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0441_zps3eb7ddc2.png

At the not-so-shabby apartment, Se Joo refuses to go home when Miranda asks him to. The little precious grandson is still mad at grandma for denying him access to her during the restructuring incident and for making him to attend the birthday party, LOL. Se Joo is watching all those romantic movies with scenes of confessing their love and he looks defeated from thinking that he has to do those things. HAHAHA! He gets a text from Yoo Kyung querying him if he has come up with an event and he replies he’s racking his brain on it. He also tells her that he does not think Mi Rae will appreciate it.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0532_zps4267f6ca.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0544_zps7eec7c1c.png

Yoo Kyung goes into a little self-conversation in her head, admitting that it is true, Mi Rae would not like it but it is only the way that he will get rejected and she will have a chance. She fights with her conscience hard and decided to call Se Joo. She sweetens him up, convincing him that all women love surprises/event and tells Se Joo not to put his embarrassment first and think of Mi Rae.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0554_zps69e03608.png

Se Joo heaves a sigh and face-palm himself going, “I’m going crazy.” Yoo Kyung continues to poke on his wound, telling him that he can be all alone and be the catalyst to Shin and Mi Rae’s relationship. That sure got Se Joo straight in the heart and he agrees to do it and tells her he will make it simple and plain. Yoo Kyung chirps up and offers to be the one that calls Mi Rae.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0574_zps589cbbf8.png

Once Se Joo hangs up, he sits back on the couch with his hand on his face dreading the whole idea of it, LOLLLL. So funny to see this side of Se Joo while Yoo Kyung gives herself a scolding, “Seo Yoo Kyung, you are really mean”. Yes you are, Yoo Kyung! *Thumb down*

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0579_zps6ddc5acf.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0581_zps83ac977b.png

At YBS, Mi Rae bumps into Ajumma and aegyo her that she was worried of her and that she is sorry for saying all those harsh words. Ajumma shrugs it all off and tells Mi Rae to be prepared because she has initiated “Operation Park Se Joo”. Mi Rae is obviously confused and just then, Yoo Kyung runs up to her warmly to invite her for a drink at Cheongdam Dong. Mi Rae is reluctant since she doesn’t really like Yoo Kyung so Yoo Kyung aegyo a little that they have went through thick and thin with the subway incident so Mi Rae shouldn’t hold grudges and tells her that Se Joo will be there. Mi Rae finally accepts the invitation. All the while, Ajumma is listening in on their little conversation.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0590_zpsaaa8f77f.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0594_zpsbc9be55f.png

Ajumma wants to know Yoo Kyung’s plan and Yoo Kyung denies she has any but tells her even if she does, why would she tell Ajumma. Cue Ajumma turning into the fortune-teller and start baiting Yoo Kyung about her future, she tells Yoo Kyung that she has seen her future husband. Guess who will Ajumma name? It’s not difficult to guess!

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0595_zps2526ad12.png

Ajumma then goes up to Shin’s department and informs Shin that Mi Rae has asked her to pass on a message (because she left her phone). She tells Shin the exact location where Yoo Kyung has asked Mi Rae to go. Oh Ajummaaaa! Ajumma butters him up more, “Oh, Mi Rae seems to be in high spirit. She really likes you” and that put a smile on Shin’s face. It is then revealed that Yoo Kyung has let the cat out of the bag and Ajumma jumps on the opportunity to sabotage it further by getting Shin there. Her plan is to get Shin does what he’s best at – lose his temper and yell at everyone.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0598_zps15f4eb1d.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0606_zpsd85e70b2.png

Meanwhile, Yoo Kyung is in the lady’s room puzzling over Ajumma’s premonition that her husband is Kim Shin. HA. So predictable. Her train of thoughts is cut short as Se Joo calls her out. As she walks out of the ladies, she stops and struggles on the decision to go through with her sabotaging plan; determined that this is the best for Se Joo, Yoo Kyung joins him. A few other boys are there to help with decoration and Yoo Kyung leans in closer to whisper, “Who are they? Do they know you are heir to Young Gun group?” Se Joo tells her they are his classmates and they don’t know.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0612_zpsc7ff50ee.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0613_zps4c9f5e21.png

Mi Rae arrives at the bar and gets greeted with balloons, candles, romantic movie’s boards, Titanic on TV and rose petals / confetti thrown at her, HAHAHA. Se Joo-ya, this is what you called simple and plain? Mi Rae looks distress and turns to run away but Yoo Kyung grabs her and brings her back. Handsome Se Joo comes out from the back with a rose bouquet in his hands. He looks composed and cool, no signs of embarrassment or dread he has felt before. Mi Rae is flustered and murmurs underneath her breath, “Oh my god. Oh my god.”

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0618_zpsdfea5da2.png

Meanwhile Shin is all dressed up and looking into the reflection of himself doing a last moment check. He walks toward the bar smiling like a man in love would do. Ohhhh I dread this.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0776_zps63cbebc8.png

Se Joo tells Mi Rae that he doesn’t like doing these kind of things too but he thinks he should at least try to make it official. He adds, “Mi Rae-ssi, I like you” and offers her the rose bouquet. Mi Rae is very hesitant to receive the bouquet and just as she accepts it, Shin walks into the bar.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0943_zps5885289b.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0974_zpse2c1fa51.png

Yoo Kyung is the first to notice him and calls out, “Sunbae!” *FREEZE* All the romantic atmosphere disappears as Shin stands there. Yoo Kyung is horrified, Se Joo looks at Shin sharply as he announces that he was invited by Mi Rae and continues to look at Shin coldly as he approaches them and throws insult. With a fork as a mic, he interviews them.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0979_zps1c8758e9.png

Shin: “I guess you need a host for the event. Okay. What shall I do for you first? Give you two an introduction? Or, what you’re feeling right now? Here. What are you feeling right now?
It seems you’ve been confessed to.”

Mi Rae: “I didn’t call you.”

Shin: “That’s an irrelevant answer. I guess you were really surprised.”

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0973_zps662ea557.png

Shin then directs the question at Se Joo: “Then, if you confessed while calling everyone here it means you were very confident. When did you start feeling this confidence?”

Se Joo: “How did you know about this place?”

Shin: “Another irrelevant answer. Are you two Suh Woo Jung Couple?”

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0986_zps876ea768.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0983_zpse4242f70.png

Shin then announces that he is interrupting and sarcastically congratulate them, looking at Mi Rae, he praises that they look good together and walks away, hurt. Mi Rae’s mind is filled with Shin and without a word to Se Joo, she chases after him (not forgetting to leave the rose bouquet there when she grabs her coat and bag). Se Joo says nothing and only watches her move away further and further from him silently with a heavy, broken heart. (Writing this makes me feel like someone is squeezing my heart…)

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0992_zps76b94f93.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0993_zps75af02d6.png

Outside the bar, Mi Rae catches onto another heart-broken Shin. Shin jumps into defensive mode due to hurt pride and starts firing Mi Rae with a string of questions. All the while, Mi Rae tries really hard to explain and tells him she did not call him. Shin talks like a machine gun and refuses to listen or gives Mi Rae a chance to speak (their future relationship would suck if Shin is always like this whenever they fight). Sigh, this man is so stubborn! He continues to throw insults at Mi Rae and accuses her of two-timing (well, that I wouldn’t disagree) etc etc until Mi Rae snaps, “How many times do I need to tell you that is not it… you bad person!” That sure shut Shin up as both of them stand in front of each other with tears in their eyes, both hurt. Unable to withstand the silence and realising what she has said, Mi Rae runs away. You coward. And Shin walks the other way.

On the side-street, all useless Mi Rae can do is cry. She turns around and checks, no sign of Shin. Realising she is being stupid, she continues to walk on and cry. At this point, I’m just really angry at Mi Rae and wants her to see some sense. The Shin at this point is not going to be the type that lower himself first and chases after the girl! So she should stop hoping!

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0996_zps11030e3a.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi0999_zpse1a28b98.png

Back at the bar, the staffs are busy taking down the decorations while heart-broken Se Joo sips on Brandy in sorrow. It is obvious that his heart is bleeding but he does it in such a quiet, cool manner that it actually makes you feel even more heartache for him. One of his friends tells him to cheer up and that there are other fishes in the sea, there is no need to dwell on someone like Mi Rae who isn’t attractive and with no body. The guy offers to introduce him brainless woman who has got looks and body. As much as his heart is broken by Mi Rae, Se Joo still cannot bear to hear anyone speaks badly of her so Se Joo shoots the guy down with insults that those women suit the guy’s level of taste, but does not suit him.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1004_zps0af96182.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1018_zpsed0ed6df.png

Yoo Kyung looks apologetic goes up to Se Joo and apologizes. Se Joo forces out a smile and tells her it is alright and just then, the bartender tells them there is a phone call from Mi Rae. Se Joo asks to pass the phone to him but the bartender tells him Mi Rae wants to speak to Yoo Kyung instead. Disappointment flooded his face as the phone gets pass onto Yoo Kyung. On the phone, Mi Rae asks Yoo Kyung to pass on the message to Se Joo for her. YOU COWARD – even though I get that you might be too messed up at the moment to handle Se Joo but still, this cowardice behaviour has been going on far too many episodes for me to let it breeze through without giving you a fist!

Mi Rae: “I am unable to go back and please tell Se Joo-ssi that I am sorry… please tell him I am really sorry.”

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1023_zpsf291403e.png

And she hangs up on Yoo Kyung before Yoo Kyung can say anything. Se Joo asks what was Mi Rae’s message and Yoo Kyung only tells him half of the content and omitted the “I am sorry”. Se Joo just nods twice and continues to sip on his Brandy. Yoo Kyung goes, “Umm… Se Joo-ya..” but Se Joo cuts her off and asks her kindly to leave him because he wants some lone time. Yoo Kyung leaves the “crying back” Se Joo as requested and she walks away upset and heart aching for Se Joo.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1034_zpsa720fd7a.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1038_zps05782422.png

Shin arrives at his car and looks up at the big screen on the building only to see an imaginary re-run of Se Joo’s confession where Mi Rae happily accepts. The eyes do see what they want to see sometimes, sigh. He takes out his phone… and calls Se Joo to meet him while Yoo Kyung catches up with Mi Rae at the bus stop (how did you know she’ll be there?). Uh oh.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1045_zpsbe85fe4d.png

Yoo Kyung: “Why didn’t you talk to Se Joo directly? Why did you make me pass the message?”

Mi Rae: “I am sorry for putting you in that awkward situation. I don’t have a phone with me now, can I use yours? I will talk to Se Joo directly.”

Yoo Kyung takes out her phone and gives it to Mi Rae. She tells Mi Rae to do it properly and make it clear to Se Joo that she does not like him.

Shin asks Se Joo with a benefit of a doubt, “What I saw earlier… Mi Rae ask you to do it?” Se Joo just sighs and returns him with a question, “Why do you say such things? Aren’t you the one that Mi Rae that take her away in the end?” Shin tells him flatly that he did not and it was Mi Rae who followed him out. Se Joo tells him flatly he should be happy because the girl he likes ran after him. Not getting any of that in his head, not understand what Se Joo meant at all, Shin says, “Why should I be happy? Why would I like a girl who goes out with whoever calls her out to receive flowers?” WHY ARE YOU SO THICK, KIM SHIN?

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1055_zps0144e6fa.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1051_zpsdf1ea581.png

Se Joo defends Mi Rae again and warns Shin sharply not to talk about Mi Rae like that in future. Shin heaves a sigh and questions Se Joo, “Why are you so persistent with Mi Rae and with what authority…?” Se Joo tells him simply as a guy who is a VJ and just like an announcer who likes a maknae writer. He asks, “Why can’t we like her equally?” The two men size up each other just when Mi Rae called Se Joo and said the same thing she has before and Se Joo hangs up on her when she wants to get to the point (NOOOO!).

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1059_zpsc84cb2d8.png  photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1061_zps667e749f.png

Shin asks what Mi Rae has said and Se Joo tells him Mi Rae apologized for ruining the party. Se Joo suggests Shin to imitate him – hold a party, drink some beer and take her home. He tells Shin that everyone does it differently so why should he follow Shin’s way. Instead of addressing about Mi Rae, Shin gets into the sunbae mode and starts lecturing Se Joo about talking back to sunbae in the workplace are not a good thing. He makes it sound like he says this for Se Joo’s own benefit. To Se Joo, that is all bullshit because honestly, is Shin expecting him to drop his feelings for Mi Rae because Shin ‘being the sunbae’ likes her too? I don’t get you, Shin.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1089_zps1b5929c4.png

Ignoring his lecture, Se Joo turns the table around by suggesting, “How’s this? What would you do if our positions were switched? If I was a well off person…or what else is there…the head of YBS? What would you do?”

Aish. Don’t provoke the sleeping lion, Shin.


This episode is on a heavier tone although it starts off light and funny seeing the two men moving to offer seats for Mi Rae only to be blocked by her Oppa. In Shin’s perspectives, he probably thought, “Oh my god, he has another love enemy.” XD LOLLLL!

It has become increasingly obvious why Ajumma is so determined to alter the future. My suspicion was right when Ajumma saw Oppa the first time at present time. This isn’t only about her future but Oppa’s. She should have been honest with Mi Rae in the first place and that probably would have been a better reason to convince Mi Rae. It is understandable from her point of view to intervene because she has lived that life and knows the heartbreak and hardship that goes along with it but as a viewer, it is frustrating to watch her continue on with her “operation demolition”. P.S. What is that short scene of her walking in the dark at a playground or amusement park scene about?

As highlighted in episode 6, Ajumma’s involvement has caused changes in Mi Rae and Shin in characters but their fate stays the same. This time I believe Ajumma’s involvement with her Se Joo’s project would only further make alterations to the four characters’ personal development but not their fated lovelines. Her involvement will only strengthen and build up a better foundation for the relationship between the original couples which both couples probably did not have in the original timeline.

 photo BBF8B798C758C120D0DDE07131104HDTVX264720p-BarosGavi1094_zpsc4c139c6.png

I can tell that Mi Rae is trying her best to be brave and follows her heart where it lays – Kim Shin, however she cannot help but be scared of what her future lies before her. It is nonetheless still cruel of her to continue stringing Se Joo along and not outright admit that she was with Shin on a date. Even though he suspected it anyway but it would have helped if she actually confirms his doubt.

Shin on the other hand is acting like a stubborn bull again. It is frustrating to watch him sitting on a high horse and questions Se Joo’s place and his persistent with Mi Rae. As expected, Se Joo is the reasonable one that sees past social status or ranking and merely asks Shin for a fair fight – a man against man for a woman’s heart. Se Joo may have already decided to let her go if Shin hadn’t bad mouthed Mi Rae and questioned his status. This may be the reason that prompted Se Joo’s desire to stay in the game longer for he is unconvinced that Mi Rae deserves a man like Shin.

The problem with Shin is he doesn’t truly believe that he is better than Se Joo or any other men for that matter. I see his character as someone who constantly tries to be better than others and hypnotize himself that he is. Rather than acting like a grown man, he has that inner child in him that needs to grow up. As for Mi Rae’s character, she is somehow neither here nor there – everything seems messy just like her hair. In drama land, she doesn’t make a very interesting and captivating female lead because her personality is neither strong nor weak, and she isn’t a candy. She does not possess that OMPH factor like other female leads do (yet).

It is rather hilarious to see Se Joo dying from embarrassment with what he had to do for his confession and yet he shows none of those when the time comes. From this episode, we learnt that Se Joo is inexperience when it comes to dealing with the woman he likes. It also shows how commendable that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone and do what is necessary to impress a girl; and then there is this which petty Shin did not possess, and that is the respect he has for Mi Rae (regardless from what happened) when Shin and other men bad mouthed her.

As for Yoo Kyung, there is only half of the surprise from my end regarding her sabotaging plan. This is because if you think about it; this is very Yoo Kyung’s kind of personality. She wants something, she takes action and fights to get it. Her action is not commendable and underhanded, she knows it and kicks herself for it. The fact about Yoo Kyung is deep down inside, she isn’t a bad person and she has fallen for Se Joo and touched by his kind treatment before she finds out he is a chaebol. There is nothing wrong if she is delighted that he happens to be rich because honestly, who wants to be poor? There must be a back-story to Yoo Kyung which involved her growing up in a poor household because she would not have been who she is now, working so hard to impress and getting herself into chaebol parties. It makes her no difference to Mi Rae in terms of wanting to have a better life. At least with Yoo Kyung, she does like Se Joo but with Mi Rae, not only she knows his true identity but she does not love him and would not stop stringing him along. As the bystander, Yoo Kyung is spot on regarding Se Joo’s love for Mi Rae – he has to hit the wall, recover and move on (which is exactly what I was hoping for in this episode). Yoo Kyung’s action has made future episodes even more interesting to watch and difficult to predict. It gets me curious whether Se Joo would employ the same tactic with her when he falls for her and whether she would confess to him her sabotaging plan.


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  1. Sejoo already knows that Team leader Na is Mirae’s brother. Writer Bae knows too. Remember that elevator scene from episode 2 where her brother finally spotted her with Seju after failing to catch her… and my favorite part from that encounter: Mirae’s hanging onto Sejoo’s leg trying to avoid being dragged away by her brother XD


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