[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Backhugs Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

In the latest stills released from The Heirs, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) embraces Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) from behind and gives her a back-hug which last for one minute in tonight’s episode.

“Both actors were diligently sharing their opinions, deep in discussion on how to accurately present their emotions and quick to rehearse on the scene”, praised PD. The filming went on for 3 hours (again?). The hug scene is overwhelmingly emotional and angsty (even from the pictures, I can feel it). This will be a mind-blowing or explosive scene as viewers will get to witness Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s “From foot to toe” exhilarating performances. Both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have been crowned the “Chemistry Couple” by the crew members.

[ali哇] Shoot. All I want to do is actually fangirl on how good he looks in the winter black coat! [微公益爱心] Lee Min Ho has rendered me unable to come up with anything about this post! [委屈]

Yay! Ogling time! Gosh, I really really like this shot. [心]
Ducky, we need a Fashion post for winter coat, haha! I am rooting for this coat, its beautiful! The benefit of having a 187cm height, argghhh. So jealous. [抓狂]

Here comes the side view to the “What do you want from me now?” look. LOLLL

[衰] Why so angsty? [伤心]

[悲伤] Seriously, I am unsure the dialogue of Tan asking someone to start dating is towards Eun Sang or Rachel. This hug is giving me a bad feeling… but then Tan can’t do anything if Eun Sang does not agree and accept him and Rachel seems to take on the step of revenge, to protect Eun Sang, Tan might really give in to Rachel (for now). [思考]

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10 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Backhugs Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

    • OMO! this is giving me a heartache 😦 😦 😦
      People are hating Tanny for walking away and giving up when Eun Sang told him to protect himself after his declaration, but I don’t think he gave up. He did that in the US too when Eun Sang refuse to acknowledge what he said in the movie theater. The scene after that he brought her suitcase inside and told her to stay. I think he walked away to have time to think and also give Eun Sang space and giving up is not in his agenda.


  1. Your emoticons are descriptive enough so it’s okay if you are tongue-tied. LOL

    LMH is so gorgeous…I have no other words to describe him.

    I was very dissatisfied the last time they filmed a scene for 3 hours (the kiss). Let’s hope this one lands better and is squeal-worthy. The back-hug does seem emotional and I’m going to be very disappointed if ES continues to refuse Tan even after admitting she likes him. I mean: who turns down LMH’s backhugs? LMAO. But you raise a very good point that Tan might be asking Rachel to date and not ES. I don’t truly mind if he does that since he’s probably doing it to protect ES or his Mom, and since ES needs a good quick in the arse to get her to commit to Tan too. Jealousy works both ways!


    • Episode 5 (i think) & 8 remains my favorite bec of the way Tan revealed who he is & lots of cutesy stuff on Ep 8. The orchard scene was nice too. I definitely appreciated the hand-holding (i hate wrist-grabs, ok?) and ES’ confession/bickering in Ep 9. But I am waiting for this show to move me again… the way it did when Tan revealed who he is. That was greatly executed. Let’s hope the backhug moves me.


      • Exactly! My right eyebrow went up when i saw “chemistry couple”…. Though let’s not forget the closet scene bec that was TOTALLY HOT & showed these two have potential chemistry. I mean, c’mon, LMH’s stares can start a bush fire, ya know!


  2. Gahhhh @bbswooner @frau my heart breaks for them as well!!!
    @la petite – what feels were you expecting from the kiss? Given the circumstances I didn’t really have a high expectation regarding a full on kiss or even a remotely romantic kiss as such. I think I would be disappointed with the next kiss if the moment was right but they still didn’t give us the feels.


  3. i love this drama that i count the days till its wednesday again, but then i would watch anything LMH is in, he is so handsome but i hope the story goes beyond the usual kdrama style wherein its just holding hands, backhugs, and it would be a big deal if there is a kisssing scene even though it is a very chaste kiss, cmon, its LMH lets not waste such a scene.


    • Sorry to jump in your conversation. I actually liked episode 9 & thought she managed to build on that for episode 10. But I agree that the plot development is uneven. Here’s hoping she manages to surprise us in episode 11. I’m seriously gonna tear my hair out if Tan ends up punching YD for touching ES. I mean, ES finally stood up for herself – to Tan, YD, R. It will be a good twist if she’s the one who puts YD in his place in front of Tan (or that she doesn’t need rescuing).

      The writer’s capable of unexpected twists. Have you seen Lover’s in Paris? The ending is mind-boggling LOL. In any case, I hated how she turned the lead female character there from strong to weak once the social divide angst came into okay. I hope she doesn’t turn ES into that bec she has not been showing the same spunk as in earlier episodes.


      • Episode 9 – I disliked the kiss bec it was misplaced. I didn’t think the situation called for it. She could have written their first kiss better. But okay, Tan is supposed to be a brash 18-yr old so I can forgive that. The hand-holding & ES’ confession in the episode won me over, plus the douse of reality she gives Tan & YD (when she rejects him). It’s not exciting, but certainly progress was made.

        Don’t watch Lovers in Paris. LOL you will dearly regret it. Having been burned by that drama, plus the fact that I was not a great fan of SG & AGD, I had low expectations of The Heirs. I knew I was gonna watch anyway because of LMH. I’m an optimist so I’m still hoping the story works out well. As it is, I’m starting to write my own fan-fiction of The Heirs – mostly imaginary re-writes of certain scenarios.


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