[Drama News] Kang Na Heul “Forehead Kiss” Im Joo Eun in The Heirs

The Heirs released another set of stills and this time we have the tutor Jun Hyo Joo (In Joo Eun) and Lee Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul). NOOOOOOOOO!!! [怒骂]

This is another loveline I wish Kim Eun Sook would not waste time in unless she is planning to use this to force Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) into some serious action. [din推撞] Oh I don’t know… sayyyy kiss the girl or take her home and tell Daddy Kim, hey, I’m marrying this girl and you can give all the money to Tan! Gaaahhhhh…. sorry, I just don’t think we have extra time to sway away from the main leads and their own triangle love. *Sigh* [打哈欠]

Honestly, Hyo Shin’s love is predictably going to be unrequitted and disastrous. I feel nothing for his character apart from a 19 years old acting like a 90 years old that constantly sucking up some supplements to boost his body… (just… what the… you know?). [左哼哼] Ah well…


The student misses his tutor so he decides to drive (?) himself to her house for a visit…

Tutor Hyun Joo is SHOCKED as proven by how wide her eyes are…  or is that after the forehead kiss? I don’t know the sequence, HAHAHA!

Hyun Joo: Go home. You should not be here.

Hyo Shin: Hmm… should I or should I not?

Hyo Shin: *Smooooochhhhh*

Anddd we have the Deer-to-Headlight a.k.a Bug-eyed-look from Hyun Joo. LOLLLL!


6 thoughts on “[Drama News] Kang Na Heul “Forehead Kiss” Im Joo Eun in The Heirs

  1. HAHAHAH I hope Won sees this and grow up a little! Be a man! Seriously I love Choi Jin Hyuk but Won really needs to grow up fast and stop blaming the world for his daddy troubles.


    • Hehe.. Won was already so angry when she just come out of a car, so if he sees the forehead kiss, he’s gonna explode !!! LOL
      He wish he would see this scene, but that he would not hit HS though. They might know each other from when they were little ?


  2. Awww… Those stills…
    I would have loved this pairing if Won wasn’t in the picture but since HJ and Won will end up together, I feel sad for HS. Arf… =/

    And @La Petite, don’t talk bad about HS. è___é He’s mature and wise for his age. Also, he eats all those vitamnins cause all his family members push him so hard to be the best in school. Aigoo.. poor HS. I wonder if he’s going to break loose at the end, and throw everything away to live without his parents pressure.


  3. @Yuuni are you dreaming of a wild and sexy HS? LOLLLLLLL seriously they should give HS either HJ or Rachel LOL Won can have the other one then everyone would be happy!


    • Omg @Ducky ! XD I prefer to let those wild images to you, you’re more habilited to handle them. Hahaha..

      LOL !! @La Petite. Yeah, we see so little of him that I even forget he’s a part of the show. I pity all the fans of the secondary characters, we see so little of them that it must be so frustrating to wait a week to watch only one scene and a half of them.

      Going back on HS topic, I think everyone is misunderstanding this sentence of his. He’s not saying that because he is a year older than them that his body is already a mess but that next year, when they’ll be studying for exams and college entrance exams their body won’t cope out.


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