The Heirs: Kim Tan Takes Ducky to School in Chibi Fan Arts

Oh look, Ducky! Kim Tan is taking you to school! Tutugo Emoticons 20
Geezzz you are everywhere (even in my bathroom, hehe) and now Tan must be planning to distract Young Do by offering you.
That way he can have Eun Sang all to himself, HAHAHA! MAIMIXONG Emoticons 17


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9 thoughts on “The Heirs: Kim Tan Takes Ducky to School in Chibi Fan Arts

        • Hahahahaha @La Petite does it? Aiiissshhhh I was trying to phrase it differently to prevent confusion but I guess it comes off wrong either way lol. Originally, I was going to write, “wait until he pops you.” Hahahahaha.


        • You’re too young to be thinking about bursting bb!!!! No I don’t need to be rescued by Ki Chul. I’ll change YD into a lovely man by giving him lots of love!


    • LOL @Ducky!
      Now that I think about it why should La Petite and crazies be jealous of you? 😛
      Balloons are short-lived while we will be with LMH for years to come. 😀


      • LOL @La Petite
        Uh all I see is Tanny getting quite a view of Ducky yet Ducky’s only looking at who knows what (it ain’t at Tanny’s guns or bumps). LOL 😛 Plus, Ducky may be up close and personal with Tanny, but she’s only connected to him via a string. She’s still very far from having any any degree of skinship with the boys. Hahaha 😀 I feel better. Don’t you? 😉


  1. Waah the chibis are super cute, La Petite. 😛
    OMG! Is that Ducky in Tanny’s hand? 😯 I’m so jelly of you, Ducky! 😦
    What sacrifice? 😡 You’re either with Tanny or with YD. It’s a win-win for you. 😉
    Let’s hope Tanny doesn’t let go of you before you reach YD’s hands. 😛
    Otherwise, you’ll fly away and POP on your own with no love from either hotties. LOL


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