[Fashion] Kim Soo Hyun impresses in CALVIN KLEIN and ZIOZIA

So that’s what Kim Soo Hyun has been up to lately!!! Getting his gorgeous face and body featured in various magazines modelling for Calvin Klein Jeans and ZIOZIA. This young man has been extremely successful in the last 2 years with the hugely popular drama ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ and two movies ‘The Thieves’ and ‘Secretly, Greatly’.

It’s nice so see him on these magazines but I do miss his gorgeous face on my screen each week for 2 hours. That’s why I’m extremely excited about his upcoming drama ‘You came from the stars’ following. Bring it SBS!!

In the mean time let’s enjoy him in these pictures! 

This one is definitely my favourite from the Calvin Klein selection. Kim Soo Hyun is channelling James Dean with that hair!

I’m not too sure about the fitting of this leather jacket but the jeans are nice and tight!

I’m loving all the ZIOZIA selections. If only all the boys in the office looks this hot. Wouldn’t it be nice to cuddle up to Kim Soo Hyun in winter? If you want to get a similar coat for your man be prepare to pay around $299 or 299,000 Won.

I can’t wait for Kim Soo Hyun to blow me away in his upcoming drama. I wonder what this 400 year old alien’s fashion would be like? Sophisticated and stylish (ZIOZIA) or sexy and daring (Calvin Klein)?

Source: ZIOZIA