[Drama News] Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye “Never Letting go of Your Hand” in The Heirs

And hereee we have a new set of stills released for tonight’s episode in The Heirs. After getting his face busted by Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), Kim Tan secretly stalks Eun Sang until he can’t help himself and appears before her. However, the looks of Cha Eun Sang’s face in the stills only foreshadowed a painful love story waiting to unfold. The Heirs Couple* somehow ended on a street bickering although they share a lovey dovey hand-holding moment.

The scene is filmed at Jongno Gu on 31st October, as the two actors portrayed their characters with so much emotions that the staff even had to hold their breaths. There were a lot of on-lookers on the day of filming and fans’ account mentioned that the director got angry because there was too much noise from the on-lookers.

My Musings:

As seen in the extended preview, Kim Tan‘s (Lee Min Ho) exasperation went up another level as he tells Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) out loud that, “I just like you, what would you have me do?” So the 18 years old boy with the raging hormones can’t control his feelings for his girl, that is understandable. What about Eun Sang? Is she still going to resist? Making up excuses that she and him does not have the same social status, therefore, they should not be together? Is she going to force her heart to deny her true feelings? Can she?

Go ahead and give the boy a straight answer, Eun Sang. Either you accept him and fights alongside him or you get out of his life, period. Give him a hardcore rejection to stop that raging hormones or accept him and let him love you and protect you. The choice is always yours. We’ll be here to provide you support spiritually and mentally whatever your decision is, as long as it’s not the noble idiocy kind! 😀

So what will Eun Sang do? Stay tuned to find out tonight on SBS!

* I’m still finding a suitable nickname for this couple.

From Mwave, TVReport, XSport News, Nate


12 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye “Never Letting go of Your Hand” in The Heirs

  1. I love your line there- “RAGING HORMONES OF AN 18 YR OLD BOY who cant control his feelings for his girl ” hahahaha!


  2. @snow_white that’s shipping PSH and LMH hahahaha you might see objections from the Yongshins and @frau + @bbswooner since they want LMH to themselves!!!


  3. Haha… The fight for who’ll get a piece of LMH already started ? I’m surprised no one volunteered to treat his wounds yet.

    Me, I just love their backpacks !
    Gimme ! Gimme ! *___*


  4. You are indeed my favorite writer on this blog. You’re so witty. I like your writing style.

    Don’t think ES will give an inch to Tan yet. She will let him suffer for a while yet. That’s why I’m surprised there’s some serious hand-holding going on. Of course, they start bickering right after the HH…. Right on schedule. LOL


    • Yeah, ES is not ready to accept his feeling wholeheartedly yet. But she’s melting bit by bit, and I feel like she’s gonna succumb soon. Hehe..

      I like that they’re in front of the souvenir shop where she bought the dreamcatcher.
      I’m guessing she’s either reminiscing of her time with Tan in California, or of the new life she dreamed of when she left for the US ?


      • Yes… By about episode 12, she should be a goner. LOL!

        I think she’s just afraid of the consequences of being with Tan – for the both of them. She just needs to be as brave as Tan.


        • But can’t help but think that Tan is a bit too naive. He knows that there’s many obstacles in front of them but he’s still unaware of the amount of hardship they’ll have to affront, especially ES.


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