The Heirs: Episode 8

We got a confession from Tan, I’m excited to find out where it leads them. I don’t think Eun Sang is ready to accept Tan yet, even if she already have feelings for him. Tan and Eun Sang still has issues they need to overcome. I hope they both find the strength and courage to deal with everything together.


Outside Eun Sang’s workplace, Tan asks her why she’s not answering her phone and was she at Young Do’s place. Eun Sang realizes that Rachel ratted on her and curses Rachel. Tan with controlled anger tells her she’s crazy. Eun Sang argues that she went to his place in the US when she thought him a drug dealer. Tan says that’s why she’s crazy because she can’t have been sure and what if something happened If it were me I would have been happy if something did happen, just sayin’… It’s LMH we’re talking about.

He asks why, she confesses it’s to help Joon Young (the bullied glasses boy) Young Do said he will retract the lawsuit if she came. Tan says, Joon Young is transferring soon she doesn’t need to get involved. She says it’s because of Tan that Young Do picks on her, he answers in a shaky voice, that’s why he’s this way, it’s his fault and begs her to be careful, not worry him and stay put. At that Eun Sang with teary eyes yells at him to stay away from her, it’s already hard and he’s making it harder. Her wish is to just graduate and get a better life when she’s 20, she does not know what to do now. Tan tells her, you want me to tell you what to do?

“Get out of my house tomorrow. You can’t? You want to go to school? Then like me from now on, with your heart, if possible… Because I like you.”

Omo! I’m melting, the way he said that while “Moment” plays in the background. Eun Sang surprised, was taken aback. Tan continues, “So, I’m going to interfere in your affairs at school and going to invade your privacy.” She tells him she will forget what he said. He counters she will not.

She tries to leave but Tan wants her answer now. He gets a call from Daddy Kim which he ignores. She too gets a call from Ki Ae, Tan tells her not to answer. Eun Sang tells him that she has no choice unlike him, that’s their difference and that’s her answer. Tan takes her phone, and tells his mom he’s with Eun Sang and they are talking of something important then hangs up. Eun Sang protests, but Tan tells her they will work on their differences and demand for her answer again. She’s confused, and demands for her phone. She does not understand. Tan repeats what he said to her: “Like me from now on. I like you. Which part you don’t understand?” Eun Sang rattles on crying at how important the phone is, how expensive it is and she has to text her mom with it. Tan stares at her. “I’m about to go crazy because I want to hug you” Eun Sang exclaims, “I’ll kill you.” Tan grabs and hugs her tightly.

“Don’t cry. Don’t say you don’t like me. Say you’ll think about it. I’m begging you.”

Eun Sang lets herself cry in Tan’s arms. Me crying too… so much feels!!!

At the Kim mansion, Ki Ae pester him with questions. He tells mom he punched someone and ask Eun Sang not to tell her. She asks if the other party was richer than them, but Tan points out that she should be asking why. LOL, WTH! Tan tells her he got a call from Dad so he must have known, mom guesses Ji Sook must have told dad. Tan avoids her and goes to dad.

Ki Ae calls Eun Sang and interrogates her about who Tan punched. Eun San tells her to ask Tan directly. Ki Ae warns her to not make Tan go to her and be seen in public. If she keeps behaving this way she and her mom can’t stay. Eun Sang grudgingly apologizes.

In daddy Kim’s office. Dad wants to know why Tan hit Young Do. Instead of answering, Tan points out that dad is too late to show care, since before going to the US he had done worst. Dad says he was busy making money. Tan says thanks to that Won and he, will get more inheritance than dad’s love. Tan excuses himself to leave. Before he can go, dad tells him to not make it hard for his mom who is chairman of school. Tan quips that his mom is not the chairman of school but dad’s mistress and leaves.

Outside he sees Eun Sang walk out of Ki Ae’s room. He ask her if his mom said something. She tells him, off course mom did. She asked him not to talk to her at home so she can stay out of trouble, then went straight to the kitchen.

Tan follows Eun Sang, insistent to know what exactly his mom said to her. He asks if he apologizes for mom, will she accept. She just tells him to leave, afraid that his mom might see them. He tries to tease her, but she is not in the mood. Tan says he is trying to tease her to make her feel better.  She asks for him to leave again, but he says it’s his house, so Eun Sang says she’ll be the one leave then. Tan retorts all other parts of the house is his, and adds “Do you know how glad I am, that you’re at my place?” Eun Sang avoiding his eyes, says “Good night” and leaves.

Tan goes to his room all bothered, he lies down on his bed and he notices a book near his head titled “Like we are living together.” While Eun Sang in her room, reminisce about the times she spent with Tan and his confession earlier. See you are thinking about “it”. Hee! She sets her alarm earlier to avoid Tan. Tan updates her SNS, he still didn’t log out, LOL! posting the pic of the book now titled “Like we are sleeping together” with a “Good night” making Eun Sang smile a little.

The next day at school, Eun Sang is surprised to see Tan already there, he knew she will do this. He reminds her that he said he will interfere in her affairs and gestures for her to sit beside him. She reminds him that she told him to find something else to do, but he says he never heard it. LOL! Cheeky. He noticed Eun Sang holding her breakfast and says would it be enough. HeHe! He gets up and says he will leave now that he saw her. She ask if he thought she wasn’t coming to school today, he says he thought about a lot of stuff all night. He ruffles her hair telling her to see each other between classes and listen to her teachers, he leaves while she watches him. He kept his word not going to school with her again, I wonder for how long he can keep that? LOL!

Won is preparing for work, Sec. Yoon comes to tell him they were trying to contact him since last night. Won says he met with someone and left his phone. Sec. Yoon informs him that Zeus Hotel CEO wants to have breakfast with him. Won says are we friends to ask for breakfast the night before, tell him I don’t eat anymore. Sec. Yoon laughs, but he suggest for Won to go because Jeguk might need to ask for a meeting with Zeus Hotel later.

At the Jeguk board meeting, Won is informed that one of the hotel lessor backed out and wants to invest instead. Won wants the board to look for other hotel partners and leak the Zeus is interested. Sec. Yoon asked about breakfast and Won says he wants have control over them.

Ki Ae wakes up with a bad hang-over, Hee Nam writes that she should not drown herself in wine then, but caught herself and tries to erase it. Too late Ki Ae noticed and a tug-of war ensues. Hee Nam was able to shake her off and grabbed a pillow which they tore while tugging it. As the feathers fly all over, both ladies were in a slow motion trance until Ki Ae realizes that the feathers are not goose downs but chicken feathers instead. LOL!

Lunch time at Jeguk high, Bo Na recites a poem through the school broadcast system. Eun Sang finds Tan waiting for her outside the broadcast club room, he heard she tried out for the club and offers to lobby for her since Hyo Shin is a friend. She ask lobby with what and he jokes “with my body” LOL! can you lobby to me too?! He asks if she’s thinking about “it” and she only asks him to log out of her SNS account.

Bo Na comes out of the club room and sees them, she tries escape, but Chan Young calls her pretending to be a fanboy. While they flirt Tan sighs and tries to block Eun Sang, but she dodges him easily HAHA! Eun Sang is faster than Tan Walks straight to Chan Young asking about midterms and signals him. Chan Young got it and escapes with her, making Bo Na mad.

Bo Na then confronts Tan asking if he still into her, she’s happy with Chan Young. Tan cheekily teases her saying she was happy with him too, and liked him a lot. Bo Na says not a lot only a bit. LOL! Bo Na is really dull. Tan goes further and tells her she’s cute, she acknowledges that at least he have eyes, but she doesn’t like him anymore. Tan tells her he likes her and asks if her boyfriend knew that. Bo Na gets mad and tells him to get over her and walks out. HAHAHA!

Chan Young asks Eun Sang what’s between Tan and her, why she’s avoiding Tan. She tells him there are many reasons for her to avoid him, for one she’s the housemaid’s daughter and he’s the master’s son. Chan Young informs her that his dad is asking how she is, Eun Sang realize that even Chan Young’s dad is worried about her. She remembers back in Junior High everyone at school thinks Chan Young was rich since his dad works for a huge corporation. He says he found out in Jeguk High that his dad works for the corporation but his classmate’s dad owns it. Eun Sang wants to come clean about her status, but He tells her to keep it secret because Joon Young is transferring today.

Eun Sang runs after Joon Young but he’s already walking out, she regrets not being able to at least say thank you. Ye Sol comes with other students and introduces herself, they see Joon Young walking out and comments that he should take all charity students with him.

While Eun Sang is at the lockers a “Don’t Answer” calls her. She ignores it, but Young Do is right behind her and freaks her out. He saw how she saved him on her phone “Don’t answer what? My heart?” She tells him to take a hike, but he say, that hurts after she bought her jjajangmyun and requests to change how he’s name is saved calling her a friend. She asks how are they friends and he retorts does she wants to be a flower then. She tells him she’s going to class. He says he now wants to see how she saved Tan’s name on her phone. Frustrated Eun Sang sigh and changes his contact name. Young Do notes that he can’t get anything done without mentioning Tan.

Eun Sang moves to leave. He informs her that her name is on the bulletin board and congratulates her. That gets her worried and goes to see. To her relief it’s a notice about getting into the broadcast club. Bo Na also sees it and wonders why Hyo Shin made such a fuss and rips the notice. There’s a note under the notice, Eun Sang recognizes it’s her mid-summers night note. Tan must have put that notice there and the note!

Eun Sang goes to Tan and asks how he saw the note. In a flashback we see at first like he didn’t see, but doubles back and takes the note. Tan asks her, what is it. Eun Sang amazed that he found it. Tan wonders how she ignored him when he begged her to call, but wrote the note. She thought he will not see it and asks why he wanted her to call. He say she finally asked. She ask what was it. He answers while gazing intently at her:

“Where are you? Who are you with? When are you leaving? Do you have to go? Don’t go. Stay with me a while. I miss you.”

Eun Sang became dazed and teary while he says these. While I dies!!!

Rachel sees all this from afar. Hyo Shin passes by while sucking on some tonic and notes that Rachel must be pissed. He finds it interesting.

Back to Tan and Eun Sang. He tells her he did not come back to Korea because of her, but she’s one of the reasons. He asked her again if she’s thinking about “it.” She dodges again and says she have to go to class turning back confused, he informs her the room is the other way. HAHAHA she’s affected!

Hyo Shin asks Rachel if he should beat up Tan, Rachel say she’ll do it. She ask about his exams, he says he’s a bad student. She says at least he’ll be healthy noting the tonic. He tells her to wait ‘til the next year and she will not feel 18, making her smile. He says he won’t give her some even if she smiles. Surprised she asks, did I smile? He confirms it and say it was pretty and he must have seen it too, nodding towards Tan who is now looking at them. Tan call out for her to stay and talk.

Tan straight up tells Rachel that he likes Eun Sang. She’s not surprised and asks what he wants from her, does he want her to get lost or does he need permission. He says he does not need her permission to see anyone.

Rachel ask why he is being childish now, even if he gets her permission or break up, he still will not end up with Eun Sang. Tan says he had thought about it, and decided not to dwell on it until later. He is just going to go ahead. He knows he has a lot of obstacles to overcome, and requests for Rachel to let him get around her at least and become friends again. Rachel replies, that doing whatever you want first is a very teen age thing to do, but it’s a mistake. Just like the mistake of thinking she wouldn’t get hurt. Rachel walks away holding back tears.

Sec. Yoon goes to see Daddy Kim to check on his condition. He notes the Jeguk envelope on Daddy Kim’s side table. Dad asks him about Hyun Joo and reminds him to wrap up the thing about her within the month. Then Dad asks about Hee Nam and her family knowing Sec. Yoon recommended her and confirms about the debt Hee Nam is still paying after her husband died. Oh, I don’t like where this is going Sec. Yoon ventures to ask why Daddy Kim sent Eun Sang to Jeguk High and Dad answers “She will hear from at least a hundred people why she shouldn’t be with Tan.”

Sec. Yoon runs into Esther Yoo at the school carpark, she’s here to talk to Ji Sook about Tan punching Young Do. He was speaking sardonically and she notes it, so he quips that he just found out why they broke up “I heard through a hundred people why you and I can’t be together. Why do people like you talk through a hundred people instead of saying it directly? Isn’t that a bit cheap?” Esther replies, “I don’t know, there’s always a butler at home.” He gets a call. She asks if he wants to know how she found out his number, he replies that they should just attend to business. She thinks he’s lying when he said his call is from a woman, so he answers it “Yes, Hyun Joo ssi it’s been a while!” Haha!

On the other line Hyun Joo tells Sec. Yoon that she has a tutoring appointment but can meet him after. She then proceed to eat hurriedly, while Hyo Shin watches from outside. He sees her rushing, so he texts her he’s going to be 20 minutes late giving her more time. At home, he teases her about being exactly 20 minutes late and ask if she ate ramyun, suddenly darting very close smelling her breath to confirm. Hyun Joo is all business so he asks her to check his homework, staring at her while she did so.

Young Do challenges his dad to a judo match, bargaining that if he wins the family photoshoot will be cancelled. They proceed, but dad cheats by chocking him. Geez!!!, what an awful excuse for a father! Young Do says dad cheated, but dad not even ashamed says he did not set any rules, what’s important is the result that Young Do lost!

Eun Sang at work gets a call from Young Do and ignores it yet again. She gets surprised that he is there and knew about her job. He researched about her and concluded that she got rich by doing multiple part time jobs. This scares Eun Sang realizing he found out everything. She asks what he wanted and he replies “Nothing, I’m just here because I’m lonely.”

He informs her, that he dropped the charges against Joon Young just as he told her, when Tan shows up “What did you tell her?” frustrated Young Do tells her “This is cheating!” Tan sits in front of him and asks how he knew this place, Young Do replies by telling him all her part time jobs. Tan acts as if it’s nothing, saying Young Do is the same working for their hotel during weekends and school breaks. Young Do tells him not to pretend like he doesn’t know. Tan tells Eun Sang to go back to work. Young Do asks this time how he knew a lot about Eun Sang and Tan just retorts that he’s always one step ahead. Young Do then says he better watch his back. Tan laughs at the idea of being stabbed in the back with Cha Eun Sang making Young Do ask:

YD: “Why? Are you two going out?”

Tan: “Do we look cute together?”

YD: “Don’t ask me something nasty like that?”

Tan affirms: “We look cute together.”

Stating it like that got under Young Do’s skin. Tan all serious: “Don’t touch Eun Sang. I am warning you!”

YD replies, “Fighting head on? That did not turn out well for me. Watch out for your knees. There are no rules on my mat.”

Suddenly the guy at the counter calls them to pick-up their drinks. Tan asks for Eun Sang and he tells them she already left and bought the drinks for them. Haha! Sazzy! They come out with their drinks and Young Do realized his bike is gone, replaced by a towing ticket for illegal tuning! Tan can’t help but rub it in “That’s how you use the law, instead of a lawsuit. You know tuning is illegal right? Have fun!” leaving Young Do fuming.

Won waits in his car outside Hyun Joo’s place, when he sees her come out of someone’s car. Fueled by jealousy he confronts them only to see its Sec. Yoon. Sec. Yoon goes out of the car, but Won tells him he has nothing to explain, so Sec. Yoon leaves. Won ask Hyun Joo why she met Sec. Yoon and she said it’s about tutoring Chan Young. Hyun Joo is afraid Daddy Kim will find out, Won childishly says then she can support him since he moved out. She only scolds him to go back home. When someone takes a picture of them.

Tan is at the kitchen waiting for Eun Sang to come out. He decides to go and knock on her door, but lingers there. She suddenly comes out and asks what he’s doing, Eun Sang pretends his mom was behind him, and freaks him out. But mom really came, looking for Hee Nam and Eun Sang so Tan had no choice, they hide in the pantry. While mom wonders if Hee Nam and Eun Sang are already asleep.

In the pantry… their bodies pressed closely against each other, both holding their breath. Tan heaves a sigh of relief when mom goes away and he realizes how close he is with Eun Sang. Desire creeps up on him and his hormones rage, thinking he must kiss her. Tension fills the air as he gazes at her intently, he leans in. Seeing him leaning closer, Eun Sang closes her eyes and anticipates nervously. As he gets closer and closer, Eun Sang shudder and bites her lips, her heart about to leap out of her chest. He was just a breath away, but sensing her nerves decides to back away and says “Mom’s gone!”…. Whew! It suddenly got hot in here, let me just scrape the melted me from the floor! Eun Sang embarrassed, steps on his foot and walks out.

Eun Sang relocates at the wine cellar, Tan tags along. She asks if he’s not leaving, he says no and ask why she does her homework here. She did not want to wake her mom. Tan asks why she left earlier at the café, is it because of Young Do? She retorts it’s because of him. She tells him not to go to her part time jobs again. He quips, that she prefers to see Young Do then? Tan is curious what they talked about, she confides, they talked of “weird stuffs.” She recalls Young Do telling her he was lonely and tells Tan what he said. She muses Young Do really looks lonely. Tan jealously scoffs, “So you looked him in the eyes and talked to him and all that?!” Eun Sang denies this, but Tan asks how Young Do found out about all her part-time jobs. She replies, “How should I know? I just heard it too!” Tan realized something. Eun Sang tells him to not worry she will not get involved. Tan: “You’re already involved. I don’t think he’s picking on you because of me, he really wants to see you.”

Meanwhile Young Do is at Myung Soo’s hide-out, thinking about all his run-ins with Eun Sang. Myun Soo asks him what he’s thinking about and he replies Cha Eun Sang. Myung Soo is curious why would he think about her. Young Do ”I know. I am also thinking about why I am thinking about her.”

The next day, Young Do and Rachel goes for the family picture. Rachel clearly furious at his failure to stop this event. Inside, their parents greet them when a woman comes in and greet Young Do’s dad calling him oppa. Young Do greets her and spills that he saw her the week before looking for dad. Esther is furious and walks out. Rachel follows her smiling. Dad is furious ,but Young Do quotes what he told him about cheating and walks out too. HAHA! Dad got a taste of his own medicine!

Rachel thanks Young Do, he replies she can pay him back next time. For now, she needs to give him Eun Sang’s customs declaration form. Rachel wonders why he wants it, assuming something is going on between them. Young Do replies that it’s none of her business. Before Young Do leaves, Rachel tells him that Tan confessed to her, that he likes Eun Sang. Can he take care of that? Young Do asks what she will do in return. He might ask for something she can’t give. She tells him to take care of this first.

Lunch time at school the next day Eun Sang quietly listens to music. Suddenly somebody holds her hand. Surprised, she hits him. It’s Tan of course and she must have hit too hard. he was in pain and worriedly massages the part she hit. Tan milks the situation clearly just acting LOL! She realizes she’s been had and act to hit him again. She tells him to stop surprising her, she closed her eyes a few second and he’s there! She wonders where he came from. He retorts that he came from a fairy tale. HAHA!

He says she didn’t notice him following because she’s wearing earphones. She asks why he’s following her. He replies, because you don’t want to talk to me at home. She blurts out “It wasn’t just talking at home……” Oooppss! Tan smiles at that and merrily asks “We can talk about that now?” hehe! Cheeky!

Eun Sang gets up embarrassed and tells him to come to the cafeteria five minute after her. Tan wants her to pay for his five minutes. Eun Sang says he’s already rich why do he care a lot about money. He says he cares that’s why he’s rich, only the new rich spends lavishly. He reminds her, she promised to buy him a meal. She answers she will treat him when she gets paid from the broadcast club. Tan asks if she joined the broadcast club for the money. She replies “Yes, and I will buy your five minutes. Happy?”  He says she have to pay upfront, while she hurries away. I really like the way they bicker, it’s like there is no social barrier between them.

At the cafeteria, Young Do grabs Eun Sang’s lunch and brought it to his favorite table. Eun Sang realized it’s the same table they bullied Joon Young in and refuses. Young Do’s minion forces her to sit scaring her more. Bo Na and Ye Sol sees all this and thinks she’s the new target. Bo Na worriedly looks for Tan or Chan Young so they could help. Eun Sang fearfully asks what it means for her sitting there. Young Do replies “Nothing, I just like this seat.” Eun Sang tells him to stop using her to piss Tan off. She has nothing to do with Tan. Young Do smiles, and replies, “Really? I don’t have anything to do with him either.”

Tan arrives and sees them, Eun Sang obviously scared. His face hardens and walks over. Seeing Eun Sang shaking in fear, he sighs and says: “What are you doing?” Young Do says they are eating. Tan tells Eun Sang to get up but she doesn’t, clearly scared. Tan yells “I said get up!” Eun Sang gets up. Young Do throws down his fork and gets up too, telling Tan “Where did you learn your table manners? Should I talk about your discipline at home in front of everyone?” Young Do is clearly taking a dig at Tan’s family status. Tan tells him that Eun Sang and he, had an appointment to eat together and grabs her hand to leave. But, Young Do trips her spilling her food. This infuriates Tan, who grabs him by the collar. Eun Sang holds on to Tan and asks him to stop, she just fell.

Young Do arrogantly says, that Tan let his guard down because he was being nice. Tan furiously say he is going to kill him. I can see him shaking in anger,eeek!!! Young Do maliciously says instead of Tan, he made Eun Sang get on her knees. It’s more than Tan expected. Tan is about to punch him, but Eun Sang holds on to him tightly and tearfully pleads to be taken out of there.  Tan lets go and takes her away, walking right past Rachel.

Rachel hands what Young Do requested. Before she hands it over she comments, that Young Do may have made Eun Sang get on her knees, but gave her wrists to Tan. He replies that it’s worst if you take away something he once had.

Eun Sang cries on the roof, Tan watches her from behind. He asks if she’s hurt. She nods yes. Tan approaches to check, but she doesn’t want him to come close. He’ll get dirty. Tan checks anyway and tells her to stay still. He’s checking her hands when she gets a call from Young Do. Eun Sang is scared. Tan tries to take the phone from her, but Eun Sang hysterical now, wants to answer because ignoring Young Do doesn’t work. “He knows I am not rich. He knows everything!” Tan tell her it’s okay if he knows, just don’t answer.  She says, how could it be okay when he knows everything. Tan warns her again to not pick up. Eun Sang still answers, so Tan quickly pushes her to the wall kissing her to stop her.


People say Tan never considers Eun Sang’s situation and the consequences of his actions, that when and if she accepts him she will lose a lot compared to him. That Tan has nothing to lose… I don’t think so.

Tan has a lot more to lose than Eun Sang and he is at that crossroad. He needs to do a lot of things like:  be with Eun Sang, break the engagement with Rachel without affecting their company, correct his past mistakes, mend things with his brother, forgive their father and protect his mom. (I think Tan is neither ashamed about his birth nor is he afraid to reveal it, he is only protecting his mom who’ll be most affected by the backlash of that secret.) One wrong move he will lose his family. Eun Sang may lose material things, but still have her mom. Tan can lose the relationship he has or any semblance of it with his family.

Tan had considered everything that’s why he told Eun Sang the day after his confession that he thought of a lot of stuffs the night before. He also told Rachel that he already thought of things when he told her about liking Eun Sang, but will still go on anyway. Tan weighs things before her acts, although sometimes when it come to Eun Sang it goes out the window. He is taking things one step at a time and it’s also why he wants to make sure Eun Sang will be there, because his courage comes from her.

4 thoughts on “The Heirs: Episode 8

  1. I also don’t agree that Tan only does what he wants without considering Eun Sang’s situation…
    She clearly likes talking to him and in fact she spends some lighter moments with him only…otherwise it’s only work or studies….
    The last scene when he yelled was also a reaction from him after seeing ES shaking in fear…he is a really sweet guy and I don’t think he has changed…it’s obvious that he’ll be more frank now as the time has passed since they met for the first time..


    • Yes, and I’m glad to see that Tan is also taking steps in clearing the obstacles around them, like when he talked to Rachel and requested to be just friends again.

      I hope that Eun Sang soon gets the courage and be more proactive with her feelings towards Tan.


  2. Looks like our thinking is quite on the same lines. Tan has a lot to lose & I think he’s quite prepared to lose his riches and position. Not just for ES but because it has never brought him happiness, nor his father or brother’s love. His biggest concern would probably be how his actions will hurt his Mom since she’s so caught up with being rich & becoming the legal wife.

    To me, the fact that he held back during the closet ‘almost’ kiss shows he does care about her feelings and want them to be on the same page when it happens. (Yes, I was melting that time too LOL). But I think he was so frustrated and angry after ES got bullied since he couldn’t protect her, thus he went on impulse and kissed her to stop her. I don’t condone forced kisses. But clearly, being in high school, Tan is allowed a few mis-steps he can learn from. I’m wondering what happens right after the kiss because I don’t want it to be a wasted opportunity for growth for Tan and ES


    • Yes, I don’t think Tan cares about the riches and position he had shown it by now competing with Won. He is just concerned about the impact it will have to those people he cares about.

      As for the “forced kiss” my take is, Eun Sang was already in panic mode and instead of slapping her to her senses he took another option 😛


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