Fashion Battle of the Heirs: Kim Tan vs Young Do

Last week’s episodes of The Heirs were awesome. I bet this week’s episodes will be even better where we would possibly see a punch up between Kim Tan and Young Do. From the preview I was inspired to do a Kim Tan vs Young Do battle as well but one that does not include damaging their gorgeous faces. Some of the attire might just damage our eyes or make us faint due to the hotness depending on your preferences of course.

Well let’s get the fashion battle started shall we!

Battle of the orange pants

Its okay baby orange pants! Worn by Kim Tan in episode one where he and Eun Sang have their first encounter. First impressions do matter.

The conglomerate orange golfer pants! Worn with arrogance and style

Battle of the not so normal pants

Did I just say normal? Surely the fashion in Heirs is nothing less than normal!

I think only Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin can pull of these pants. What can you do when the stylist wants to try new things? Just look at their faces and body is my answer!

Battle of the jeans

Jeans are meant to be worn like this!!! Work it baby!!!

Battle of the white shirts

Only Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin can make a plain white shirt look this hot!!!

I suggest Tan Tan should stick to plain white shirts. Fashionable Tan Tan wears colourful patterned shirts to impress his girl. Maybe Do Do needs to be more adventurous like Tan Tan when it comes to fashion or maybe not?

Battle of the leather jackets

Definitely my favourite style. The leather jacket makes the boys look hot! I’ll have to give Do Do’s black leather jackets two thumbs up since it fits him like a glove. Gorgeous.

First leather jacket was worn to steal Eun Sang’s number

Second was worn watching Eun Sang sleeping and eating ramen

I’m surprised she didn’t give him much attention – he’s hot! Maybe her favourite colour is red and not black?

Or is it because Tan Tan acts all cute when he boasts about how cute he and Eun Sang are as a couple?

Battle of the sweaters

Young Do wears his favourite colours red and blue to terrorise and bully kids. He wears the angel colours white and cream when he wants to hang out with Eun Sang.

Special mention
The mustard sweater – Do Do wears it with arrogance. He brightened his look with a post card welcoming his step sister and sexy stance. Who wouldn’t want a hot step brother like him? Rachel should just give up on Tan Tan and look closer to home.

Tan Tan wears a few normal sweaters but the majority are colourful and stylish exotic.

There really is no competition here. Tan Tan wins for the most creative and interesting looking sweaters hands down.

My favourite is this multi-colour and multi-patterned African inspired sweater worn to impress and capture the attention of Eun Sang. He sure captured our attention! This one really is growing on me. I like the cute hand wave to go with the look. Not to mention the Tan is handsome SNS selfie.

Tan Tan continues his African inspired sweaters

The Colourful Parrots 

The Floral Explosion

Special mention
The candy floss cardigan – I’m really not sure what to say here. I think Tan Tan is brave and wears it with confidence. It looks nice and soft so I don’t mind sharing that cardigan with Lee Min Ho hehehehe

Battle of the coats

Tan Tan is the master of cashmere coats! I’ve seen him donning blue, green and grey. All gorgeous by the way! It helps that he is tall and handsome!

Young Do sticks with a black shorter blazer. Black is more slimming I guess.

Battle of the suits

Oh Yeah baby! Enough said! Just dashing these princes

Battle of the shoes

Bright sneakers or colourful shoes – which do you prefer? For me as long as they are wearing it and running towards me it doesn’t matter LOL


Notice his red and yellow shoes? He must have a pair in every colour you can imagine. Do you think we’ll see an orange or peachy pair next? or maybe green? I do love colour!

Battle of the school uniform and catwalk

Special mention
The casual jumper worn by Tan Tan waiting in the cold and stealing a rest on Eun Sang’s shoulders. Just sweetest and most adorable thing. Not to mention youthful and raging with hormones!

Battle of the accessory

Tan Tan and his surf board

Do Do and his dog

Battle of the skin look

Hmmm I’ll just let the gifs do the talking. This has to be my favourite look for the boys. Nothing beats the all natural look right? It really accentuates the boys’ assets. The saying ‘if you got it why not flaunt it’ runs true here.

Honey Tan look

Snowy Do look

It would have been great to be able to do a battle of the wetsuits since that would mean we get to see Kim Woo Bin in a wet suit hehehe regardless I think Lee Min Ho would win the wetsuit battle because he has nice bumps compared to Woo Bin who is more on the thinner side.

Definitely a tough question as to who the ultimate winner is!!!!!

And the winner is…..US the fangirls!!! swoon with me girls.

credit chibi art to Cookie


14 thoughts on “Fashion Battle of the Heirs: Kim Tan vs Young Do

  1. Great post…so funny and spot on..

    I think this is the cutest role Lee Min Ho has ever portrayed…right from his clothes to character to his expressions…love him here (well, everywhere I guess 😉 )


    • Hahaha thanks. Lee Min Ho is really cute as Tan Tan. I was doubting whether he would be too old for this role after seeing him as Daejang Choi Young but no I think he still has the boyish charms in Heirs.


  2. i agree that this is LMHs cutest role ever, he is at his handsomest here, anything he wears he looks great coz he is really goodlooking and tall as for woobin, he is handsome but in a different way, kinda rebel, badboy type, it is nice to watch a kdrama wherein the 2nd lead is not goody, cutesy guy but rather a character who is on the dark, bad side but still has a mysterious side.


    • I love both boys as you can see. They are both portraying a different character and both doing a great job in their respective roles. We’re lucky they are both handsome, tall and has a body to die for. Not to mention their smiles are so dashing hahahaha. Okay I better stop I’m fangirling too much.


  3. love your entry…I also notice their fashion..this is a battle that Fans are the winners.. 🙂 I think Kim Tan’s stylist is more playful with colors but of them are great (I mean truly handsome!)


  4. I was so captivated by their clothes in this drama. Infact i always was wondering ‘is he really pulling off those red shoes?’ but it helps that they are handsome. Tan’s floral prints were not looking too good to me. But i can always deviate back to his face. Lol. I wish at some point cha eun sang wud start wearing beautiful clothes..i just love a well dressed drama.


  5. It’s Young Do for me! I like that his style is minimalistic and classic. Not that into prints but thank God for Lee Minho’s looks and body that he doesn’t look like a fashion victim.


  6. I LOVE LMH!..he is the ever gorgeous and known k-actor here…but with all those photos and gifs?….and from watching Heirs?…i’m into Young Do more!…i find him so hot!!! ❤


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