[Drama News] BTS Video with Jung Yong Hwa and Go Doo Shim in Mi Rae’s Choice

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First glimpse into Mi Rae’s Choice, a BTS video of Go Doo Shim and Jung Yong Hwa filming the scene where dictator Miranda intended to restructure YBS that angers her undercover grandson, Park Se Joo. The video shows Go Doo Shim speaking her lines and filming her scene while Jung Yong Hwa helps her by reciting his lines. Sometimes actors get lazy when the camera is not taking them but as seen here, Yong Hwa is actively participating and acting as Park Se Joo when the camera and microphone are recording Go Doo Shim.

After the take, we see the grandma and grandson deep in talk, probably discussing on how they will deliver their lines etc. It looks clear that Jung Yong Hwa gets along well with sunbae-nim Go Doo Shim. She is probably teaching him while he pays attention to her intently, with his hand under his chin, heh. 🙂

BTS Video:

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3 thoughts on “[Drama News] BTS Video with Jung Yong Hwa and Go Doo Shim in Mi Rae’s Choice

  1. Good to see Jung Yong Hwa listening intently to Go Doo Shim, learning from seasoned actors will make him a better actor. They seem to get along very well.


  2. It really is Yong Hwa’s trait. He is keen learner and I think he has improved heaps. I feel that he is bringing Se Joo to life. Very happy with his performance so far.


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