[Musing] The Heirs: Episode 7 and 8

Since I am not going to write The Heirs recap for both episodes, I decided to have a spazzing post of my own. I’m in need to get that train of thoughts out in order to take in more next week, LOL. Please stay tuned to the recaps by the Crazies. This is purely an individual / personal musings. I decided to go about with it by the sequence and dissect it bit by bit on how I feel for some scenes.


The Punch


The first half of the show was still slow for me. It was good to finally see Tan throw a punch at Young Do in the second half of the show. The punch, really, on the surface looked like it was for Joon Young but it was definitely for Eun Sang. I believed Tan questioning Joon Young if he had ever bullied him is a valid question. Usually, the person who inflicts pain on others won’t remember who they had bullied because they are not the ones in pain or hurt. It’s obvious that Tan was not proud of what he has done from the way Lee Min Ho portrays it.

The Past & Falling out of a Friendship

I like how the past unraveled for both Tan and Young Do in this scene. Their past self walked past their current self and the story gets told for the audience, nicely done. Noticed how they are mirror image of each other in this GIF too. Hands in the pocket on the opposite ends. I am actually in awe to how that played out though. From the character description of Choi Young Do, it seems like there is more to Young Do distancing himself from Tan after knowing he’s an illegitimate child. But from this scene, it looked particularly petty of Young Do. Sure you hate or despise the women that your father see but Tan is supposed to be your friend. It is not his fault that he is the son of a mistress either. I really hope there is more to this than just pettiness. *Fingers crossed*

The Brooding Brothers – Kim Won & Kim Tan

The story of the brothers really need to speed up now. It is of course a huge insight that we find out Won does love Tan and we know that it hurts him too when he hurt his brother. I am still very much clueless what is the real cause to Won doing this to Tan. The only conclusion I can draw for now is that he does it to hurt his father, seriously, he calls himself the adult? It’s a baby step from Tan that he hugs Won in an attempt to defuse his hostility. I think Tan should do it more often, stop being so fearful of losing his hyung, if he persists he will eventually break the ice. I have faith in him.

Eating Noodle with Eun Sang

The Young Do in this scene is so child-like. He’s actually NOT on offensive mode and kept away his spikes. There was no threatening tone from him even though Eun Sang is still scared and put up a brave front. I wouldn’t blame Eun Sang, because Young Do brought that on himself. I believe Young Do just wants company at that moment, and notice he stays in a hotel and not in his own home. The boy is seeking a shelter, a place where he fits in, a place where he can relax and be himself. It is really sad that he can’t do that at home because he doesn’t feel that’s home, there is no warmth in that place apart from his pet dog.


The Confession

From the moment Tan heard from Rachel that Eun Sang was with Young Do, all Tan could think about was Eun Sang’s safety. By this stage, the boy is already deep in love with her and its no surprise that his confession follows after he found her. His concern is valid – given his hostile situation with Young Do. I definitely agree on the dialogues that Tan tells Eun Sang that she is stupid for following him to his house in the US. It was rash of her and this situation is rather realistic.  Nonetheless, lucky for her Tan is someone trust-worthy because in reality, it could be total opposite of being safe!

His suggestion for her to move out, that is also valid from Tan’s POV. He has reached the point that he loves her too much to not care about her or completely leave her alone. Love isn’t govern by logic or the brain but the heart. That is his house, he shouldn’t be feeling uncomfortable in his own house because she is there. It’s bad enough for him to live in that cold household and I think partly this is why he’s happy that they are living under one roof. Unlike Young Do, Tan found his shelter in Eun Sang and her being in his house, makes him feel all the more relax and comfortable in that huge yet lonely house.

The Hug

This is actually one of my favourite part. The boy has gotten a little pushy because he was frustrated. He wanted an answer so he can love her properly and have that authority to protect her over Young Do. Unfortunately, Eun Sang was still too caught up with being the daughter of the housekeeper (and she has other things on her plate), she couldn’t see Tan as a man and love him back and because she liked him, she refused to give him a straight rejection. Tan of course got even more frustrated and impatience so he continued to push her for a straight answer.

But he softened once she started crying. The hug was epic because it was done nicely with emotional build-up. At that point, he asked her if he’s crazy to want to hug her because he was sorry to make her cry and he just wanted to hold her close to him to love her. Tears of a female is powerful against male – I don’t know why but it always is. Eun Sang’s tears have melted Tan’s angry heart and soften him to beg her not to hate him and reject him. Eun Sang was still resisting; she did not hug back but we can see, she is being comforted by the hug too.

Tan and Mum

Hahaha! I just want to point out this mother and son were wearing couple colours, LOL! How I wish Tan would tell mum the truth but I think it isn’t the right time. How I wish Ki Ae isn’t so childish, who is she to lecture Eun Sang about her place? Her status isn’t that high and mighty at all. I’ve only pity for Ki Ae. She is a sad woman and has forgotten how she used to be nobody too, now she’s just a despicable woman who covet another’s and have no remorse over it. I wish for her character to grow up at the end of the drama.

Tan and Father

I am really surprised with Tan’s responses towards his father. For the last two times, he has been really upfront and straight forward with Daddy Kim. It makes me wonder how he was like 3 years ago and is he saying all this now as an act of toned down rebellion? I like that his reason is so valid that his father has nothing to retort it with. I’d like to see Tan really tell his father how he really feels.

Tan and Eun Sang (from kitchen to school)

This is where I started to realise how considerate Tan is of Eun Sang. He knew Eun Sang got an earful from his mum so he tried to cheer her up by making a joke. He got worried that Eun Sang might not turn up in school the next day so he went to school earlier than her and waited for her. I noticed he even kept his promise that he won’t be tagging along when she goes to school. Tan is a man of his words (daejang much?) and he reminded her that he did say he’s going to get involved in her life and he does. Even though he still persist for an answer, he stopped being pushy and gave her space i.e. he left her be after knowing she got to school safely and is mentally / emotionally okay. He ruffled her hair with affections and reminded her to listen to the teachers etc out of love and concern. He took note what she was having for breakfast and I would not be surprised if the next episode or so, he buys or prepares her a huge breakfast each morning.

Madam Han Ai Ke and Housekeeper Hee Nam

Someone please enlighten me what is the significance of this scene apart from adding flavour of comedy in the show (which I did not find it funny)? I sometimes get worried forming a prejudice against the drama only to realise it was necessary to complete the whole story but not all drama is like that. So yes, I am wondering if this is one of those because I sure see no relevance.

Lee Bo Na and Kim Tan

HAHAHA! This is one cute scene I did not mind though. Tan has unleashed his mischievous side now and I am loving it! It’s funny how he got his way around Bo Na like that, teasing her due to her funny reactions. It’s very teenager-like indeed. That is how school was like and it brings back memories, LOL. On the contrary, I do hope Bo Na did not take Tan seriously because I’d love to see Bo Na accepts Eun Sang as a friend in near future. The one thing I like about Bo Na is that she is not evil. She knows Eun Sang’s background and she keeps it to herself even before Chan Young has asked her not to tell.

Eun Sang’s note from the Notice Board

Where are you?
Who are you with?
When are you leaving?
Can you not leave?
Please don’t go.
Please stay a few more days with me.
I miss you.

Sadly I don’t have much to say about this scene except it was sweet and it’s a scene where Tan is touching Eun Sang’s heart again. I do love his straightforwardness and the dialogues were delivered by Lee Min Ho really well because it emote Kim Tan’s desire for Eun Sang to stay beside him a little while longer. It was a belated request / message but nonetheless touches our hearts. His sincerity and his loneliness were also displayed in between all those dialogues.

Rachel and Kim Tan

I don’t know what to do with this girl. I really would like her to redeem herself at the end, she makes such an intriguing character by Kim Ji Won. When she smiles, it was beautiful and I wish someone will be able to make her smile more often. She is such an ice queen that no one but Young Do dares or willing to trifle with her. Tan is never interested in her because of her coldness and her being too close to being in his circle / holding the same status. If Tan isn’t the illegitimate child, I believed he wouldn’t have a problem with Rachel but fact is, he realized and learnt that status is materialistic, empty and burdensome. Thus, he and Rachel would never work out.

I do not believe Rachel loves Tan. She longs to be loved but she doesn’t know how to love. None of her actions indicate that she loves Tan, instead, Tan is her property and she has the rightful claim on him because they are engaged. However, numerous times we are being hinted that she herself knows that claim is invalid because Tan does not acknowledge it. Her arrogance and pride are damaged by Eun Sang, a girl who she thinks she is better in comparison therefore she cannot see or accept Tan falling for Eun Sang.

I am relieved Tan is open with Rachel about his feelings for Eun Sang. I am relieved he has started and attempted to break their engagement and warned her in advance because he has respect for her.

Choi Young Do and his Father

I feel sad for Young Do to have a father like this. This boy is already misguided in so many ways and then the father teach him this: “There is no rules in a game”. This man has fed his morals to the dogs! I have utmost detest for his father. I don’t care how hurt he was by his wife, who ran away and not yet explained why. No matter what, Young Do’s upbringing is truly a huge failure and he seriously need help, NOW.

Love Triangle Part 1.

I don’t know what power Eun Sang has over these two boys but the girl HAS it. Both of them sees her as their life-saver in loneliness subconsciously. She is the light of hope they have been waiting for in the dark, lost. Young Do went to the café to see Eun Sang because his heart tells him to go there, somehow his vulnerable side needs her presence and I’m delighted that Eun Sang has noticed that lonely, soft side of his. If they aren’t entangled in a loveline, I am rooting for their friendship. Eun Sang would be the KEY to mend these two boys heart and their broken friendship… I believe.

When Tan interfered, Young Do’s threat to Tan’s knee – is that some sort of hint? Has Tan’s knee been broken before? Young Do glances at it for a split second when he mouths the threat and Tan knows what he’s talking about. In episode 1, we did see a scar on Tan’s thigh in US (although might be Lee Min Ho’s real scar from his car accident years ago, but I wouldn’t completely disregard the reason why the scar was shown in the show).

Broken Friendship

It was a rather a nice change to see both of them walk out of the café sipping the drinks and NOT in their hostile mode. It makes me want to see bromance, it makes me want to see them quickly mend their friendship but most importantly, I would love to see how they let their mischievous sides take charge and play tricks on each other again. I know, it is childish BUT this two are pretty much a kid anyways. It’s what they need to mend the friendship, a start on something so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing them in hostile mode too but it’d be more enjoyable if they battle each other with wits. Young Do has an IQ 150 but Tan always win and always ahead of him… so it’d be interesting to see them battle with their brains rather than their fists.

Kim Won and Hyun Joo

This couple is starting to get on my nerves. Can their relationship make a move on, Kim Eun Sook? Kim Won is acting like her boyfriend but her reaction speaks the opposite of their relationship. Like his younger brother, Won is just as persistence, although there is nothing wrong with that but I wish they can have more screen time so that their story can be told more thoroughly.

Hiding in a Confined Space / Closet Scene

This scene is EPIC in displaying desire. Hormones are off-the-chart for Tan in this scene. There is definitely an obvious display of desire building up in Tan and after his confession, he wants to get a step closer to Eun Sang. It was a very well acted – out scene from both end and especially Lee Min Ho because he is the inducer of the near-kiss. Their close proximity excites your sensory and burns the screen. The FEELs that was exuded from this scene takes my breath away. It is so sensual and sexual.

I was pretty sure Tan would not kiss her though, because it is Drama Land – this is just a teaser! LOL! I’ve had myself fooled in Faith and will not believe a kiss would come so easily now, LOL! But Tan’s desire was made very clear and Eun Sang, even though she was resisting, she was also anticipating it. How exciting! She was scared and inexperience but her reaction was no rejection – it’s just nerves. She was so nervous that she couldn’t help but squeeze her fist tight, scrunch up her face but prepare her lips for it. If she doesn’t like Tan at all, she would have outright rejected him and if she didn’t want to be kissed, I’d expect her to fold her lips inward. Truth is, the girl wants the kissing beast to kiss her passionately, LOL. Okay, I made that up… that was me speaking in her place. 😛

As for stepping on Tan’s foot afterwards, that is a good way to escape an awkward situation and less embarrassing too because the kiss did not happen. Heh.

Love Triangle – Part 2

Tan is indeed a smart cookie. While Young Do is still in the midst of figuring out why Eun Sang kept appearing in his mind; the always one step ahead of him Tan has already got him figured out. Tan’s sigh marked the danger or trouble he will have to face later on. He looks to me he’s already in thinking mode and looking worried (for Eun Sang’s sake). Eun Sang was also slow on the uptake but I don’t blame her, Young Do has done nothing that looked like he was wooing a girl. LOL.

The Devilish Step-Siblings


It was greaaaaat to see Young Do used his father’s teaching against him in this scene, not that I approved but it just feels good that his father get a taste of his OWN medicine! But what caught my attention for this scenes are the step-siblings. Apart from dropping his offensive guard with Eun Sang, he does it with Rachel too and he turns into this cute boy and seems to show his brotherly love towards Rachel. However, I cannot help but fear for Rachel when she made another deal with Young Do.

Kim Ji Won’s portrayal of the trembling lips (unfortunately the gif didn’t turn out the way it should be on video) – it shows she feared what she has gotten herself into but … she has no other way but to sell her soul to the devil. That was how serious and scary that deal was for me.

Eun Sang and Kim Tan’s Adorably Cute Interactions

I absolutely adore this scene and their interactions. This is a scene where it is just “Eun Sang and Kim Tan” and not “a housekeeper’s daughter and the master”. There was no status barrier in between them and they are just two normal person – a guy who likes the girl and vice versa. There were flirting and embarrassing moment because Eun Sang blurted out something she probably has been thinking of a lot after it happened, LOLLLL which is why I enjoyed Tan’s cheekiness so much here. He often employed his cheekiness to make Eun Sang feels comfortable with him and that is a really smart and considerate tactic.

The Most Daebak cafeteria Scene

In this scene, it is clear that Young Do is not bullying Eun Sang. His minions were not sitting beside her, antagonizing her at all. Young Do just wants to have a nice meal with the girl he likes. However, he has made Eun Sang sit at the same seat that Joon Young once sat, that prompted her to think she is his next target. She did ask him for confirmation but this silly boy did not see through the meaning of her question. That is of course Young Do’s fault. As for Tan, walking in on that also took it as Young Do was terrorising Eun Sang because her whole body was trembling. That flared up his temper because his woman is being bullied, his anger took over reasons and it made matter worse that Eun Sang does not react immediately when he asked her to get up. Maybe it felt as if she was questioning his ability to protect her (from Young Do) and so he yelled, “I TOLD YOU TO GET UP!”

It was a compelling scene to watch. The particles in my body were in excite mode at that moment from Lee Min Ho’s execution of that scene. It was overpowering and I think I’m starting to write gibberish now… I feel really bad for Eun Sang though, sandwich in between the fury of this two hostile boys. One just wants to protect her from harm and the other just wants to have a nice meal with her. Ha. But it is inexcusable for Young Do to trip her and I really wish Tan punch the crap out of him for that.

One minor detail I noticed when I re-watched is that Tan himself was shaking from anger. Lee Min Ho really is angry at that scene, it’s NOT acting anymore, he is channeling real anger.

The Shut-Up Kiss

Well, I don’t think I saw or feel much there! Hahaha… I get that SBS wants to make that a cliff hanger but seriously, can’t it be a tad longer? Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed how it was executed. The full take on Tan forcefully propel towards her and goes for the homerun I mean kiss was beautifully captured. Lee Min Ho’s jaw has always been beautiful to look at and they did a good job capturing the kiss in that angle.

The kiss has attracted mixed reviews because Tan forced himself on Eun Sang at her most vulnerable state. Let’s face it, neither of them were in their right mind at the time. Eun Sang was scared shit out of Young Do so she insisted on answering his call. Tan was worried sick about her especially after she said she was hurt and that was hardly the time to care about Young Do, he wanted to know how bad she was hurt. He was consumed by anger and was probably beating himself inside that he did not shield her from getting hurt and that fall was embarrassing to begin with.

Clear mind. Calm. Reasons.

None of that were in their minds. Tan could employ other tactics to stop Eun Sang but why the kiss? I think it is because Eun Sang kept pushing / pressing his buttons. He kept asking her not to answer but she was not in any condition to listen. Reasoning out the window with her and his exasperation reached its highest point, it was a spontaneous reaction controlled by emotions that drove him to kiss her. The not-so-clear head probably tells him that is the only way to go about to calm her down.

Lastly and truthfully, since when guys ask permission to kiss the girl? Last lastly, thou shall not complain because a kiss is better than none.


Episode 8 is the best episode so far and I really want to applaud the little details that the actors put into it. Lee Min Ho, as usual is always at his best when it comes to acting with emotions. The intensity he expresses when it comes to emotions or desire is just … extraordinary! I love and enjoy every minute of it from Episode 8. Kim Woo Bin has no doubt improved a lot on his own and I hope he continues to learn from Lee Min Ho. His on-screen presence is so strong that there is no worries Lee Min Ho’s screen presence would diminish his and vice versa.

Kim Ji Won herself is going towards the female version of Lee Min Ho, using mild facial movement to display emotional expressions. Now I just need her to branch out of her character and have other expressions apart from bitchy, angry and pissed. Park Shin Hye herself is also shining here. Her breaking voice when she begs Tan to take her away. The displaying of fear from shaking looks almost real, I say almost because I think it can be better. I also love Krystal here, the exchange she had with Lee Min Ho was really cute.

I love looking for minute details of their acting – the trembling lips, the tears, the shivering etc… it just shows that these actors are really good in their job; that they possess the skills of acting.

** End of Spazzzzz ** – Ahhhhh I feel better now. My brain is now emptied! 😛

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  1. “When Tan interfered, Young Do’s threat to Tan’s knee – is that some sort of hint?”
    –> i think YD refers it to the scene where he got punched, in which KT dared him to make him kneeling because he hurt YD’s face same as JY did (ep 7). So actually, KT owe ‘a kneeling/ knee’ to YD. YD’s threat to KT can also be interpret as ‘you might be the powerful king but one day this king will kneel down to him/ begging him”


  2. love this write up!!! I’m so glad you pointed out the nuances and subtle points that no other recaps have done! totally agree that YD blew it when he was actually just trying to have a nice meal w ES. not a smart way to woo a girl. the trip sucked big time too.

    I actually feel that Rachel has been very sympathetically portrayed in the last 2 eps. Kim Ji Won did a great job portraying her wistful and hurt look when Tan was freaking out during English class, in the car when Tan rejected having lunch w her and her mum, and when she watched Tan and ES at a distance. I thought her trembling lips at the post family photo conference w YD was her revealing her vulnerability having to admit that her fiance likes someone else.

    Thought the step-sibilngs were really becoming like real siblings looking out for each other:)

    Thanks again for this great piece! Please keep writing!


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