[Drama News] The Heirs 상속자들: Episode 9 – 10 Preview

The extended preview trailer for episode 9 and perhaps 10 is out after a re-run of episode 7-8. All I can say is OUCHHHHH for Tan getting flipped onto the ground by Young Do. Okay, rephrase… ouchhhh for Lee Min Ho! LOL! The kicking scene can be filmed using camera angle etc from the way it was shown but that flip is real and no cushion on the ground.

Very Rough Translation (Baidu):

Rachel: Do you know what an uproar the school is in now?
Rachel: Kim Tan and Young Do are in a mess (from the fight)
Rachel: What are you planning to do?
Customer: Give me your phone number
Eun Sang: If you keep being like this, I am going to call the police
Young Do: The police is here
Eun Sang: Why should I let you guess
Young Do: I went to your former address today
Eun Sang: I am not a nouveau riche
Rachel / Bo Na (?): (I) think Tan wants to date other girls
*Kim Won: Brotherhood itself is the root of misunderstanding and excuses
*Kim Won: This is the bastard.
Kim Tan: Even so I will not let go.
Kim Tan: Continuing on (this path), at the end of the road, you will be there right?
Eun Sang: There is none. I have no other route to escape
Kim Tan: I like you, what would you have me do?
Eun Sang: I like you too
Maid: We have a guest. (He) says he’s Tan’s school friend
Young Do: Annyeong Tan-ah

* This may be inaccurate

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13 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Heirs 상속자들: Episode 9 – 10 Preview

  1. Hmmm, I think the order is out of wack actually. I think the fight happens last because there is no way these boys would have healed up that quickly. They look like they haven’t fought yet. I also don’t think the fight happened the day of the cafeteria.

    So Tan and ES gets home together and are talking on the street which ends up with his brother catching them. ES goes inside and Tan is left outside thinking about the fight, what him and ES just spoke about, or what he is going to say to his brother or maybe a combination of those things? I had thought before that he was outside waiting for ES but this shows otherwise.


    • Yea, I realized that now. However I am not sure he is waiting for ES, because he was walking with her in that same coat, while they were holding hands. I think that she eventually walked a way, and maybe he was outside doing more thinking before he went inside?


  2. Thank you for the extended preview and translation. I also can’t wait for Wednesday. I think things will get even more ccomplicated (difficult) for KT and ES but my hope is that KT stays firm and fights for ES, no matter what.
    Love the blog 🙂


  3. I think YD went to KT house because he suspect about where Eun Sang is living now And YD is just corroborating that his theory is true.


  4. wow, どうもありがとうございました、あなたは天使だ、私は、このセクションのためにそう長く待っていた !! _<


  5. I definitely enjoyed your commentary / captions and will be back for more. Agree about that look Tan gives when he opened his bedroom door – the smirk & look tells me he’s up to no good. LOL

    I think Tan is waiting for ES outside their gate both times – 1st after the fight (which IMO happened on the same day as the cafeteria bullying based on their clothes), 2nd time is day after the fight OTW to school. He’s probably waiting for ES so that they can talk since Won interrupted the night before. I’m excited to see how they got to the handholding stage since I doubt ES accepted his feelings after the kiss… and they’re doing some serious HH (not a wrist grab) before she confessed her feelings to him. I love that they’re saying ‘I like you’ in a contrary tone – makes them equals at least. If Tan gets to say it with a tone, glad ES gets to do the same. LOL. Plus it’s so like them to be bickering while saying I like you! It’s a much better dynamic than ES crying & being afraid all the time.

    Have you guys noticed how cute they are whenever she’s not afraid or let’s her guard down? For example, when she was massagingTan’s arms after she hit him & he acted hurt. LOL they are actually very comfortable touching each other throughout this show so I’m hoping its all put to good use when they’re in an actual romantic relationship already. Exciting!


    • Yes let’s get on with it! LOL. The amount of casual skin ship in this drama works for me bec I highly doubt there will be any passionate kissing going on given that they are in high school. So cute, sweet & romantic will do as long as its squeal worthy. I mean, we are talking about LMH here. He does hugs & kisses like no one else. I think my fave scenes from Faith were the hand-holding & hugging. It was just all so sweet.

      I really like the way you write. You are witty & writes well. Thanks for sharing your blog : )


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