Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 5

Just when one major battle ended, another begins. What an episode of… chaos. The combination of Miranda and Ajumma is equivalent to World War II and whilst that happens, the entangled lovelines have officially established between our four main characters. Internal conflict is the main theme in this episode.


In the studio, Kim Shin challenges Ajumma to read his future. Ajumma stares into the camera and declares, “You will be destroyed.”


Shin gives Ajumma the quizzical look and asks how he will be destroyed while the team 3 staffs snicker behind the scenes. Mi Rae looks concerned. Ajumma tells Shin that he should know the reason because he knows his own temperament. Shin continues to question how bad his situation is since he does not wish for the riches and hardly think he would starve to death with his skills.

Ajumma takes a deep breath, again, stare into the camera and says: “In the blink of an eye, you get fired from the broadcasting company.” She continues, “But because of your pride, you wouldn’t do just any program or event so your wife has to be the breadwinner.” She tells him that his wife has to juggle two jobs because they have debts and that he would just laze around in the house and do nothing. Ajumma declares in a harsh tone, “In other words, you are just an animal who does nothing productive but eating.” Immediately, the atmosphere in the studio turns cold and tense. While she is on TV, the man from the future speaks to someone on a Bluetooth handsfree that he has found Ajumma.


Seeing that Ajumma has gone overboard, Oppa orders the team to cut it. Shin acts professionally and informs Ajumma that he shall listen to her warning as to adhere to the principles of a host and he ends the filming with a smile to the camera. But the minute the camera stops rolling, his smiles diminished; he glowers at Ajumma. As if nothing has happened, Ajumma smiles at him and leaves the studio. Shin looks at her incredulously with a huff.


Mi Rae runs after Ajumma and demands to know everything. Ajumma tells her it is all true – when Shin is destroyed, Mi Rae is destroyed too and Ajumma blames it all on Shin.


While they speak, Shin runs into Se Joo – who came in on his day off to meet Mi Rae. Se Joo politely addresses Shin and proceeds to say something but halted and changes his mind. I wonder what he wants to say.


Shin walks to the East Gate of YBS building and calls Mi Rae regarding their “study date” while Se Joo walks to the West Gate and also calls Mi Rae to meet him there. Ajumma tells Mi Rae she trusts Mi Rae will make the right choice now that Mi Rae knows the reason. She leaves Mi Rae on her own, feeling torn.

Ajumma staggers out of YBS, short of breath and feeling light-headed. She holds onto a pole and tries to get a hold of herself. A white colour, posh car stops right in front of her and it is Miranda. Miranda recognizes Ajumma instantly and approaches her but unable to hold on anymore, Ajumma collapses.

Cut to someone walking and as the camera pans upwards, we see Mi Rae walking out of YBS with Ajumma’s words ringing in her ears, “You decide. I trust that you will make the right decision.” We see her walking towards the revolving door where both Se Joo and Shin wait for her but which gate did she choose to go to?


Both Shin and Se Joo turn around as if they saw someone they recognize and Mi Rae walks out of the…… West Gate to Se Joo! *Gasp* She chose him? But her expression is sullen rather than chirpy and Se Joo thought she was badly scolded. Her phone rings again and it was Shin, she ignores his call.


While waiting for the bus, Mi Rae is feeling uneasy because Se Joo waiting with her. Oh. So she decides not to choose any of them. Se Joo offers to send her home but Mi Rae politely declines. Just before she gets onto the bus, she turns around and asks Se Joo on a date to the amusement park, awkwardly if I may add. Se Joo is surprised but accepts the invitation. Again, awkwardly, Mi Rae waves bye at Se Joo. Se Joo could hardly contain his happiness after the bus leaves, he smiles a sweet smile.



Miranda is shocked at the answer doctor gave her while Ajumma is lying in bed, asleep. The doctor informs Miranda that Ajumma is aging at the rate of LTE wireless, LOL. Ajumma wakes up while Miranda gives her a foot massage and I am unsure if Miranda is genuinely being nice or she is just trying to wake Ajumma. However, seeing how she jumps right into asking Ajumma about his fortune telling, I am more inclined to believe the latter. Smart and sharp Miranda picks up on the real reason behind Ajumma’s intention was to get close to her.

On the bus, Shin calls Mi Rae again. She picks up this time and arranges to meet Shin at another time and decides that she will see both men and encourages herself that she can do it.

Ajumma lies that she is still new to this and she sees the future in her dream. She mentions Se Joo and says she knows Se Joo is back in Korea and is the undercover VJ. She briefly mentions that Se Joo will face some hardship in future and that he has a crush on someone. When Miranda probes for more, Ajumma tells her she will only reveal when the time is right. She then advises Miranda to send Shin off to New York, lies that if Shin stays, he will bring down the company. However, when Miranda suggests firing Shin, she quickly changes her story and prompted a million more questions from Miranda, “What exactly did you see? Did you see Kim Shin goes to New York or ruined? Also, why are you interested in my grandson because he has nothing to do with you?” Ajumma continues to lie through her teeth.


“Oh… then you should be able to see yourself well”, with that Miranda suddenly held Ajumma’s arm up high and asks Ajumma to tell her if she is thinking of holding her hand or drop her hand. Ajumma removes her drip and gets off the bed. She has chosen an answer of neither and claimed that because she could see so she can change the future. She tells Miranda that her reaction is that she slaps Miranda on the face. With that answer, Miranda puts up a façade and tells her, “Do it. Slap my face.”Ajumma raises an eye brow and asks, “Really?”


The two women just look at each other, eye-to-eye for a while until…

Ajumma raises her hand at Miranda and Miranda spontaneously covers her face with both her hands. HA. Gotcha! Ajumma taps Miranda cheek and goes, “Oh, so cute!” Double HA. Before Ajumma leaves, she tells Miranda to look out her window two weeks later on the 7th November at 10:30PM. She promises that Miranda will see some spectacular view.

Ajumma walks herself home and grumbles to herself how in two months, she will be 67 and older than Miranda. There, she bumps into Oppa who just came back from work. Oppa complains that because of Ajumma’s ramblings, he has to work OT. He isn’t happy and tells Ajumma to quickly deal with her problems and moves out.

Ajumma finds Mi Rae in the attic, staring at the glass window. Mi Rae informs her that she did not meet up with either one of them but has decided that she will see both of them.

Ajumma: “Why?”
Mi Rae: “Because I don’t know how I feel.”

Mi Rae tells Ajumma that she feels sorry for Shin but she is unsure if she can continue to love him, yet, she isn’t sure she can love Se Joo as well. To that, Ajumma tells her it does not matter as long as Se Joo loves her. Argh. Are you crazy, Ajumma? She informs Ajumma that she just wants to find out her feelings and what the guys feels about her.


Cut to Se Joo and Mi Rae in the car, on their way to the amusement park…….. in heavy rain. Hahaha! Oh dear, more water. Are we getting wet Se Joo again? Mi Rae apologizes for troubling Se Joo to drive her since he lives near the amusement park, Se Joo tells her he has nothing to do anyway and was watching a movie. In the interest of keeping the conversation going, Mi Rae asks what movie Se Joo see. He tells her he was watching a short film he has directed when he was in the university. Mi Rae is interested to watch it but Se Joo is too embarrassed so he declines.


Shin pays a visit to Miranda at her office, ready to receive his punishment. He offers a pay cut for 3 months before Miranda curtly tells him she is sending him to Song Ju as a regional correspondent. Miranda tells Shin, “Go there and think about how careless and arrogant you were and hopefully you will come back bowing your head admitting to your mistakes.” Shin, holding on to his poker face, tells her she might as well get rid of him. Miranda refuses and emphasizes that Shin is the face of the company and that he’s still famous, and second to the main anchor who can’t pronounce. Ouuuccch. Still on poker face mode, Shin bows and walks out of the office without a word. Miranda smirks in victory. This woman is doing this out of spite, out of her hurt pride!


Shin comes out of the elevator and walks past Ajumma, who is quite obvious has been waiting for him. Ajumma tells him he should be thankful he has been sent to New York, completely clueless on what really happen. Shin did not bother correcting her and he wonders why Ajumma is interested in him. He walks closer and closer towards Ajumma as she takes a step back each time Shin advances towards her. Eventually, her back reaches the wall and her heart starts to beat violently when Shin put an arm on the wall, next to her head and asks, “Do you perhaps like me?”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Each thump gets louder and louder. Shin stares at her for a split second and sighs, “Gosh, my popularity just won’t cool down.” Pfffttt. With that statement, he walks away while Ajumma puts her hand to her heart and frown a sad frown – her heart still beat for this man even all that has happened to her in the future.


At the entrance of the amusement park, Mi Rae and Se Joo each hold onto an umbrella and stare. It is still pouring heavily that the park is closed. Se Joo suggests to watch a movie but Mi Rae doesn’t think there is any worth watching and she suggested watching Se Jo’s movie instead. She aegyo him a little so he finally caves.

He calls up assistant Choi and instructs her to find him a shabby studio apartment in 30 minutes, it can’t be too nice and it has to be small and plain. He also asks her to bring his graduation project from home and puts it there.

They reach the shabby apartment that doesn’t look too shabby at all. Se Joo sheepishly invites Mi Rae in and pretends to be the owner of the apartment. In fear that Mi Rae will figure out, he quickly urges her to watch the movie. Cue to the two sitting on a couch, Mi Rae concentrates way too hard on the movie while Se Joo sits beside her slightly embarrassed. Mi Rae-ssi, whatever happens to finding out your heart?

Se Joo proceeds to explain a scene he wanted to express, “A man who cries with his back” but he was criticized by his professor. All the while Se Joo is talking; Mi Rae just locks her eyes on the screen and eats her popcorns. That prompted Se Joo to wonder if she is listening to him so he puts his hand in front of her face and waves a few times. Mi Rae is too mesmerized by the movie that without looking at Se Joo, she grabs his hand to stop him from blocking her view.


There is that short moment where Se Joo decides to softly and unnoticeably hold her hand. Did he feel a rush of electric travelling down his spine? Because it looks to me he had a doki-doki moment. Oblivious, Mi Rae releases her hand off his and starts telling him she can feel it from his movie, “That person… he may seem successful in society but on the inside he is suffering. That person is really crying with his back. It’s sad.” All the while, Se Joo’s gaze is fixated on Mi Rae’s face – admiring her and watching her with utmost affection.


He leaaans closer to her… OH MY GOD… GASP… is he going for a kiss? …. And he rubs something off her lips. Oh you teaser, show!

With that, the awkward atmosphere starts encapsulating them and they sit back on the couch, with a distance between them.


Cut to Seo Yoo Kyung – doing a program for TYN. The script is to have her walking on the street of fallen leaves and asking the viewers if they prefer her sexy legs or the autumn leaves. The director calls a cut, telling her to be sexier while Yoo Kyung tries to persuade him the fallen leaves and sexy theme does not match well. Yoo Kyung tries again but caves when the director threatens to replace her.


In the restaurant, the director tells her he has no bad intentions. It’s for work and he just wants to show off her assets and continues to blabber on that it is all for the art. At that exact moment, Yoo Kyung is expected to serve all the men on the table – pouring soju for them and setting out their eating utensils. As she does that, she is suddenly reminded about Se Joo’s gesture and sentiment regarding this matter.

After dinner, Yoo Kyung politely sends all the men away, lowering herself and bows before them and after they leaves, her cheery façade fades with a sigh and tears start welling up in her eyes. Aw you poor girl. Life is tough, I give you that. She goes to the bar and hopes to see Se Joo again. Disappointment written all over her face when Se Joo isn’t there, she asks the bartender to give her Brandy – the drink that Se Joo always orders.


Meanwhile, Se Joo and Mi Rae walk on the street together and Mi Rae complains she’s hungry. Se Joo invites her for a meal but she declines with the reason that it is night and she shouldn’t go to a man’s house (who says he’s inviting you back to his place for dinner, missy?). Se Joo stops and remarks, “So in your eyes, I am a man. What a relief.” (I’m not relief because she has friend-zoned you twice!)

Awkwardness sets in between them again and Mi Rae gestures to leave and thank Se Joo for a wonderful day. Se Joo smiles and licks his lips (stop doing that, it’s distracting me); he asks her when they can see each other again, outside of work.  Mi Rae shyly tells him she is free on Sunday or when there is no broadcasting. They then bid each other goodbyes; Se Joo looks so reluctant to let her go. You sick puppy, HAHA. He immediately takes out his phone and calls Secretary Choi to express his gratitude and wonders if she can ask (on his behalf) to let the morning show rest once a week (so you can go on a date, Se Joo? HAHAHA) but he stop his silliness straight away and leave it at “You did a good job.” I don’t know what’s wrong with your tongue in this episode, Jung Yong Hwa. It’s stealing the spotlight and is it because Se Joo is subconsciously dying to French kiss Mi Rae? LOL


Back at the bar, Yoo Kyung is drowning in depression – staring at the empty Brandy glass with no Se Joo in sight. She takes out her phone but hesitated, not wanting to look desperate but decides she shall call him regarding work. The line at the other end is engaged and she slams her phone down in disappointment. She turns to leave just when Se Joo walks in, stunned, she quickly scrambles back to her seat. HAHAHA


Se Joo takes a seat next to Yoo Kyung and she pretentiously turns around and acts surprise to see him, LOL. Se Joo is surprised to see her too. “Looks like you always come here”, says Se Joo. Yoo Kyung claims it is just coincidence and hints, “I hear if two people keep meeting by coincidence then something will happen between them.” Se Joo knows she meant fate but tells her he does not believe in those things – that render Yoo Kyung speechless, LOL.


Not wanting to give up, she tries again, “What did you do today?” and Se Joo tells her plainly he met up with Mi Rae. Absorbed in his own thoughts, Se Joo says, “I think she is a free person” and he smiles the smile of a love sick pup. Not knowing how to respond, Yoo Kyung awkwardly says she’s also a free person and asks isn’t Se Joo the same. He shakes his head and says, “No. I’m more of a stiff type of person. Although it looks like I’ve been forced with no alternatives but really, the final call is on me.” Taking a sip from his Brandy, he continues, “I am the type who does not want to take risk” and down another sip he turns to ask Yoo Kyung, “Don’t you think Mi Rae-ssi has a strong capability in life and a set view of her own?” Se Joo marvels at his admiration of Mi Rae and although looks like he is talking to Yoo Kyung but really his mind is just filled with Mi Rae. He tells Yoo Kyung that he did not first meet Mi Rae in YBS, it was somewhere else but out of so many editing rooms, Mi Rae chose to enter his room. He smiles another love sick smile and sip his Brandy while Yoo Kyung pouts, LOL. Poor girl, she was hoping to see sweet gentleman Se Joo but instead she got herself a love sick pup. HAHA.


Meanwhile, Mi Rae is caught up in her own world – smiling like a dummy to the mirror, reminiscing with what happened before. That was cut short when Shin calls her to meet him at the park in front of YBS. He gives her no chance to decline and hangs up. Uncertain at first but as if her subconsciousness has taken over, she runs to meet him. Shin announces that he’s going to train her stamina and that is the basic of broadcasting. He tells her the person who loses in the basketball match will pay for a meal.

So they engage in their so-called-stamina-training-but-really-is-a-date basketball game. Shin promises that as long as Mi Rae scores 3 points from him, she will be the winner. At first it looks as if Shin is winning but at the end, he lets her win the game. Mi Rae urges him to buy her a drink; he happily accepts and declares it’ll be a farewell drink. Mi Rae is stunned and Shin continues, “I’m getting transferred and I’m leaving next week.”


They dine in a tiny restaurant and Shin pours her big bowl of soju while telling her he knows he was hard on her but now that he is leaving, she can work comfortably. He adds that it is also because of him that she has learnt her basics well and quickly. Shin: “Are you controlling your expression? You can smile, you know? It means the thorn in your flesh is gone.”

Mi Rae: “How can you still laugh, announcer Kim?”
Shin: “Should I cry?”


He tells Mi Rae when one reaches 40, it’s like they hit a barrier where the heart split into two. One wants to achieve success but the other wants to live carefully and that choice came to him earlier. Angrily, Mi Rae asks Shin if Miranda has made him choose. He tells her it has nothing to do with Miranda; it’s just that he is conflicted internally. A part of him wants to be tactful and obsequious because that will help him succeed yet the other part of him wants to do what his heart desires. Mi Rae: “Announcer Kim, you waver too?” Shin looks down, deep in thoughts and looks up at Mi Rae, “Living a life is difficult, isn’t it?”


Mi Rae heads home and yells at Ajumma, “Now I know, it is because of you that Kim Shin is ruined.” They bicker back and fro with Mi Rae defending Shin. Oppa opens the door and tells them to stop arguing because he wants to sleep. Mi Rae tells him Shin is being transferred away but he was too sleepy to register that information, LOL.

The next day in YBS, everyone at Team 3 is informed of Shin’s transfer. They are all sad for him. Writer Bae commented that Shin is stupid not to think of the consequences when he threatened Miranda and Mi Rae was quick to defend him. Oppa hears all that and decides to usher Shin out for a one-on-one talk.

Once they were out of the office, Oppa locks Shin in between his arms with Shin’s back against the wall. Shin is petrified, “Yah… what…what are you doing? I’m… I’m a man!” HAHAHA! Protective Oppa questions Shin’s intention and in return, Shin misunderstood and thought Oppa likes Mi Rae too. Oppa is shocked and pressed on, “Do you like Mi Rae?” Shin denies it and dopes Se Joo in. Oppa is once again shocked to hear Se Joo is interested in his sister too.


An alarm starts ringing and Oppa refers it as Code Black. Turns out it is an internal alarm and straight away everyone rushes in front of a TV. There, Miranda stands before them announces that the whole of Team 3 will be punished for the act of rebel the other day. The individuals involved will be reassigned closer to their home town and she hopes they will reflect on their actions and regret it. Shin stares into the TV with his mouth wide-opened.


Se Joo came just in time to hear the announcement. He goes directly to see Miranda but is temporarily denied entry by Miranda’s order. Se Joo asks the guard, “What about home? Am I not allowed to go home too?” The guard has no idea and Se Joo fumes at his grandma.

The atmosphere in the office is sullen and heavy, ungrateful PD Lee Jae Soo starts screaming at Shin, lecturing him for what he did and how his actions have everyone caused everyone to suffer with him. Shin tells him that they can still turn things around in two weeks time if they find an exclusive news but PD Lee is too angry to listen. Oppa has to stop him by pulling rank i.e. Shin is his sunbae so it is impolite to yell at his senior. PD Lee makes his anger known by kicking at the cabinet before he leaves. Shin tries to persuade Oppa there is still hope but Oppa is too pissed off to listen and asks him to leave. Mi Rae wants to follow Shin but is stopped by Oppa.

Ajumma sees the notice board regarding Shin’s transfer as Shin walked past. She asks him to beg Miranda for forgiveness. She tells him that he’s good in everything – he has principle and is capable but the society cannot accept him, he is bound to get hurt so she advises him to endure and beg. Shin tells her he has thought about begging and even if he gets reinstated as an anchor, but he cannot report the truth, not about darkness of Young Geun Group and he’ll forever be sucking up and this is not a true anchorman.

Ajumma argues for him to think about the others but he retorts that one third of the people would have gotten fired anyway if he hadn’t threatened Miranda during the restructuring. Ajumma argues again that the others are not thankful for the outcome and they will put the blame on him. Shin tells her he is used to criticism now, that’s just human nature. He turns to leave but Ajumma stops him in his track for speaking what he truly feels, “But still, you said you never want this to happen again, getting scolded and being isolated, you said it hurts your feelings.” Shin is surprised and asks if he has ever told Ajumma that but unable to tell him the truth, she lies that is what she thinks he’ll feel. Believing her ability of fortune telling, Shin asks her to tell him more about his future or give him some exclusive news. Ajumma only looks at him silently so Shin tells her not to care about him because he isn’t interested in older woman.

Se Joo, denied entry to his own home, decides to camp at the not-so-shabby apartment. I could sense his loneliness when the camera takes him from the back – we are looking at his “Crying back”. (I had to ask, is that really Yong Hwa’s apartment? I can’t help but wonder, what with the guitars sitting there. I guess I’ll wait for a CNBlue fan to tell me.)

He calls Mi Rae to apologize, feeling responsible for his grandma’s action. Mi Rae tells him not to worry, she has other places to go and she can go study to be a writer. Se Joo sighs and tells her he will wait for her. Aw… he’s promising her a job when he takes over YBS.

Ajumma goes shopping for food however she has to escape the scene because she gets swarmed by a bunch of ajumma that recognizes her on TV. They are all curious to know if her fortune telling on Shin is true.

Back in the attic, she looks at the glass window and scratches her head. *Light bulb moment* reappears. Oh gawd. Please don’t – the last time you had that moment, you ruined Se Joo’s car. She searches through her journal and walks out of the house, looking determined.


While both Oppa and Mi Rae eat their dinner at 10 PM (ahem, yes show, I noticed), Mi Rae and Shin meet up at somewhere near a river. Ajumma tells Shin that she’ll help him and asks him to wait a little while and hands him an umbrella. Immediately, thunder roars and rain starts dripping.


Back to Oppa and Mi Rae, the lights flicker when lightning strikes. Mi Rae gets a message from Ajumma, telling her to take Oppa and herself to a higher ground nearby.


Rain pours heavily with thunder and lightning. Miranda looks at the clock – 10:26 PM and is reminded of Ajumma’s request. Everyone is now out in the open and just as Miranda opens the window, she sees the lightning strike the spindle of Namsan Tower and sends it tumbling down. HOLY MOLYYY!

*Gasp* *Shocked* *Eyes and mouth wide open* are everyone’s reactions.


Mi Rae’s wavering heart is quite understandable when Ajumma announced that Kim Shin is destroyed in future. It is quite the contrary to her not wanting to depend on men but to hear that she, too, is ruined because of Shin – wouldn’t your heart waver and want to change the course of your future?

It is interesting to find out from Se Joo’s perspective of Mi Rae is “she lives freely” when the fact is she is fighting her hardest to live her dream one last time or else her Oppa will marry her off and is always at the edge of getting kick out. I believe the reason Se Joo fell for Mi Rae is because there is that part of him who wishes he could be like her. His resignation when he was telling Yoo Kyung about himself; how he has no alternatives but in reality, he chose it and make those decision, somehow, it sounds sad. Is he hinting us the responsibility of being an heir is weighing down on him? We had a glimpse into his past this episode, he had studied in the field of making films, perhaps his dream isn’t becoming a chaebol but a movie director?

Very unfortunate for Se Joo, Mi Rae has friend-zoned him from the very beginning and I still have not seen her feeling flush or doki-doki like she is with Kim Shin. Whenever she thinks or tries to seduce or go further with Se Joo, she is always on awkward mode. Same scenario twice and the outcome is always Se Joo watching her while she watches the screen, that’s a dead end there. On the contrary, it’s lovely to see that Yoo Kyung is starting to develop feelings for Se Joo. However, their progress is halted for this episode and Yoo Kyung has to sit through Se Joo marveling at how amazing Mi Rae is. Haha! I supposed their relationship can’t progress too quickly because the show requires Se Joo to be that wavering choice for Mi Rae and be that push factor for Shin and Mi Rae’s romantic interest.

While Shin struggles either to uphold his principles and belief or surrender to the pressure of society e.g. the power that be – Miranda; Ajumma fights her own demon. Even though it is still hazy why the grudge against Shin but it is safe to assume from her declaration on national TV that when Shin is ruined, Ajumma herself has gone astray in her goal of life soon after. It is obvious that Ajumma is still drawn to Shin and could not bear to see him destroyed and that prompt her to meddle into history even more. The Namsan tower incident is just Ajumma’s way to prove to everyone that she knows the future and it is the next incident that she is betting on that would help Shin and Team 3. When she approached Mi Rae, she was only trying to change her own future but now that she has gotten involved and interacted with more people, she is changing the future of everyone else. Mi Rae has certainly changed and tried to improve her life so I believe Shin himself is changing too; with him facing that internal conflict earlier means he is going to change for the better; finding a balance that allows him to adhere to his principle but also allow him to be tactful and less uptight.


3 thoughts on “Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 5

  1. Oh I can see Park Seju’s heart is going to be broken soon by Mirae. It’s so obvious that his feelings is not going to be reciprocated. PS I love Yong Hwa’s tongue action…LOL.


  2. hoho..that definitely is not yonghwa’s apartment. he lives with his members in a much bigger apartment, which will be featured in their own movie january next year. yeay!!! and the lip licking is his actual habit. you can see him doing that dozens of time when he’s singing, speaking..everywhere.


  3. I quite like for Mirae to make up her mind ASAP and let Seju know the real deal so the boy can start moving on and find his own “happily ever after” which I think he very much deserves. This is the first time that I’m rooting this hard for a second lead, to be honest. Most of the time, I want both lead and second lead actors to continue pursuing the girl even if it means the latter would get hurt, no matter how perfect they are but there is just really something with Park Seju that makes me root so hard for him out of all the characters. And I love that he is flawed too. He deserves to be happy.


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