[Drama News] Jung Yong Hwa’s “Rooftop Barbeque Date” with Han Chae Ah in Mi Rae’s Choice

A whole new set of stills released from next week’s Mi Rae’s Choice depicts Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) and Seo Yoo Kyung (Han Chae Ah) having a barbeque date (meal) on the rooftop. I am a little confused how these two get together on the rooftop but hey, since Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) and Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun) are moving along smoothly in their own little world, this couple should start building up their own loveline too, right? The glasses of wine may help with this bonding experience.

After the events of this week’s Episode 5 & 6 brought major changes to Se Joo and Yoo Kyung’s dynamic, this looks like a good development for this couple; perhaps this would be their time to shine. I hope that they will experience a shared dream about each other in their original timeline and that it will become a push for their romantic interest, just like it did for Mi Rae and Shin. Can’t wait! [鼓掌]

A little bit of rambling (spoilers ahead):

To be honest, I am very glad that Yoo Kyung finds out about Se Joo’s identity and I am even more delighted that her reaction to it is “disbelief” and “shock.” This tells me that the real Yoo Kyung is not as materialistic as she portrays herself to be. I think it is a nice turn of events for Se Joo and Yoo Kyung. Now that they both know each other’s true self, they will hopefully embark on a getting-to-know each other friendship. The undercover Se Joo sometimes exudes loneliness and the same goes for Yoo Kyung. The two can rely on each other and lend the other a listening ear, which is no small step. I believe that with Ajumma’s interference, the foundation of love built up by these two couples are going to be stronger than compared to their counterparts in the original timeline.

I like that while everyone is freaking out about what to do with the fire incident in the MRT, Se Joo is the only one who was calm and collected. He has once again proven to be a good leader. He sees the big picture and is able to make a clear and undoubtful decision and these decision covers all 4 aspects:

1) MRT incident becomes Morning Show’s program
2) Saving Lives
3) Raise TV rating
4) Saving Team 3

The man is born to lead, and I completely understand his choice of starting out as a VJ. In order to defeat your enemy, you must first understand your enemy before you can conquer and this is what Se Joo is trying to do. I believe with Yoo Kyung by his side, who has seen the worse of those that runs the management and calls the shots, she will be able to assist him in achieving the highest.

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3 thoughts on “[Drama News] Jung Yong Hwa’s “Rooftop Barbeque Date” with Han Chae Ah in Mi Rae’s Choice

  1. Love reading your thoughts/comments on MHYID.

    I whole-heartedly agree with you that Se Joo really showed his superior leadership in this episode with his brilliant resolution for the subway incident. Of course, he has more influence and resources available (we could all use an Asst Choi in our lives) but it did give a glimpse of how he became such a success in the broadcasting industry in the future.

    I’m also relieved that Yookyung found out about his identity – am anticipating more honest conversations between the both of them (they’ve always had that but now she can also be his confidant on his hidden identity) and how their relationship will grow and strengthen.


  2. Actually Yoo Kyung seems like a good match for Seju as she also demonstrated calm and collected thinking during the subway incident when she got hold of the keys to the room so that Seju can turn on the water valve. They will make a great pair if this incident shows who they really are deep inside.

    While I will hate to see a heartbroken Seju (probably in Ep 7), if that’s what has to happen before he moves on to his real love line, then so be it. He deserves to be happy and with someone who truely loves him and I think Yoo Kyung is probably the one. Mirae never ever demonstrated that she has ever love Seju and that is frustrating as it feels as if she’s just ‘using’ him.

    Looking forward to Ep 7, and please let there be more screen time of Park SeJu. I really love his character the most in this drama.


  3. I love reading your commentary about Sejoo on here, but do you consider YK as just his sidekick? I’m more interested in seeing the two develop both as individuals and as a unit.


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