[Drama News] “Why so Serious?” in The Heirs

Very different to the previous BTS post I just did, this set of images are full of angst and all nothing but seriousness. I believe the news content is about these 6 men from The Heirs exuding Off-the-Meter sex appeals. Okay, I made up the sex appeal but it is about their charismatic attractiveness in the drama. Stay tuned for more of these men in The Heirs tonight, on SBS.

I say Kim Woo Bin really nail the leather look in this scene. I find myself drawn to him even though I know how evil he is (now). I didn’t mind his hair like others who said that made him look older. To be honest, all the teenage high school US drama we used to watch or is still watching, most of them are over the teenage age anyway. It is really no big deal in the Drama Land.

Kang Ha Neul is … I can’t say he appeals to me. He looks too skinny and unhealthy. I can’t help but wonder if he lost his weight to play this role. I am still doubtful with that so-called vitamins he is taking at the age of 19. Like seriously, who cares about health at age 19? So my guess is he’s taking some stress pills, after all, he has had lots of pressure from his family.

Choi Jin Hyuk – the hot yet icy cold hyung to Lee Min Ho. I am still waiting to see more of him in The Heirs to be honest. Each time he comes up on screen, I anticipate to be “wow”… and then he leaves. I would love to see him interact more with Lee Min Ho because apart from looking good together on my screen, I really would love some brotherly scenes NOW.

Park Hyung Sik – This boy has been nothing but cute and adorable. Hahaha! There isn’t much layers to his character but with him on screen, it brightens up the atmosphere around him. I see him as the ice breaker among the other Jeguk boys. More of him pleaseeee!

Kang Min Hyuk – Best friend to Eun Sang and boyfriend to Lee Bo Na. He’s a bit of a by-stander, this one. So far Min Hyuk has been more of a miss for me than hit. I believe it’s his character that’s not really standing out as compared to the other boys. Though, I love his teasing and pretends with Bo Na. It is so obvious that he knew about her past and she’s still oblivious about it. Cute. But it’d be nice to cut down the mushy part, they gave me goosebumps, LOL!

From Sina News


4 thoughts on “[Drama News] “Why so Serious?” in The Heirs

  1. Am I the only one frustrated that KT wears his uniform way too formal ?
    His shirt is always completly buttoned.
    I want him to wear it more coolly like YD. =/


  2. ahem ahem. Come out of the gutter first, please.
    I think his colar bone will do. You know he could unbotted his shirt a bit, we’re not in winter yet.
    And also change colors. Just the basics !! I’m not a complicated person. LOL


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