[Drama News] Kim Woo Bin Terrorizes Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

MORE stills are released from SBS just hours before the airing of episode 7!!!! Young Do is persistently harassing Eun Sang. He gets up close and personal with her by the lockers and calls her on the mobile. OMG I think SBS is trying to kill us!

Is Young Do doing this as an act of bullying or is he trying to push Tan’s buttons? Will his strange obsession with her lead to heartache later on? Stay away Young Do or else no one can save you from your upcoming heartbreak!

Obviously no one has told him that bullying someone is not how you demonstrate your love. That’s so primary school!

Shippers of Kim Tan and Eun Sang are screaming for Young Do to stay away!!! Eun Sang is Tan’s girl and he will put a stamp on her soon – you just wait and see!

Park Shin Hye – I’m so jealous! A kiss from THE kissing beast Lee Min Ho and now almost a back hug from Kim Woo Bin – You really must have saved a country in your past life. If you get a kiss from Young Do I’m just going to cry from jealousy!

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6 thoughts on “[Drama News] Kim Woo Bin Terrorizes Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

    • At this stage I don’t think I can ship Young Do and Eun Sang. He is just a malicious bully with pent up anger. Unless he changes I think their relationship would be unhealthy. That said Woo Bin is just gorgeous and his acting is so intense that I sometimes forget and just want him to happy because it’s Woo Bin! Gosh I love him!


  1. @Ducky OMO! I want a stamp from Tanny too. Pleeeeeeeeeeze 😛
    And I’m a Tan/ES shipper all the way through!
    You hear me, Heirs! Let’s make some golden silver babies!


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