[Drama News] BTS News of The Heirs Casts Sharing some Laughters

Aww… how cute! All of them having a laughing fit while filming. They look like they got along and are enjoying the filming. So where’s the BTS videos, SBS? Isn’t it time to show us some? Or you are planning to throw all this into the DVD version and wrap it in a pretty bow and dig a huge hole in The Heirs fans’ pocket? I am loving all the pictures of them just laughing, it puts a smile on my face each time I look at it. šŸ™‚

Are you two laughing because Min Ho nearly dropped you onto the sofa handle, Shin Hye?


Are you showing Woo Bin how to kiss, Min Ho? Hehehe… that pouty lips look so succulent *slurps*

City Hunter Kim Tan?

Yoooo Crazy 9, look who is delivering pizza for us tonight while we love stream The Heirs? LOLLL. Woo Bin in leather jacket, sizzling hot.

I love this picture too… Kim Ji Won is always so serious, angry or bitchy. This smile from her is priceless, haha.





5 thoughts on “[Drama News] BTS News of The Heirs Casts Sharing some Laughters

  1. Super super like! I would love to get the BTS! SBS give it to US! Man that leather jacket fits Woo Bin like a glove. So so hot!


  2. @La Petite Love these BTS pics! OMG! LMH is just too cute for words and he’s HOT! I’d be more excited if LMH was going to be our pizza delivery boy. He’s so bad for my health, but off to swoon nonetheless. šŸ™‚


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