[Drama News] Lee Min Ho “Rooftop Shut-up Kiss” Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

And… we have MORE stills released for The Heirs. This scene has said to be filmed for 3 hours and it is very spoilerific. How so? To the point of I want to flip tablessss. [崩溃]   If one would like to be spoilered, who doesn’t care, who does not want to be surprised in Episode 8 of  this week’s The Heirs, you are more than welcome to enter into the Post of Doom (of the day). [鄙视]

There has been rumour flying around that there will be a kiss. I had been reluctant to believe it, well, at least I wish I hadn’t been spoilered with big HD stills. [怒] [哼] As we can see from the stills, our Sleeping Beauty & the Beast couple seems to be arguing or Cha Eun Sang is just freaking out over something (related to what’s in the phone) and suddenly … the kissing beast unleashes himself and went for the kill ~ so we have a forced kiss. [悲伤] Is his intention is to calm her down or shut her up? For whatever reasons, this isn’t the kind of kiss I had anticipated. In terms of visual aspect, forced kiss usually does not involve romantic emotion(s) and hence the kiss itself will be less than satisfactory. [哼] I know that Lee Min Ho can kiss or deliver a good kiss, however, a forced kiss such as this, will we be able to see any lips movement? Whichever it is, there are a lot of these on the ground as of today [伤心]

Note: I decided to call it Sleeping Beauty & the Beast couple with the reason being Cha Eun Sang sleeps a lot in the show and Lee Min Ho has been crowned the Kissing Beast. Until we find a more suitable term, this will do for now.


4 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho “Rooftop Shut-up Kiss” Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

  1. OMG – I have no words! It looks emotional to me hahahaha 🙂 well at least it makes me flutter. The position adopted by Tan and Eun Sang is quite HOT and hmmmm……! LOVE


  2. I have to disagree that Lee Min Ho is the “Kissing Beast.” Jan Geun Suk is a better kisser especially in Love Rain. And oh, Seo In Guk too in Reply 1997!


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