[Drama News] A look into Another Love Triangle in The Heirs – Hyo Shin copies Kim Tan?

SBS has released more spoiler stills for the upcoming episodes of The Heirs. This time it’s brother Kim Won’s turn to get jealous! We see smitten Hyo Shin getting real close to his tutor Hyun Joo. He is inches away from kissing her. Will he do it? I guess we will have to wait and see whether Hyo Shin took any brave vitamins!

It seems from the stills hot and bothered Kim Won is waiting for Hyun Joo to finish tutoring. He must have seen something displeasing from the car and gets angry at Hyun Joo. Will there be a punch up between these boys? Who will come out as the winner from this love triangle? Vitamin Boy or Muscle Won? My bet is on Kim Won. I don’t think any amount of vitamins can help Hyo Shin against muscle Won.

Too bad SBS didn’t release these stills earlier since everyone is still dead from the roof-top kissy kiss spoilery stills from earlier today. What’s next SBS? Some action from Young Do maybe? Maybe give us some BTS videos next time – just saying.

8 thoughts on “[Drama News] A look into Another Love Triangle in The Heirs – Hyo Shin copies Kim Tan?

  1. Aww.. I was hoping Vitamin Boy was not really in love with Hyun Joo, a pairing I would love to see but considering she already loves Won, they’ll surely end up happy-for-the-rest-of-their-life by the end of the drama.
    Sigh. Can’t dramas stop with their love triangles ?! The ones who have to bear the pain of the second man leads’ heartbreak are always us, the viewers !!!

    P.S : Too bad Hyo Shin didn’t try to kiss her outside of the house. That would have made for a super duper jealous Won. hihihi…


    • I would love to see Won with some emotions other than angry, sick or unhappy! If he keeps treating her as 2nd priority then maybe Vitamin Boy will get him to realise how important she is. Money and power doesn’t bring happiness Wonny!
      I’m sure Vitamin Boy will find a nice girl hahaha :) and who knows he might actually win the girl. We’ll have to wait and see…younger boys are in these days!


  2. @LaPetite Hahaha.. SJ is another story !
    I’m liking YK more, but I still don’t want them to end up together. No, no, no. My heart won’t be at ease that way. haha… (am I nuts ? T_T)


    • Yeah you must be? Wae? Explain! I <3 episode 6 more than 5. There's always this no or slow progress in the odd episodes and more interactions for the 4 main characters in even episodes and episode 5 is kind of boring for me. Lucky ep 6 picks up again.


  3. @Yuuni did you live stream? Last night’s episode was good with so much emotion and tension. We don’t get to see much of Hyun Joo and Won. I want more of them and less Esther, Secretary Yoon and mummy Tan.
    I think tonight’s episode will be daebak though. Gosh I can’t wait!!!


    • Omo yes, the scene between Esther and Secretary Yoon is seriously unnecessary! I hate it! It’s because of them that their kids are in a messy relationships and they are complicating it even more. ~”~ Tonight’s episode better be daebak! I have been spoilered TOO much so the FEELS better be off the chart!


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