The Heirs: Episode 6

This episode is probably the most highly anticipated episode of the series so far with episode 5 ending with the standoff between Kim Tan and Young Do in the school grounds of Jeguk High. There were splitting opinions about this episode with some saying it was too slow and others loving the development of the characters. Personally I thought the episode albeit being slow was necessary in setting the scenery for upcoming episodes. This episode gave us insight into what the life of student with a ‘different’ or ‘lower’ social status would be like at Jeguk High and to a certain extent what Kim Tan would have been like if he was not exiled to the US three years ago.

The showdown continues in the school grounds between Young Do and Tan.
Tan: “I’ve missed you, chingu”
Young Do: “Welcome back”
Tan: “Ease up. I won’t do anything right now”
Young Do: “Let’s just say hi. You’re going to scare the kids”
In the middle of the hot staring competition Eun Sang walks in middle of the boys unaware of surroundings. She finally stops texting Chan Young after realising she’s caught in the middle of the hotties and everyone is staring at her in dismayed. Eun Sang looks up and sees Kim Tan first. He gives her a soft but worried look. She turns and sees Young Do and his smirk. Ha! She’s trapped! In reality it would have been great being the ham in this sandwich but in this set-up probably not

Young Do whistles and says “It’s like a holiday gift set”. Tan asks Eun Sang “You came without wearing your uniform?” Eun Sang turns to face Tan not knowing what to say. Young Do picks up from this conversation that Tan and Eun Sang are associated. In slow mode it almost looks like Young Do is a little disappointed to discover that Tan may have beaten him to the punch with knowing Eun Sang. Chan Young sees this and steps in to the rescue grabbing Eun Sang and dragging her away from the tensed situation. As expected Bo Na is annoyed that her boyfriend is dragging her nemesis away in front of everyone. Rachel quickly jumps on the bandwagon.


The boys continue their battle and Rachel steps in to try and defuse the situation. Young Do grabs Rachel’s hand and holds her tightly by her side and begins the bantering again full of threats.


Young Do: “We’re still talking, sister. We can’t end it with a hug or tears”
Tan: “I don’t know about a hug. But you can ask me for tears because I can make you cry.” OMG Tan whao do it do it!!!
Young Do: “See, it’s already getting fun. I think I’ll be too excited for school every morning now”
Tan moves forward and grabs Rachel’s wrist and pulls her over to his side and says “If that worries you, then you should consider transferring. Because I can’t since mother is the chairman of the board.”
Young Do happily reacts to the word mother and cheekily asks like a dog with a bone: “So you have a mother and a mom?”
Tan pauses with a harden face with Young Do’s comment unable to respond.

Young Do continues realising he has hit Tan where it hurts: “Did I go too far on the first day? I was just glad to see you again. Let’s keep in touch.” Young Do walks off with a smirk on his face, satisfied with the outcome from their first battle.

Rachel tells Tan she wants to talk to him. The crowd disappears as Young Do and Tan leaves. Bo Na’s friend exclaims: “So that’s the notorious Kim Tan. I heard he’s even more evil than Young Do. He’s hot”
Bo Na says: “That’s why he is the devil. He bullies kids with that face.” Bo Na confirms with the friend that Tan was her asshole first love. Ha! This makes me laugh Bo Na obviously still has some unresolved issues with Tan.

Rachel complains why Tan didn’t tell her that he was back in Korea. It would have been embarrassing if people knew she as the fiancée didn’t know. She asked Tan if he had anything to do with Eun Sang transferring to Jeguk. Tan replies: “It doesn’t have anything to do with me. My mother probably signed the transfer papers.” Rachel is still not happy with Tan’s reply until he plainly tells her he was forced to get engaged with her. Ouch! That’s what you get for having a high and mighty attitude.


Chan Young is talking to Eun Sang. He asks her why she didn’t call him to come to school together. She asks him why he didn’t tell her that Tan was the second son of Jeguk. Chan Young replies in a no nonsense manner: “Would that change your current situation? You can’t move out of his house. Compared to all your issues knowing who Kim Tan is would be the least of your problems”


Chan Young continues: “Instead I will tell you the important matters that lie ahead of you” Gosh this boy is really practical. I like.

There’s a strict hierarchy here. The highest class is the management succession group – the sons and daughters of the conglomerate families. Young Do and Rachel


Second class is the stock-shares inheritance group – those that don’t participate in the management of the business but are major shareholders. Bo Na


Third class is the honor inheritance group – includes children of honourable occupations such as Ministers, politicians, Chief Justice and president of law firms. Hyo Shin and Myung Soo


Forth class is the social care group – includes people who got into Jeguk through social care. Eun Sang and Chan Young.
Eun Sang is shocked and worried whether she would be able to survive in Jeguk. If Chan Young is the untouchable what does that make her she wonders? How daunting and diminishing it must have felt for Eun Sang to listen to the hierarchy classification.


Chan Young gets a message that the Eun Sang is wanted at the teacher’s office. At the office the teacher gives Eun Sang her schedule of classes. Eun Sang is told to fill out a form with details of her family background. Eun Sang starts to fill it out and stops at the question about her parents. She puts down that her mum is a housewife. The unfriendly teacher points out that she heard that Eun Sang’s mother was a housemaid that’s why her tuition fees were exempt. What a bitch! The bullied kid overhears this.


Eun Sang attends class and is told to introduce herself. She uses formal language and the students laugh at her. She corrects herself and says: “I’m Cha Eun Sang, an ordinary and average girl. I do well independently so I won’t ask for your attention. Any help would be too much. Nice to meet you” Now that’s the spirit!!!


A student asks why Eun Sang had transferred to Jeguk. Eun Sang is stumped not wanting to reveal she was a social care student. She looks around and super sweet Tan stands up to help her saying that he is also a transfer student so he needs to introduce himself. Young Do notes this new piece of information he could use to his advantage.

Hee Nam is cleaning the bath tub and Ki Ae is shocked to see her resembling the maid from the movie ‘The Housemaid’. She asks Hee Nam about her special blouse and Hee Nam replies that it’s getting dry cleaned.

Ki Ae meets Ji Sook at the gallery. Ji Sook is annoyed to see Ki Ae. Ki Ae came to show off about her son. Ji Sook raises her hand about to hit Ki Ae again. Ki Ae pulls out a report from a doctor for her mental injuries caused by Ji Sook. She threatens Ji Sook that she could press charges. Ji Sook dares her. Ki Ae is annoyed that her threat is not working and says if she can’t press charges she can still hit Ji Sook back. Ji Sook kicks her out. Ki Ae must be bored. Go do something useful Ki Ae!

Tan barges in to see Hyo Shin pretending to knock. Hyo Shin asks why Tan bothers. Tan responds: “Be nice, it’s been a year since they saw each other.” Hyo Shin asks if Tan needed a hug. Hahaha smart ass. Tan throws a joke back at Hyo Shin telling him to stop flirting or he’ll fall for him. Hyo Shin asks if Tan wants to take a test and be a PD. Tan says his face is too good looking for that job. LOL I love cocky Tan! Bo Na barges in and instantly heads back out again after seeing Tan. Tan sees this and teases her: “How are you, Lee Bo Na” She replies: “Good” Tan asks about Chan Young. Bo Na reacts to the question saying loudly that Chan Young did nothing wrong and walks out slamming the door behind her.


Bo Na is talking to her friend worried that Tan is looking for Chan Young to fight. She thinks that he still has the hots for her. You wish girl! He does not give you that love look so dream on. Bo Na is troubled because she hates him but can’t resist his hotness. Hahahahaha I love it so true! Her friend who has a crush on Young Do thinks that Young Do is better. Bo Na disagrees.


Myung Soo approaches the girls and is curious about Eun Sang. He thinks he has seen her before. Eun Sang is walking towards them. Myung Soo calls out to her and asks whether she’s a social care group transfer or new money. Eun Sang not knowing what to say looks at Bo Na. She tells Eun Sang not to look at her and answer it for herself. Rachel is shocked and asks whether Bo Na knows Eun Sang. Bo Na says she’s not going to tell Rachel anything. Rachel walks off and Myung Soo and the friend are still curious about Eun Sang who seems to know everyone at Jeguk. Eun Sang stays quiet.

Super sweet Tan comes to the rescue again. He declares that Eun Sang is a nouveau rich. Tan tells Eun Sang he wants to talk to her but she turns and walks in the opposite direction avoiding him. Tan doesn’t know what to do with her.


Young Do is outside and sees Eun Sang heading towards him. He trips her and says: “Are you okay?” Eun Sang replies in a questionable manner: “You tripped me”

Young Do cheekily says: “I can’t save you if I don’t trip you” Smart ass!
Eun Sang tells him that he is weird. Young Do questions her statement: “Just weird? Not scary?”
Eun Sang retaliates: “Why should I be scared?”
Young Do says in a threatening manner: “Because I’m going to trip you again and again.”
Young Do wants to know what is Eun Sang’s relationship with Tan. She tells him to go and ask Tan directly. Go Eun Sang!!!
Young Do declares: “Oh, I forgot to introduce you. Starting from today you are mine, also known as the ‘shuttle’. So can you answer my question now? How do you know Tan? Gezzzz Young Do’s stare is eerily scary.

Super Tan arrives in time again and interrupts Young Do threatening/bullying Eun Sang: “What are you going to do? Ask me, directly” Young Do glares at Tan. Tan tells Eun Sang to leave first.

Young Do angrily says to Tan: “I just want to make a new friend. You’re in my way.”

Tan replies: “You’re better off without friends. Why bother making one when you’re going to lose it soon?” Young Do is annoyed at his defeat for now.

Tans asks Eun Sang if she’s going to keep avoiding him. Eun Sang says how can she since he’s there when she goes home. Tan explains that he didn’t hide it on purpose. ES replies: “It doesn’t matter since the fact that you found out about the worst about me remains the same.” Tan asks Eun Sang whether cried. Without responding to his question she asks him to pretend that he doesn’t know her. She says she really wants to graduate from this school but there’s already too much trouble on her first day. She doesn’t understand why he made up that she was nouveau rich. Tan explains he did it so she can have an ordinary school life. ES worries what will happen if kids find out about the lie. Tan cuts in and tells her to stay close to him and nothing will happen. Tan tells her not to run to Young Do. Eun Sang corrects him and says that it’s because of Tan that Young Do talks to her and the girls stare at her. So very true but a little unappreciative.

Before leaving Eun Sang says: “It’s not Choi Young Do that I shouldn’t run into. It’s you.” A little too harsh and unnecessary but I wonder if it has any hidden meaning. Is it because she has feelings for him so the person who is bound to cause pain for her is Kim Tan? She needs to avoid him before it’s too late and she can’t control her feelings? Hmmm I wonder.

Tan calls Chan Young to see him after school. He meets Chan Young at Myung Soo’s hideout. Tan warns Chan Young not to reveal Eun Sang’s background to anyone. Chan Young is annoyed that Tan is warning him given the fact that he has been her friend for over 10 years. Tan speaks from experience: “A friend could potentially be an enemy because they know too much about each other.” Bo Na comes in calling out to Chan Young. She sees Tan and immediately leaves pretending that she’s on the phone with someone. Chan Young laughs at her. Tan jokes that Bo Na seems to not have gotten over him. Chan Young retorts defending his girlfriend: “Do people avoid garbage trucks because they couldn’t get over them?” Tan utters at the insult: “What? Garbage truck?”


Eun Sang arrives home and immediately reads her book. Mum wants to know how her first day was and whether the kids were nice to her. Eun Sang tells her mum to move out and asks whether they can get a loan. Mum tells her to cut the nonsense and just go to Jeguk. She screams and tells mum she doesn’t care about the school. She just wants to leave the small room and stop living like a fugitive. Eun Sang says she can get two more jobs so they can afford the rent. Mum tells her to stop thinking about it and don’t even dream about it. Mum can’t find another job with her disability. Eun Sang hurtfully says: “Is it my fault that you can’t talk?” Mum replies: “Then is it my fault?” Eun Sang cries saying it’s not fair and why they have to live like this without a future. It really is driving her nuts.

Although I think Eun Sang is being harsh but in reality it’s actually realistic. When you have a bad day at school, being picked on and looked down upon, who do you lash out at – your parents of course. I think Eun Sang didn’t mean to be nasty to her mum. She’s just in an emotional state. That said it doesn’t mean that she didn’t hurt her mum’s feelings by her harsh words. Gosh I feel sorry for both mother and daughter. It’s like they have no choice and are pushed to a corner just to survive day to day life.

Tan is pacing back and forth in the wine cellar. He hears someone coming and hides. Eun Sang crying walks into the cellar to escape her miseries. She starts playing music and searches for second hand school uniform with no luck. She sighs and sits back. Both Eun Sang and Tan sit side by side the cellar shelves listening to music, attempting to forget their troubles.

Tan texts Eun Sang asking to see her for a sec. She asks where he is. Tan jumps out and scares her. Hahahaha still a kid at heart. She asks why was he hiding and how long he has been in the cellar for. Tan asks why does she care, is it because she’s doing something she shouldn’t? He grabs her hand and sniffs it for smoke. Hahaha smart! Just any excuse to touch her – I love it! Go Tan kiss her next time to check if she’s really smoking anything. He confirms that she wasn’t smoking and asks if she was cursing him. LOL gosh I love these two. Eun Sang is obviously affected by his touch.

Tan tells Eun Sang in a serious tone that she should eat lunch with him tomorrow. She reminds him to pretend not to know her. He tells her to either go back to her old school or fake that she’s nouveau rich and stay in his shadows. She refuses but he says regardless eat lunch with him tomorrow.

Eun Sang is in the school cafeteria eating lunch alone. The kid with the glasses (bullied by Young Do and his minions) tells Eun Sang that she is sitting in his spot. He warns in a slightly scary tone of voice to stay quiet about her background or she’ll end up getting bullied like him. He tells her he couldn’t bear the abuse and bullying and will be transferring soon. Young Do and his minions show up. The kid pushes Eun Sang out of the seat. The minions sit side by side the kid flipping food at him and picking on him. This is really childish seriously these kids are what 17 and 18 years old!!!

Eun Sang sees this and is about to step in and help only to be swept away by superman Tan.


Tan tells Eun Sang to eat her lunch quietly and not get involved if she wants to attend school with no trouble. Eun Sang understands why Tan told her to eat lunch together but wonders how Tan could predict this would happen. Tan says he was the culprit for creating the bullying culture at Jeguk and back then he was also one of the bullies.

Young Do interrupts, plonks his food down and sits next to Eun Sang. Young Do pretends to ask for permission to sit down. Tan tells him to go elsewhere since he wants to enjoy his food. Hahahaha I love it when Tan is on the attack against Young Do. Young Do not ready to back down says with a smile on his face that he finally got his appetite back since he gets to sit down with the new kid (Eun Sang). Gosh his smile and teeth is making it hard for me to hate him.
Eun Sang tries to leave but Young Do pulls her down. Tan tells Eun Sang to sit down and spend time some quality time just the two of them. Hint hint Young Do please go! Young Do refuses. Tan is exasperated and throws his spoon shocking Eun Sang. I want MORE of Tan like this!

Young Do scarily turns on his charm and aegyo Eun Sang to eat a lot. Eun Sang does not give in and says: “Fine, let’s eat. You eat a lot too” Young Do is impressed and says: “See that’s why I’m interested.” Tan is clearly annoyed but still holding it in. Kim Woo Bin why must you do this to me. I want to hate you but your face is making it so hard for me to hate Young Do.


Tan and Myung Soo are in the music room. Myung Soo tells Tan he has photos of Tan and Bo Ba and Tan and Young Do. Tan tells him to show him the pictures later. Young Do and minions show up. Young Do orders the students to leave. Only Young Do and Tan are left in the room. Tan says Young Do is being childish. Young Do wants to remind Tan in a threatening manner that there is a hierarchy system in Korea which they invented (Young Do and Tan) to keep the peace.

Tan asks plainly: “Then do you want to fight?” Young Do tells Tan to leave the school before the words “illegitimate child” comes out. Tan is mad hearing this gets up and tells Young Do: “I’m still too young to understand the proverb ‘losing is winning’. Tan walks over and faces Young Do. The boys are now face to face kiss kiss kiss!! I’m kidding.

Young Do retaliates “I’m too wicked to let go of Tan behaving like this”
Tan says “It’s too late for us to get along”
Young Do agrees and adds “Too late to avoid each other”
The boys continue their staring competition.

Young Do is in his hot leather jacket at the bike shop upgrading his bike. The mechanic tells him what he wants upgraded is illegal for someone his age. Young Do replies “if you do it first, I’ll go up faster”. Hahahahaha smart ass again! He notices Eun Sang making a chicken delivery to the bike shop. There’s a gleam in his eyes and he smirks. You know that he is up to something.

Eun Sang comes back to the bike shop with another order but the workers said they did not make that order. She calls the number left for the order. Young Do comes back into the shop and asks “So is this your number”. Eun Sang turns and faces Young Do in shock. Eun Sang takes Young Do’s card. She’s shaking as she charges the money on his card. Young Do says he has never had to pay for a phone number and he should have just asked Rachel.
Eun Sang tells Young Do not to call since she won’t answer. Young Do asks (or maybe demands) “Are you going to save my number?” He continues in a threatening manner “If you are not going to save my number I’m going to ask why new money is still working?” Eun Sang does not know what to say and keeps walking. Young Do is satisfied with himself. You can tell she’s kinda scared of getting ousted by Young Do.

Tan comes home and greets dad. He says to dad “One son came back and the other left”. Dad responds like nothing’s wrong “Yes, I like them both” Tan responds “But neither of us seem to like you”. Dad says “Well that’s what fathers have to go through and tells Tan to free up his schedule for tomorrow.” Tan wants to know why tomorrow and dad replies because they have to get back the prodigal son.

Won is ill at the hotel. Hyun Joo is there nursing him. Hyun Joo says he should be at home if he is sick. Won tells her he prefers to be at the hotel where she can visit him and make him porridge. Hyun Joo complains that he should let her date rather than doing errands for him. Won gives her a sad look. OMG puppy love Won hahahaha

He tells her she’s being mean to a sick person. Hyun Joo tells him to get better soon and that the porridge is ready. Won doesn’t get to eat the porridge because of a phone call. He is notified that something has come up at the office. Won tells her he has to go and that she should go home. Hyun Joo asks what’s wrong but Won ignores her and rushes out of bed to shave. Ha! He’s not acting like a sick person any more! Hyun Joo looks at him in a sad and disappointed manner kinda realising she’s not top priority to him. Gahhhh Won you’re a jerk big time! She leaves quietly. He turns and kinda feels guilty I think. You better be feeling guilty Won!

Dad brings Tan to the office. Tan doesn’t want to go in but dad stops him. Dad says he is doing this for himself and Tan can not avoid as long as he is living under dad’s roof. Dad, Tan and Secretary Yoon is sitting in the board room waiting. The staffs start to rush in one by one. Tan feels uncomfortable sensing that his brother will not be happy. The meeting starts and Won is caught in traffic. He rushes in and is shocked to see Tan. OMG that look on Won’s face! Like he has been betrayed and stabbed in the back by dad, Tan and possibly secretary Yoon.

Dad introduces Tan as his second son. Won is still upset. The meeting ends and dad sends everyone home. Dad gets up to leave and before Yoon could follow him out Won is snarky at Yoon for always being mean to him. Tan and Won are left alone in the room. Tan tells his brother not to misunderstand and that he didn’t come on purpose. He said that he thought he was going to see hyung but they ended up at the office.

Won still angry says meanly “when did you do anything on purpose? You never know anything and you never do anything on purpose but see what happens when you do something without knowing?” Tan feeling unjust and sadly responds “You’re right, but why do I feel that it’s unfair? Regardless of what I don’t know or what I don’t do, my existence itself is a misunderstanding for you.”
Won doesn’t say anything. Tan leaves. Goshhh Won get over it already and grow up. Stop being a jerk to everyone. You’re not the only one in pain. But damn the Kim brothers are hot! Obviously doesn’t take after dad

At home while Tan is having dinner Ki Ae is throwing questions at him non-stop obviously excited that her son might be getting involved in the business. Her persistent questioning pisses Tan off and he gets up and leaves.

Eun Sang is helping mum with the laundry. Mom tells Eun Sang to continue as she needs to go and check on the food.

Tans sees Eun Sang’s feet below the white sheets and stops. Eun Sang talks to herself “The weather is so nice it’s teasing me – new money by day and maid by night.” Tan hears this on the other side of the sheets looking sad. My favourite scene of this episode!

She rests on the chair and falls asleep. Tan sits and stares at her sleeping with a small smile on his face. OMG that look! No one does it with their eyes the way Min Ho do it. I love it – I’m dead Shenny. Die with me! Min Ho is the Expert Love Stare.

He notices that her bandaid has come off her hand. He fixes it. Eun Sang sleep talks “Five minutes mum. I need to sleep for a sec and go to work.” Tan continues sending his love through his eyes. OMG I love this scene!

Eun Sang wakes up and checks the time worried that she’s late for work. She’s relief that she’s not late. She looks up and sees the dream catcher hanging nearby. In the mean time Tan lies in bed looking sad and lonely. Poor Tanny I want to give him a hug so bad

Cheater Esther keeps thinking about her kiss with ex-lover Yoon. Her phone rings and she’s excited thinking that she might get to kissy kiss Yoon again. She’s disappointed to see Yoon in front of her obviously he is not the one calling her. The two immature adults talk asking why the other did not call. Cocky Esther says she does not have Yoon’s number and being the RS International CEO how can she call around to ask for his number. Yoon retaliates that the person who wants it more will find a reason to get the number. Seriously these two should just get a room and get it over and done with. Kinda disturbing and immoral behaviour displayed by the adults here.


Eun Sang is meeting the rude teacher and asking her about a scholarship. The teacher tells her that all the kids here are not just rich they are also very smart and trained. Teacher asks if Eun Sang thinks she can compete with them. How rude and discouraging! What a bitch of a teacher!

She reminds Eun Sang to pay for special activities fee since only school fees are free. The teacher also asks when Eun Sang will wear her uniform. Gosh even the teachers of Jeguk are horrible and arrogant.

Eun Sang feeling deflated sees a notice on the bulletin board for a scholarship with the broadcasting club. She sees Hyo Shin about. He asks her why a nouveau rich needs money for a uniform. Eun Sang lies that she spent the money on a bag. Ha! Quick thinking Eun Sang! She sucks up to Hyo Shin to get a chance as taking the test.

She walks along the hallway and sees Young Do bullying the kid again. Young Do is throwing the kid against the lockers. Tan stands nearby ignoring the situation. The other kids are also just watching not daring to interfere. Eun Sang is shocked at what Young Do is doing to the kid.

The kid fights back and scratches Young Do on the face with his bag. Young Do is really pissed. The kid tries to fight Young Do but he gets taken down easily, Young Do slamming him on the floor. He sees Eun Sang staring and shaking. Young Do steps on the boy and stares straight at Eun Sang saying “I look forward to see what happens to you in the future.” Whao is that a threat directed to Eun Sang? Young Do is really scary in this scene. Such malicious behaviour and I’m disappointed no one is helping the poor kid.

Young Do steps on the kid again and walks off. Eun Sang helps the kid up but Tan pulls her away again. He tells her not to help the boy and never stand next to weak kids. He says “if the weak stands next to the weak you all will become weaklings” Eun Sang is scared and listens to Tan. OMG Tan I can’t believe you just said that. I hope you will change and stop thinking just about yourself. Fix up what you created. I hope Eun Sang will not be influenced by Tan this easily. She should do what she believes to be the right thing to do or else she’ll just become one of them. We need Eun Sang to be a person with higher morals so she can teach these boys how to behave like a human being. Aishhhhh

Rachel sees Eun Sang’s custom declaration form and calls her. Eun Sang goes and sees Rachel to get her form back. Rachel wants to know if Eun Sang knows about the ranks at school. Since Eun Sang is new rich she should not get attached to Tan. Eun Sang replies that she does not want her name to be attached to Tan in anyway. Eun Sang hands over Rachel’s name tag and demands for her custom declaration form. Rachel says she threw it in the bin already. She throws some money at Eun Sang and leaves. Eun Sang looks at the money (100, 000 won) feeling diminished by the treatment but she really needs that money. She’s torn between picking up the 100, 000 won or not.

Young Do is at the convenience store again, waiting for Myung Soo. He sees Eun Sang buying a drink again and she goes outside to rest her head on the table. He comes out from the convenience store like before with his ramen and plonks himself in front her again. Young Do is eating his ramen amused at the situation. He kicks the table several times to try and wake Eun Sang. She pretends to be sleeping. Young Do smirks and says “Why do you always sleep here? It makes me want to protect you.” Eun Sang sighs not knowing what to do.

Young Do’s phone rings. It’s Tan calling him. Tan asks Young Do “Is that ramen delicious?”
Young Do turns and sees Tan across the street looking at Eun Sang and then at Young Do.
The boys start their staring competition again.


This episode brings to life the issue of status in society. Kim Tan has the status of a rich heir, the second son of Jeguk Group. Using this status he and his friend terrorised and bullied school kids who were considered to have a lower status than them. Until Tan turned 15 his status as the son of a mistress caused him to be exiled to the US by his brother and ostracised and thrown aside by his friend. It’s Tan’s status that caused him to be lonely and abandoned by the person he loved most, his brother. It’s his status as the son of the mistress that caused unhappiness to his brother. Tan probably hates his status and so we see that it was easy for him to throw it aside when he met Eun Sang.

The status barrier between Eun Sang and Tan is represented by the wine cellar and the white sheets. Each time we see Tan crossing this status barrier. In the scene that Tan confessed to Eun Sang about his status and when he said he missed her, to me this was Tan crossing that status barrier telling her that despite the fact that she’s the maid’s daughter he still liked her. Status was not important to him. She was still the pitiful, unfortunate, abandoned, poor but prideful girl he met in the US.

Eun Sang on the other hand, with her realistic mindset, cannot cross this status barrier. Even though she knows that she likes him it’s a dream that she cannot have. That’s why it hurts her so much to realise that the dream can never be as he is the second son of Jeguk Group.

I wonder what it will take for Eun Sang to cross this status barrier and be brave enough to fight the prejudice and be happy with Kim Tan. I know it will be a heartbreaking and agonising process but I totally love going on that journey with them. I feel their romance is being depicted quite realistic. The social status is the blocking factor for them to proceed further. Tan being in the ‘higher’ status is all engine ready heading towards the relationship however, Eun Sang being in the so called ‘lower’ status is more hesitant. This is the same with any relationship in real life where something or some situation has stopped us from taking that step forward. Those with courage find happiness or at least an answer. Those that don’t have courage may live to regret it or may just be happy to remember it as a summer night’s dream.

For Eun Sang and Tan I have no doubt they’ll find an answer and happiness but the journey in reaching that answer is the interesting part. I’m ready to go on this journey with them and I hope it will be one filled with FEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLS all the way.

Another interesting aspect to this episode is the way the rich kids are being depicted. It’s scary to think that these arrogant, inhumane, immoral and indifferent kids will grow up and take over large business that have the power to control the lives of many below them. How will they treat their staff? Fair work conditions, no bullying, equal opportunities are all out the door for success and business profits. These rich kids are behaving like the generations before them. I just hope they are taught to act more like a human being. It doesn’t have to be a dog eat dog world.

I’m hoping Young Do will learn some morals and treat people with kindness and compassion through his interactions with Eun Sang and observations of Tan changing because of Eun Sang. My prediction is that Tan will stop being indifferent and turning a blind eye to the bullying culture he has created in the past. I want Tan to stand up and fix what he created. I hope Tan and Eun Sang’s relationship will show Young Do that in order to receive love one must be willing to give love in the first place.

Young Do is still a child underneath the menacing demeanour, picking on the kids in the school playground, when in fact he should be old enough to know what’s right and wrong. There are no excuses for his behaviour only the fact that he grew up thinking that he was treated less than dog by his father, no love and just mental (and at times) physical abuse, because his own father treats him this way so why can’t he treat others the same. His motto is to attack, attack no matter what and regardless of whether it was needed or not. He needed to be on top to protect his pride and position.

I really do blame the parents for these kids behaviour. Money and power does not always equal happiness.
Watching this episode gave me a mental breakdown in a way as it was hard for me to conceive the idea that Tan and Young Do were this cruel when they were younger.

So far the characters are so intriguing (though nightmarish) and that’s what is keeping me hooked in the world of these young heirs. I love the acting of all the leads so far. They are bringing the characters to life. Gahhh I love this show. Give me episode 7 and 8 NOW.

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  1. that’s what is fascinating…..the drama has a relaxed pace but it never bothers me….and can I say I just love Tan and Eun Sang scenes…. 🙂 I really want them to grow out of their fears and face the world with confidence!!


    • Yes I agree. I don’t know why but I just love it when Eun Sang and Tan are together! We have the latest stills – there will be kiss kiss. I’m super excited 🙂 I see a glimmer of happy times coming up before more angst I guess.


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