[Drama News] Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won Ready for an Engagement Photoshoot in The Heirs

 photo 4e48eeb0jw1ea0urqufe4j20p00gogpp_zps6ed6c3ce.jpg

A new week so a new set of stills will be released till Wednesday! First up this week, we have the step-siblings Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) and Yoo Rachel (Kim Ji Won). Unfortunately they aren’t suited/dressed up for their engagement but for their parents, LOL. They look good together but… sad in the stills. I do wonder if both had a heart-to-heart real talk about their issues in regards to their parents’ getting together.

In this scene, both siblings are dressed up for a family photo session. I believe Young Do suggests to Rachel that they can wreck it. I wonder if he did because in the trailer preview, the mother pulled her necklace off the neck – looking pissed. Whatever it is, more mischief or menacing act from Kim Woo Bin’s performance can be expected.

Will this devil ever stop being so offensive all the time? Let’s stay tuned to find out on Wednesday and Thursday this week 30th – 31st October.

 photo 4e48eeb0jw1ea0urq7l8pj20p00gotbu_zps06f293cb.jpg

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