The Heirs: Episode 5

I like it better now that the show has shifted back to Korea and is putting its focus on Tan having to deal with… well, everything. This episode we see a little bit of everything Tan and Eun Sang will be up against and facing – the tension, peer pressure and the struggle. The show and its characters have been written close to reality is what I like about it.


Tan texts Eun Sang asking where she is and she replies she is drinking water. He hurries down to the kitchen but stops. Nerves. Hesitation. He had wanted to see her again and now he is nervous that she is at the other side of that door. Hesitantly, his hand reaches out for the door and he opens a little and there it is – Eun Sang stands before him, drinking water. His eyes widen and he whirls around in disbelief. He turns around and checks again, no, it isn’t imagination. Eun Sang is standing there. Meanwhile Eun Sang looks at her mobile and wonders what is up with Tan. She dismisses it, puts her phone away and goes back into her room.

Tan plods heavily back into his room, feeling burdened with this new revelation. Flashes back to when he saw Eun Sang’s mum with the I ♥ California T-shirt and Eun Sang’s SNS post – it all makes sense. As if his upbringing and his background is not complicated enough to deal with and now this. He bites his lips in dismay.

At dawn, he watches Eun Sang in school uniform runs out of the mansion from his window. Eyes all red, the boy has probably lost some sleep in the night. He heads down to her room and takes in the tiny room that resides both Eun Sang and her mum, looking disheartened.

He walks into the kitchen just when mum walks in. He asks about Won, thinking he should be able to see his beloved hyung everyday. Mum tells him Won is probably on his business trip again and reminds him that his hyung hates him, but sweet Tan reminds her, “I like hyung.” Honestly, what went wrong in the past? If Won had been mean to Tan the whole time, he wouldn’t have this much love for his hyung.

Tan declines his mum’s invitation to go shopping and pays a visit to Madam Jung, his legal mother. Tan stands in front of her like a little boy is in trouble. It is enough to tell us Madam Jung is strict and stern with him since young. She tells him school transfer is processed and not to mess around like he used to, she would not overlook it this time. She then asks if it was his father or mother’s idea to let him come home, to which, Tan tells her it was his idea. Madam Jung then makes the remark that he’s all grown up now and the first thing he does is kick Won out of the house, and that news surprises Tan.

Won and Hyun Joo meet up in the restaurant but Hyun Joo tells him she is busy and can only spare him 20 minutes. Won gives her a wishbone as gift from US. Hyun Joo tells Won next time if she has a wish, Won can hold the other end but currently she is content with what she has – she graduated with a job, has a home and savings. Won then suggests in that case, no wish but a good luck charm and presents her the real gift – a necklace with a wishbone pendant. She is reluctant to accept it because it feels like she has always been receiving support from his family. Won gets annoyed that it is a gift from him and so she caves in. To make sure she wears it, Won puts it on her himself. Hyun Joo is in the verge of tears at that point and the wishbone necklace looks nothing but a burdensome chain on her. Won complains at how difficult it is to get her to wear a necklace.

Walking back to the hotel, in the lobby, a hotel staff approaches and informs Won he has a guest. He calls secretary Yoon to ask if his father is here to see him and Yoon says no. Turns out it was Tan who was waiting and under daddy Kim’s instruction to let him in. Won, pissed, walks out of the hotel.

In his hyung’s room, Tan waits nervously with his hands crossed. He waits and waits. And he waits. He realises Won is not going to see him, sighing; he broods a little on the couch.

At home, Tan has a late dinner while mum tries to feed him with plentiful dishes. He tells mum they are tasty and asks if mum makes them. Mum tells him proudly she orders them to be made. Haha. Upon seeing Eun Sang’s mum, Tan casually asks his mum if that was the mother of the girl who lives here and mum confirms. She proceeds to yell for Eun Sung because her glass of wine is low. Tan freaks out immediately, looking left to right on where he can hide and even thinks of crouching underneath the table. Eun Sang comes into the dining hall and gets told to go to the wine cellar for a new bottle and mum turns around only to find her son has disapparated (refer to Harry Potter). Heh.

In the dark, Eun Sang uses her mobile as flashlight to and fro the wine cellar. Just as she walks back with the wine bottle, the lights around her starts turning on. She shrugs it off and did not suspect and continues to walk back into the house. Behind a tree, Tan appears. He was watching over her the whole time. Aw. Sweet.

Sitting at the bar, Secretary Yoon reminisces about his encounter with Esther (Rachel’s mum) in the elevator the other day. Won walks in and joins him. Won tells him he is going to sit beside him and Yoon picks up straight away that the person waiting for him the hotel must be Tan. Won asks, “You are close with Tan, right? If Tan takes charge of Jeguk, you would work for him, isn’t it?” Secretary Yoon wittily retorts, “When Tan grows up, would you let him take charge of the company?” Won tells Yoon he really doesn’t know how to suck up, even if he’s drunk or awake. To this, Yoon laughs.

Their boss-employee bonding is cut short when Esther and her fiancé, Choi Dong Wook walk in. Awkward. Won politely addresses them both and Choi Dong Wook invites all for a drink. Won and Choi engage themselves in a talk about expanding their horizon and Won points out Yoon’s disagreement. Choi sneers and rudely dismisses Yoon’s concerns of current markets and thinks that is what people “below them” would say and no one dares to take the risk and be courageous. To that, Yoon retorts for the people “below him” to advise their employer “no and too risky” is in itself courageous and taking risk. So true.

He then excuses himself from the table and so did Esther a minute or so later. Choi sneers and tells Won that who Yoon thinks he is, being just a secretary. To that, Won shrugs and agrees – he doesn’t know either. Getting off the phone, Yoon turns around to find Esther apologising to him on behalf of Choi. To that, Yoon says he is sorry too. Puzzled, Esther asks for what but only to be pushed onto the wall and kissed by Yoon. WOW! What the… I totally did not expect a kiss scene from the adults and ewwww… can we get back to the teen love?

In class, Eun Sang is reminded when the topic in her English class is about Hollywood. She recalls the time she has spent with Tan. Aww… is uri Eun Sang missing Tan too? As she walks out of school, there is a commotion where all the girls crowded towards a boy leaning against an expensive car. Eun Sang could not believe her eyes, it was Tan.


The girls around her swoon “how handsome” as Tan removes his sunnies and I laughed – so cheesy. Tan asks the girls (pointing at Eun Sang) to give the girl with the healthy kidney a push because he wants to talk to her. Hahaha. Embarassed, Eun Sang approaches him.


Tan tells Eun Sang he wants to ask her something, to which she finds out he wants Chan Young’s number because he is interested in Chan Young’s beauty, he can’t get his mind off of him. BWAHAHA. To my amusement, Eun Sang seems to believe him and informs him no deal, Chan Young is taken, “By your ex-girlfriend Lee Bon Na, you know.” She tells him she has to go, she is busy and Tan warns her, “Stop right there while I am being nice. I told you to stop. Stop, please!” Eun Sang ignores and keeps walking. HAHAHA.

At work, Eun Sang makes a glass of Latté, she pauses, and smiles to herself. Are you happy to see Tan too? :B Eun Sang receives a call from Chan Young. She tells him she is busy working and he asks how she finds the time to update her SNS with that photo. Puzzlement crosses her face briefly and then realization, she quickly checks her phone.

AND I DIED ON THE FLOOR FROM LAUGHING! There, a photo of Tan’s aegyo selca with the caption “Kim Tan is really good-looking.” Let me just take a moment to recover from my laughing fit, LOL.

She recognises the background to his selca and finds him sitting around the corner in the café. Tan pulls out the customer card when Eun Sang tells him to leave and he makes his order, “I would like Yoon Chan Young’s phone number and he adds, “On ice, please“. HAHA cheeky. Eun Sang caves in and punches in Chan Young’s number. Tan calls Chan Young immediately to ask for her number, LOL. As a best friend should be, Chan Young refuses. Eun Sang asks him the reason for wanting her number and Tan vaguely tells her, “Oh, who knows. Perhaps for situation like look up or turn around.” The two bickers back and forth a little before Tan decides to snatch her phone out of her hand and calls his cell to get the number. He gives back to her and tells her he’ll tell her the meaning of it some other time and he’ll log out of her SNS. He then walks away while it is her turn to tell him to stop right there, mirroring him hours ago, LOL!

He calls her right away and she wonders how long is he planning on staying so she could buy him dinner as a token of appreciation for what he did for her in the US. He’s happy to hear that but when he gets cheeky, Eun Sang hangs up on him. HA. All he could do is “Tsk” at her in annoyance. Double HA.

Chief Secretary Yoon and Kim Tan walk side-by-side in the supermarket. Tan is accompanying Yoon as he shops for groceries. Tan apologizes for putting Yoon in between him and Won. Yoon tells him that’s okay, he knows how difficult Won is and it isn’t his fault. Tan emphasizes that it isn’t Won’s too. “It’s your father’s fault” says Yoon in the oh-so-casual tone and that stops Tan in his tracks, astounded. He burts out laughing, “Should have let father hear that!” Yoon tells him in a serious tone his son is still high school, he needs to raise his son, LOL. To that, Tan says it’s nice that Chan Young has a father like him while Yoon tells him Chan Young thinks otherwise. Tan tilts his head and wonders, “Is that so?”

Daddy Kim has a visitor (cameo by Baek Seung Hyun). He helps Daddy Kim spy on both his sons. He presents Daddy Kim pictures of Won with Hyun Joo and Tan with Eun Sang. Dad asks for Hyun Joo’s career background and is unimpressed knowing that she’s a tutor. Spy (or Secretary Jung) informs Daddy Kim that the meeting of Eun Sang and Tan was unexpected and unintentional. It surprises Daddy that both his sons have both fallen for a peasant. Well, they are walking your path and they are your sons.

Too exhausted, Eun Sang fell asleep in bed while doing homework. Mum tidies up for her and notices a piece of future plan form on the table. On the paper, Eun Sang wrote “None” for any future plans or subjects she is interested in and that she just wants a salaried job. Mum’s heart breaks and she sobs silently.

Back from a run / walk, Tan bumps into Myung Soo who is on his way to school. The two are on friendly terms (which are good to know). They chatted for awhile until Tan reminds Myung Soo he is going to be late for school. Myung Soo freaks out and left in a rush…

Just as Tan turns around (to head into his house), Eun Sang exits from the gate; SHOCKED and PANIC, his immediate reaction is to duck around the corner and hide.

He probably wishes he could camouflage himself on the wall like this, LOL.

Unfortunately, Eun Sang has seen him and therefore he awkwardly pretends it was a coincident. Eun Sang panics and drags him away by the wrist in fear of running into the second son of the house to which Tan emphasizes, “Ah, the family’s really good-looking son?” Eun Sang quickly lets go when she realises she’s holding him but Tan offers his arm and tells her to continue, HAHA.

Tan acts dumb that he lives around the neighbourhood and isn’t interested in why Eun Sang appears around the area. Instead, he leans in close to her and asks, “When are you shouting me dinner?” Eun Sang stutters to tell him he said he would call and Tan chirps up, “Ohhhh looks like you were waiting for me to call…” With the reason that she is going to be late for school, Eun Sang leaves Tan behind. After she left, Tan’s smiles faded with conflicting emotions.


Myung Soo bolts to Bo Na – delivering the news of Tan’s return on purpose to capture “the priceless moment” and Bo Na did not fail. HAHAHA. Knowingly, Chan Young asks Bo Na on purpose what was all that about and Bo Na pretends she hears nothing because she was too busy trying to recall a song. Chan Young pokes fun, “Is it G.O.D’s lie? Big Bang’s lie? T-ara’s lie?

Bo Na goes straight to Rachel to demand a confirmation, only this is also news to Rachel but she hides it better than Bo Na. Rachel retorts by asking Bo Na why does she needs to inform her about Kim Tan’s return and to that, it angers Bo Na because she thinks Tan will ruin her relationship with Chan Young; she swears she’d seek revenge if that happens. HAHA. This girl is seriously cracking me up with her delusion.

Rachel calls Tan up but the phone is engaged. Her temper flares up even more when she reaches her locker and Young Do is there to ask her the same question. At that moment, Tan calls and curtly tells her if she had called to confirm he is back then the answer is yes and he hangs up on her. She pretends she has a date with Tan and asks if Young Do would like to leave a message for Tan but Young Do sees through her act.

At the Kim mansion, daddy Kim chats up with Eun Sang’s mum – asking her how long has she worked in the family. Ki Ae (Madam Han) walks in late and horrified, thinking that mum is going to tattle tell on her. Luckily before she ousts herself she sees the message mum has written. HAHAHA. This woman is so simple-minded that she’s amusing to watch. Daddy Kim compliments mum for being able to handle the difficult situation in the house and wants to send Eun Sang to Jeguk High as a token of appreciation. Mum is delighted and thankful for this opportunity especially after seeing Eun Sang’s future plan form.

Mum is fast to get the transfer documents processed. Although mum explains this is a chance that others are dying to have and since Eun Sang can’t afford to attend University, having a certificate from Jeguk High would help her future but Eun Sang still refuse to go. However, after talking to daddy Kim where he advises Eun Sang not to give up and set herself a limit – to dream high and not give up, Eun Sang relents. Well, I hope this advice does not bite you in the behind in near future because it is you who told her to dream it!

Young Do reluctantly leaves his pet dog Rottweiler to attend a dinner with Rachel and his mum. His father is late so Esther strikes a conversation with him, giving him a dog collar as gift because she saw the dog when she had visited his dad. In response to her question about when he has had the dog, Young Do tells her he bought the dog with the allowance given by his dad’s women. He adds, “The dog is pure breed and smart, every time those women come to the house, I train him to bite them and it really did, so how could I not love it?

The improper story angers both ladies and Esther excuses him off dinner when his father arrives. Riding on with that excuse, Rachel follows him out too. She demands him to give her a ride on his bike. I like this part, they acts like normal sibling and Young Do aren’t all spiked up towards Rachel. He sends her to a boutique to be fitted for a uniform while Eun Sang walks out from there, looking all deflated because of the shocking prices to the uniforms. Rachel vs Eun Sang. Cat Fight – Start Now!

Rachel warns Eun Sang that she should have avoided her but Eun Sang stands her ground telling her she has no reason to hide. Young Do watches on the side-line, amused. But his face immediately changed when Rachel mentioned Tan. Eun Sang lets Rachel rant away, when she finished, Eun Sang tells her its her turn and snatches Rachel’s name tag off her coat. Eun Sang tells Rachel to give her a call, she would know her number because Rachel took her custom document last time and she walks away. Eun Sang 1 vs Rachel 0.

Impressed Young Do catches up to Eun Sang. He is interested to know the relationship of Eun Sang with Tan and Rachel, and why Rachel took her personal info etc. To that, Eun sang tells him no relation and not any of his business. He explains, “I think we are on the same team… I have never seen anyone possessing the talent to piss off Rachel, apart from me.” Eun Sang cuts him short and tells him to let her pass. Young Do – the smarty pants points out that there is a wide open space where they are, he isn’t in her way.

Eun Sang meets up with Chan Young and tells him she will be attending Jeguk High. Chan Young’s response to it is concern although he welcomes Eun Sang.

Tan looks around the wine cellar as if there were some fond memories (which I think he might have some with Won when young) and looks through his old stuff in a box. He smiles at the message in a book from Bo Na when they were dating. I really wonder if Tan was loving and nice to Bo Na back then.

Eun Sang enters the cellar and it prompted him to scrambles around for a place to hide. He hides himself behind the boxes on the other side, opposite to Eun Sang is, separated by a wall. She makes a call to Chan Young that she has paid him off and making a remark that this is it – the end of that Midsummer night dream.

On her way back from the wine cellar, Eun Sang notes that the lights are all on again and she gets a call. “Hello Sidney“. Eun Sang tells Tan she is not scared. Tan asks her, “Look up on the second floor.” She looks around and sees the dream catcher and still on the line, Tan tells her to turn around and there he is standing before Eun Sang, holding his phone. They stand where they are for like a century – staring at each other. [Changmin’s “Moment” plays in the background] Tan starts walking towards Eun Sang (the BGM sings “Oh oh oh… Love is the moment”) and the emotion peaks to its highest. Eun Sang just stares at Tan in disbelief.

Eun Sang eyes flickers and asks the question, “How are you here?”

“Think about it”, asks Tan.

Taking another glance at the dream catcher, it dawns on Eun Sang.

Eun Sang: “Are you this family’s second son?”
Tan: “Um.”
Eun Sang: “You are the son of Jeguk Group?”
Tan: “Um”
Eun Sang: “Then… that day outside the house when we met, you knew?” (Holding back her tears, putting on a brave front)
Tan: “Um”
Eun Sang:“Everyday, I came to stay here… you knew that too?” (still holding back her tears as she struggle to finish this sentence)
Tan: “Um” (swallowing hard and utters this with great difficulty because he knows how much it hurts her)

With that answer, Eun Sang turns around and walks away. “Cha Eun Sang”, Tan calls out and tears start welling in Eun Sang’s eyes. Tan asks her, “Do I…perhaps miss you?” Hearing that stops Eun Sang at her tracks and tears roll onto her cheeks as her brave front falters, she continues to walk back into the house. Tan stands alone in the garden, tears in his eyes.

Eun Sang cries restraintly in the room – drown in the sorrow of embarrassment and wounded pride. And Tan broods in his (room). Ki Ae (Madam Han) walks into Tan’s room with his uniform. She tells him to do well in studies, she can’t have her son lose to a housekeeper’s daughter. Tan is surprised to hear Eun Sang is going to Jeguk too.

Next morning, Eun Sang enters Jeguk High without a uniform. She wanders into the corridor with lockers and gets spotted by Bo Na and Rachel. She tells them she has transferred here. The first thing Rachel asks is what business her family is in and Eun Sang sends that question back to her. Myung Soo walks past and introduces himself before a commotion starts. Everyone rushes out in disbelief because hey, Kim Tan has arrived.

Tan looks at Bo Na and says to her, “Long time no see” then he turns to address Rachel, “Don’t need to look at me like that, there isn’t any around here who doesn’t know about our engagement” and last at Chan Young, pointing out that he is his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend.

On the top of the building, Lee Hyo Shin narrates:

“Lucifer has appeared in a school of Satans”

Lucifer’s ex-chief Lieutanant / right hand man – Choi Young Do joins the crowd. The tension immediately peaks with the hard rock BGM playing. Both boys size up each other and glare. Myung Soo absent-mindedly runs into the middle, wanting to inform Young Do about Tan and he sees Tan. He gives the “Oh-they-have-seen-each-other” and retreats. HAHAHA. Tan speaks with sarcasm…

Tan: “I miss you, friend.”
Young Do:
Tan: “Relax. I won’t do anything to you yet.”
Young Do: “Let’s end with the greeting, you’ll scare off the kids.”

At that moment, Eun Sang walks into the crowd, texting Chan Young, completely oblivious with her surrounding. Finally sensing the tense atmosphere, she looks up to find the circle of people and to her right, stood Tan while to her left, Young Do. Tan’s eyes soften upon seeing Eun Sang at that moment. He watches her intently while Young Do smirks.


Finally we have reached the main arc of the show. The first 4 episodes were extremely slow in developing and introducing all the characters. Even now, the characterization is still incomplete, there is so much more to each of them and background stories to unravel. I would love to see some character developments for them especially Tan and Eun Sang, Tan and Won or Tan and Young Do.

We get a glimpse into Won and Hyun Joo’s lopsided relationship which I hardly think they are dating. I do believe Hyun Joo cares about Won and does like him but she looks so unhappy being with him and I’m unsure if she can get over her inferiority complex to be with him happily. I would hate to see Won let her walk the path that his mother did.

I like that Eun Sang has been written realistically in this show. She is the atypical teenage girl who stresses out on what a normal teenage girl would stress about at her age – the embarrassment with her mum, the frustration with work and her wounded pride when she finds out about Tan. Her pain and struggle in the show reflects what society is like in the real world. I’m glad Tan has revealed himself in the least hurtful way. Eun Sang would have been less forgiving if she finds out through someone else. I also think his decision to reveal is trigger with the fact that Eun Sang wants to end her dream and him, refusing to let her forget him, so he makes his presence known.

Although I love to see some under-one-roof interactions e.g. studying together but staying in his house puts Eun Sang in a less-equal-ground with Tan, I hate that. I don’t want Eun Sang to become the next Hyun Joo. The whole time I see her with Won, it feels like she can’t be seen with him or lift her head up high with dignity. It just feels wrong. That said, having Eun Sang in the house means she will see the worse of his family and gets to learn that he, too, has a hard life and possibly she will learn to accept him for who he is and not the son of Jeguk Group.

FMV “Tan & Eun Sang” by The B

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