Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 3

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Last week’s episode 2 was like coming home from a stressful job and there were colourful macarons and a cup of warm tea on the table, waiting for me to devour. That’s how it felt for me with Park Se Joo. He’s those colourful macarons and I want to eat him. It was a huge contrast to episode 1 where I was forced to put up with mouth-ful of *bleeps* from Kim Shin. My recap partner, Hanjae, described my favourite scene so well – Let’s ring around Se Joo again this week, pleaseeee? I find myself falling in love with this character by the end and still hating Shin. Gahhh. It is just rude, no matter what the reason is, for a man to throw water in a girl’s face. I am all ready to ship Se Joo and Mi Rae by episode 2 so Drama God, is it possible to let this ship sail? Defy the way things should be for just this once? Jaebal…

This week’s episode 3 gives us more insights into the two Mi Rae and Shin’s soft side. Oh dear… here I am hoping he will never show me this side so I can happily side my second male lead. *Grumbles* – desperately trying hard not to jump ship, LOL!


Mi Rae walks into the editing room to see Shin but only to be treated with a cup of water thrown in her face by Shin. With everything had happened, Mi Rae snaps at Shin and storms out. Se Joo, who has overheard the entire exchange follow Mi Rae to the dressing room which she’d turned into and stops her before she could leave, asking whether she’s okay. Mi Rae’s brave front falters as she confessed, “I’m not okay. I’m not going to pretend to be okay anymore.” Mi Rae cries, “I really wanted to do this work. They won’t let me.” Se Joo sweetly offers her a cup of Vanilla Latte for comfort, “When you are upset, sweet things are the best.” Mi Rae takes a look at the coffee and sniffles, “Sweet things are not always the best… they just make you gain weight.” Exactly what I had in mind and like Mi Rae, I predicted that she would pick a can of beer instead.

And… I was right! Ha. Mi Rae opens up a can of beer, takes a sip and exclaims, “Ah! That’s refreshing.” Se Joo sits opposite her and asks if that had made her feel better. Mi Rae calmly says, “No.” Se Joo offers to buy her another can. Just when he was about to get up, Mi Rae complains, “I think it’s my fault. If I did my job exceptionally well, so well that people’s eyes pop out then who would care about age? Even if I was 10 years older than writer Bae, they would have hired me. It’s because of lacking it that it has happened to me.” Se Joo shakes his head with disagreement and tells her not to blame herself. Mi Rae cuts in, “I’m not trying to blame myself. Whatever situation I am in right now, I can only look at it objectively.” She sighs with resignation but declares, “I’ll start over… working hard.” She then gets up and tells Se Joo she will finish off the preview at home only to realise she left her laptop at YBS.

You fired her?” asks Kim Shin. The whole Team 3 crews are sitting in the meeting room while writer Bae tells Shin that Mi Rae is too old and PD Lee Jae Soo (Ahn Se Ha) agrees that there are many more young people they can hire, they don’t need to hire an old one because this ain’t a nursing home. Ouchhhh that is harsh. That sends Shin into a flashback of his conversation with YBS Chairman Lee Mi Ran where she tells him the reason of him no longer being the main anchorman is because he has gotten too old.

At that moment, Se Joo and Mi Rae walk in together. Se Joo apologises to the team for being late. Mi Rae walks into the centre of the room and tells everyone that she is just here to grab her laptop and she will finish off the work at home. While the meeting goes on with writer Bae throwing out cover story ideas for the show, Mi Rae walks around the room, searching for her bag. It distracts her Oppa, Na Joo Hyun (Oh Jung Se) greatly that he rudely tells Mi Rae to stop, just leave her address and they will deliver it to her. Oppa, why are you so mean to your own sister? Se Joo spots the bag on the ground, right below PD Lee’s foot! (Oi you prick, that’s just mean. Don’t tell me you thought that is a foot rest?) PD Lee pretends he did not see it, smiles and apologises to Mi Rae. The man did not even get his butt off his chair and pick up the bag to pass to Mi Rae. He just sits there while Mi Rae crouches down to grab it, however, she has great difficulty because the strap of the bag is caught up by PD Lee’s swivel chair. Gaaaahhhhh… I’m just about to punch that man. What a D*.

Watching Mi Rae struggles to get her bag, Shin recalls what she has said to him previously while her Oppa, again, starts yelling at her to hurry up and not interrupt their meeting (Oppa, die! Stop embarrassing your little sister!). The meeting resumes, Shin stops Mi Rae at her tracks and asks her to come up with an idea (which they call it an item) to everyone’s surprise. His reason being she has told him she was overflowing with things she wanted to say. Shin shoots down writer Bae’s protests and orders Mi Rae to give them a list of her ideas. DO IT, Mi Rae!

Mi Rae quickly flips through her journal and starts giving her first idea. Shin shoots it down saying they can’t follow the children for a week to build giant dominos. Mi Rae flips her journal for her second and third ideas, Shin shoots it down again. Mi Rae struggles to deliver the fourth, “In Siwon, there’s a poor old man who sells school supplies and end of each year he’d donate huge amount of money to… but the haraboji refuses to be interviewed by any broadcasting program and would treat them with water splashed in their face. Kim Shin tells her NO, they have enough poor people who refuse to do interview and retorts, “If we beg to get an interview, will the audiences appreciate it?”

“We can do that by getting splashed with water ourselves…”

Everyone is stunned and turned to look at the absurb suggestion from Mi Rae. Shin looking unimpressed, “Are you suggesting that I … should get splashed?” WHY NOT, SHIN? You did it to her not long ago! And Mi Rae follows up with when haraboji gets annoyed, he also slaps cheek, “It’ll be good if you get hit as well.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oppa eyes Shin nervously while Shin just smiles incredulously. PD Lee yells at Mi Rae who she thinks she is to talk to Shin like that (I hate this person). Shin then tells Mi Rae that is what he hates the most – getting splashed by water or cheek slapping, yellow journalism or something provoking and trash…

“Just tell the truth! You just want to look cool, right?”

Mi Rae challenges Shin on the spot, “In saying that you will be an anchor for life which means you are going to act stuck-up for life. You are just sitting there thinking what you need to do to look good! Still an anchor? You’re not. What are you going to do just by looking good? If the viewers want it, you should put yourself out there, don’t you think so? “OH MY GOD, I love this girl. That’s right, girl. What have you got to lose? Speak the truth and hurt his ego. Oppa is giving the “Omo, please shut up already although I agree with you” look while Se Joo looks as if he is amused; savoring the moment of Shin being challenged since he can’t do it, yet.

Shin tilts back to his seat and closes his eyes while Mi Rae looks taken aback, scared for a split second with his reaction; but hold her grounds. What came out of Shin’s mouth did surprise me. He actually admitted that it is true he tries to keep up his appearances after moving to this team. He stands up and declares, “Let’s go… get splashed by water. And in exchange, (points at Mi Rae) you will be in charge of the script.” Oppa and writer Bae protest but Shin ignores them and orders Mi Rae to prepare a script for him and he will follow her script.

Oppa chases Shin out to the corridor and tells Shin he isn’t the PD so he can’t just decide to let Mi Rae do it. Shin asks, “Why?” Oppa lamely says “She’s a newbie and she’s too old!” Shin retorts, “I’m old too. Should I resign?” Oppa gives in finally and tells Shin to be responsible if this “item” fails. At that moment, in the meeting room, the only creative thing PD Lee can come up with is to ask Mi Rae if she has slept with Shin while writer Bae looks disgusted. You ass.

Oppa calls Mi Rae to meet him at a restaurant nearby. The first question he shoots at Mi Rae is what is their relationship. Oh god, you people. Do they even look like they like each other? *Eyes-rolling* Mi Rae tells him no, they knew each other through a car accident and god knows how Oppa’s next question can be, “Did you guys sleep together?” *Face-palm* Then he realises, oh, Kim Shin is the reason his car is wrecked. Yeah, you buffoon. Mi Rae says decidedly to Oppa that she’ll leave the house, take herself off the registry and sever their connection because she really really wants to do this job. Oppa still insist for her to quit it and somehow they got off-topic to the moment when Mi Rae had to crawl on the floor to get her bag. As I thought, Mi Rae thinks Oppa should have at least helped and to both our surprise, mean Oppa isn’t that mean after all, he was angry at himself too. Time for a different approach! Mi Rae starts aegyo-ing Oppa to let her stay. She begs to give her an opportunity, that she promises she will do well. Finally, her aegyo works (Hahaha. Aegyo always work!) on Oppa and he caves in. Oppa tells Mi Rae that he’ll get her the lowest job title as a research assistant and if she gets side-track even the slightest, he’ll get rid of her, kick her out of the house and marry her off to someone she doesn’t know. Mi Rae agrees, to Oppa’s surprise, she tells Oppa he has aroused her fighting spirit. Heh.

Next morning, Ajumma opens the door to Mi Rae’s room but finds it empty. She turns around and calls out, “Oppa, where is Mi Rae?” when Oppa walks out of his room in a singlet and boxer (haha). Shocked, he runs back into his room in embarrassment and hide. Rise and shine early, Mi Rae has already reached YBS, all excited. She arrives at the office, lost, looking for a table space of her own. People there just ignore her until she tries to sit at PD Lee’s desk.

He shoos her off and grabs her hand, asking her how she gets acquainted with Shin. *Argh* Se Joo walks in just in time to rescue Mi Rae from being molested further and shows her to her desk, mumbling to himself, “Sigh… how did that kind of person gets hired into YBS?” Se Jo kindly offers to do the preview so Mi Rae can concentrate on “the item”. At that point, I realised… OMO! They are sitting across each other! *o*  Mi Rae types “Composition and ………” We can see her mind goes complete blank and she asks Se Joo if there is any compositions are were saved somewhere to which, writer Bae coldly tells her why she is asking Se Joo for permission instead of her since she is the one that wrote them.

Back home, while Mi Rae speaks to the school principal to obtain a permit to film at the school, Ajumma is interrupting her with questions such as – Is Park Se Joo good to you? Do you think he has feelings for you? Did you perhaps see him talking to the reporter, Seo Yoo Kyung? Does Se Joo seem interested in her? Ajumma gets agitated and grabbed the phone off Mi Rae but they stop bickering the moment Oppa walks in.

Oppa asks Ajumma if she can cook him some porridge tomorrow morning to which Ajumma asks, “Are you hurting somewhere, Oppa?” Awkwardly, Oppa tells her his stomach feels a bit… and stutters to tell her the word “Oppa” is not a word that all men likes… it depends on what kind of women that used it because he’s all weird out by Ajumma, an older woman, calling him “Oppa”. Haha. Ajumma smiles and complies, “I’ll be careful” but ends it with another “Oppa”. HAHAHAHAHA. Seeing that he’s not getting through to her, he resigns and walks off. *Tee hee*

Mi Rae and Ajumma resume their bickering. Mi Rae tells Ajumma she knows about her encounter with Shin and that she finds Ajumma laughable for suggesting Park Se Joo the Chaebol while Kim Shin the murderer. She starts to question her credibility again and asks Ajumma to prove to her she is from the future by showing her something from the future. Ajumma tells her she can’t bring them over and she emphasizes she is risking her life by coming here. Ignoring her hint, Mi Rae suggests Ajumma to visit a psychiatrist. Hurt by the suggestion, Ajumma tells Mi Rae she will no longer interfere and vice versa. Umm… aren’t you guys like link to each other? Ajumma goes back up to her room and we hear loud thumping sound of Ajumma’s heart… oh dear, what’s going on? Ajumma in disbelief, “This can’t be happening already?” What? What? What is happening to you?

She sits down and grabs her phone to call someone, perhaps a private investigator and asks if they have found anything of Yoo Kyung. She’s surprised to find out Shin and Yoo Kyung has encountered each other through the accident. She looks at the chart on the glass window and marvels that fate has been changed. She draws a circle on once a cross on Se Joo and Mi Rae and moves Shin’s picture beside Seo Yoo Kyung. She approves of the outcome.

The YBS filming team arrive at the haraboji stationary store and we see Shin walks up to haraboji. Oppa tells the camera man to start rolling. Shin murmurs to himself in disbelief that he would get splashed with water, confidently assumes that he’s popular with the oldies from age 50-60s and that he’s no anchor material for nothing. Pffft. And… cue to Shin getting splashed with water over and over again. HA! Oppa is amused, and so am I. Hehehe. Shin gets the broom treatment as well. Bwahahaha! He approaches the filming team and *bleeps* *bleeepppsss* swears the heck out of frustration. LOL! If only I knew what vulgar words he is using… he then asks where that ‘spirited leader’ wench is. As he’s just about to swallow her whole, the ‘spirited leader’ wench arrives with a doggie on a leash in rain coat and stuffs a box of dog toys into Shin’s hands. Shin being all pissy; screams at Mi Rae if he should quit and become a dog trainer with those things. Mi Rae just ignores him.

Haraboji comes out to peek and sees Shin and Mi Rae play with the dog. He looks interested with the toys because he has a dog himself. Shin pretends that he gets the toys from Mi Rae and Mi Rae throws a small soccer ball at Haraboji’s dog to lure haraboji…

Meanwhile, Se Joo walks into an empty office. He sits down and starts to write a Morning Team 3 observation report on his laptop. The content of his report consist of:

  • The team needs urgent cost and it needs to be 1.5 times bigger to make it a program to compete with.
  • Hire more writers and provide child-care services for writers with kids.
  • Team Leader Na Joo Hyun’s receive low assessment for what his ability deserves.
  • Let Kim Shin goes back to be the anchorman.
  • PD Lee Jae Soo…

He gets a whack on his shoulder which makes him jump and quickly slam the laptop close. It was PD Lee Jae Soo! Yikes! >_<” He makes up the excuse that he is just organising what he was filming before while PD Lee invites him to watch “Choosing the Gisaeng Cast”. PD Lee tells him not too work too hard and to cover for him when the team leader is back. I say I wouldn’t be surprised if you are the first to get fired in the near future, hmph. Se Joo resumes his reporting and commented that he does not know how PD Lee gets hired and thinks he needs to reinforce the PD test.

Haraboji agrees for the interview and invites the crew in. He warns them no filming but Oppa has his underlings hide a camera in the bag. Mi Rae feels uneasy about it but did not stop Oppa. Kim Shin proceeds with the interviewing and confesses to haraboji that they are filming him. He politely asks haraboji to approve and stating that if he were haraboji, he would not approve it either. He tells his story that when he was younger, they were poor and his father was sick, the broadcasters want to make a story about them but he wouldn’t allow it as he was the class president, he has an image to uphold and does not want people to see him living in an old textbook store and messy house. In the end, he couldn’t pay the hospital bills and his father passed away. So he advises haraboji to let them film so that more donations will come in. Haraboji complies…

In the editing room, Mi Rae asks Shin if what he said to haraboji was true. Shin gives an ambiguous answer. Shin then turns Mi Rae around to face him, telling her that a person in broadcasting has to be able to see through the concealed truth and she asks Mi Rae to look him in the eyes and tell him if what he said was real or fake. Gahhhhh… I don’t want this to happen.  Mi Rae looks, says she’s unsure and turns away only to have Shin softly puts his fingers on her chin and turns her face back to him. Me: NO NO NO! This isn’t happening! “I see something in your eyes.” says Shin. Mi Rae swallows hard, nervous. “I only see a silhouette, it’s black.”, Shin continues. He pulls in closely and Mi Rae just gets all nervous (doki – doki). Shin continues to tell her fortune, “It’s illuminating but inauspicious. There are words… Ahh” and Mi Rae goes, “Ahhh” with him too only he mutters, “Ah Kyun?” He gasps, “It’s evil fate.” He pushes Mi Rae’s forehead backwards with his finger softly. “Oi.. Evil fate, go away“, he chuckles a laugh and Mi Rae is surprised to find him joking around. So am I…

Distracted by the video of the haraboji, Shin dashes over to where Mi Rae sits and locks her under his body in order to look at the screen closer. *GASP*

With close proximity, Mi Rae awkwardly looks up and takes in High Definition of his Adam’s apple; she looks to the side and takes note of the size of his arm. Shin is completely oblivious; and is focusing on if they edit the video well, it would be a good story. He tells Mi Rae in the most friendly manner I’ve ever seen him, he is going to go out for a while and tells her to do the preview and edit.

He ruffles her hair affectionately before he exits the editing room. Bewildered, Mi Rae touches her head and smiles at the approval she receives from Shin, but only to realise and proceed to head-desk herself for not washing her hair for three days. HAHAHA!

Cut to Mi Rae washing her hair in the women’s restroom where someone is mopping the at her feet. Turns out it is Ajumma. Ajumma tells Mi Rae she saw the atmosphere between them were good and there is a saying that ill-fated relationship can indeed be destiny. That saying is right. If things continue to go that way, they might really end of getting married, like her. Mi Rae laughs at the absurdity and… Ajumma drops the bomb, “To tell you the truth, Kim Shin is my husband.

Both Mi Rae sit at a bench some where in YBS, talking. Mi Rae questions Ajumma for hiding the truth and Ajumma explains it was a marriage that went awry. Ajumma then declares it was all a lie when Mi Rae pumps her with more questions regarding her future. Ajumma retorts, “Why? Do you believe me now? Did you fall for him?” All nervous, Mi Rae is quick to deny and just then it was because they were so close to each other etc… Ajumma doesn’t seem worried. She tells Mi Rae that the future has changed because Shin has crashed onto Yoo Kyung that day so they probably will marry each other.

Back in the office, Yoo Kyung visits the team with few cartons of pizza. She is acting all touchy-feely with Oppa and feeds the boys pizza. All the while, Mi Rae observes intently. Then Yoo Kyung takes a carton of pizza and runs to suck up to writer Bae. Talking half way she stops and sizes up Mi Rae.

Oppa introduces Mi Rae as the intern writer who might join the team. Rudely, Yoo Kyung addresses Mi Rae in banmal; making a comment that Mi Rae looks a bit old and asks Mi Rae how old she is. “She is older than you, so call her unni” says writer Bae. Yoo Kyung refuses and decides that she will address her as Mi Rae-ssi since they don’t know if she will become part of the team yet; explaining that experience is more important than age. Speaking back in banmal, Mi Rae asks for Yoo Kyung’s age. Yoo Kyung puts up a 2 sign and with a kiddy voice, says she is only 12 years old. The boys find that funny and laugh with their mouth full.

At that moment, Shin walks in and Yoo Kyung runs towards him, wrap her arms around his affectionately. Ugh, all this fake flirting and aegyo is making me sick…

Inside the editing room, Mi Rae goes crazy having to listen to Shin and Yoo Kyung’s lovey-dovey exchange. Just as she could not take it anymore, Shin walks back into the editing room. Mi Rae subtly asks if Shin is close with Yoo Kyung and casually Shin tells Mi Rae that he thinks she’s cool and she has talent. Mi Rae pouts and tells him that she doesn’t think she’s that great only to have Shin asks her to be nice to Yoo Kyung. Shin mumbles to himself guiltily, “Sigh, I even gave her a scar.” Mi Rae then asks what he is talking about he explains that when he crashed into her car, it wounded a shoulder and the scar will take 6 months to disappear. Mi Rae, displeased, murmurs to herself that it’s only 6 months, not 6 years; she has had her scar for 30 years and the size as big as her palm! Pissed, she walks out of the office while Shin is all, “Huh? What’s wrong with her?

In another room, Yoo Kyung is happily talking on her mobile phone while Se Joo patiently waits for her to finish her phone call. He needs to go over with Yoo Kyung regarding the narration of the video but only to be distracted by Soo Kyung’s sexy long legs. Boys will be boys. Yoo Kyung notices Se Joo’s eyeing on her legs, as if to challenge him to look further, she crosses her legs the other way. Se Joo sighs, grabs his jacket from behind his chair and covers her legs. “What’s this?” asks Yoo Kyung to which Se Joo answers, “Let’s concentrate on work.

Yoo Kyung takes off the jacket and throws it on the floor, telling Se Joo that its him that can’t concentrate.

Se Joo snickers and says icily, “Do you perhaps… want to sleep with me?” He continues, “You might have gotten the programs you wanted by doing things like this, but sorry, I am just a VJ, so I barely have any influence.

Too stunned to speak and Se Joo wouldn’t let her. With sarcasm, he continues, “Oh, was I too harsh? It’s because I’m tired from editing all night, so before anything worse comes out of my mouth, let’s get on with work.

He picks up his jacket and puts it back on her lap. You’re so badass, Park Se Joo. Come let me kiss you! *Smoochhhhh* (♥3♥)

At that moment, Mi Rae comes knocking on the door and Se Joo goes out to attend to Mi Rae.

Yoo Kyung sneers and stews; pissed and thinks the two of them team up to bully her.

Meanwhile, Ajumma is in a room giving advises on investment to other cleaning ajumma that work in YBS. Hmm… I don’t think that’s a good idea, Ajumma. Time is not to be messed with, haven’t you seen Back to the Future or Faith?

The scene changes to Yoo Kyung ushering Mi Rae to tell her if there is anything that goes on between Se Joo and her, because she wants to date Se Joo. Hey! HANDS OFF MA BOY, WOMAN! Mi Rae asks her what about Kim Shin? Yoo Kyung says men – the more the merrier. Mi Rae then asks if Shin knows how Yoo Kyung feels and she says of course not, and asks Mi Rae if she would keep that secret for her. Mi Rae hesitates and immediately we see a change of face from Yoo Kyung, “Yah, I’m your sunbae. From the moment I saw you, you really got on my nerves. At the broadcasting station, don’t you know work experience trumps age?” Oh, bitchy. Mi Rae apologies and addresses Yoo Kyung as “sunbae-nim”.

She then invites Yoo Kyung to step outside because she has a secret on Se Joo. Once Yoo Kyung is out of YBS property, Mi Rae switches to banmal and asks Yoo Kyung her age. Mi Rae starts her lecturing on Yoo Kyung, “You are only 4 years younger than me yet you talk so rudely. Are you in the army? Am I a newbie private and you are the sergeant?” Smart Yoo Kyung jumps back onto the YBS property and declares that Park Se Joo is hers and that Mi Rae can tattle tell on her, she doesn’t care because Shin trusts her more than Mi Rae. Yoo Kyung scores 1 and Mi Rae scores 0. Sighhhh and here I thought you can put her in her place like Se Joo did.

Mi Rae rages at Shin’s life-size cardboard cut-out and tells him to go ahead and marry Seo Yoo Kyung, that he should live together with all her flings. And then she goes, “Wait… what about me? Am I going to lose my husband to her and Park Se Joo too?


Mi Rae runs to find Ajumma and asks for help – to seduce Se Joo. HAHAHA! Ajumma makes Mi Rae promise not to make eye contact with Shin and tells her the keyword to Se Joo’s heart is “Water”. Ajumma tells Mi Rae, she does not know how but it is because of water that Se Joo fell in love.

So here we are with the two inside the car. Mi Rae racks her brain to find a way to use water to make Se Joo falls in love with her, LOL. She grabs the water bottle and drinks it. Hmm, Se Joo has his eyes on the road. Okay, next she splashes a bit of water on her neck complaining it is hot. That did not work either so she asks Se Joo if they can drop by the Han River. Se Joo tells her sure but asks her if she has time since she has to finish off the narration and Mi Rae’s heart sank, her seduction plan isn’t working so she tells Se Joo to let’s get back to work. However, Se Joo spotted something and asks her to spare 3 minutes of her time.

Automatic car wash. *Light Bulb Moment* Mi Rae’s eyes lights up with the stupidest idea when she sees water spraying the car. She opens the window on purpose and we see both of scream (well, Mi Rae screams) and Se Joo struggles to close the window. POOR SE JOO.

Okay okay, maybe it isn’t stupid at all because hey, I got to see wet Se Joo. Givemme givemme *making grabby hands* The two has returned to the office and Se Joo lights up a few candles and Mi Rae comes out and sees a table of lit-up candles, candies and 2 mugs of hot tea. Awww how romantic! Se Joo tells her to they should wait for their clothes to dry while they watch the last edit of the video together.

Se Joo gentlemanly wraps Mi Rae up with the furry blanket to keep warm. Mi Rae decides to share the blanket with Se Joo since he hasn’t had anything dry to change into. They proceeds to watch the video, but not really paying attention as Se Joo watches Mi Rae and turns his attention to her scar.

Hesitantly, he asks how she has obtained the scar. She tells him it happened during when she was about 3 or 4, her parents were arguing and she was moving something hot and it spilled on her; when one is that young, they tend to think it’s their fault that the parents fought. She tells Se Joo it’s okay now and Se Joo eyes the scar one more time and says tenderly that the scar is too big to say it’s okay.

Your parents must have felt sorry“, says Se Joo.

They did. But they have passed away now so it’s okay.“, says Mi Rae, sipping the tea.

But honestly, it’s not okay. When I was young and I got hurt, I don’t even remember it but now that I’m older, especially in the summer, it burns because of other people’s stare.

Se Joo gently and lovingly brushes her scar twice and says, “It must have hurt.” (… and I melt into a puddle of goo) Mi Rae says yes it hurts and that she was trying to hide it but she got caught, because of the water.

Se Joo smiles ever so sweetly at her and tells her, “Mi Rae-ssi, you fell into the water twice.

And the scene changes to episode 1 when Chaebol Se Joo first saw Mi Rae and she was swimming in the ocean. A staff’s whistle alerted Se Joo (oh, I see you did not spy on her all the way, hahaha) and they both saw Mi Rae getting caught in the waves. The staff rescued Mi Rae out from the ocean and Se Joo carried her onto his bed. Unconscious at the time, Mi Rae didn’t know she has already captured his heart with “water” and Chaebol Se Ju just looked at her affectionately with a smile by the bed. *Somebody hold me…. *

Back to current time, Se Joo still stares intently at Mi Rae and smiles knowingly.

Out of the blue, Mi Rae tries to suss it out from Se Joo if Yoo Kyung has contacted him. He says no. Mi Rae then dopes her in that she wants to date Se Joo and that she wants him. Se Joo didn’t think much about it and lightly says he is not a thing. No one owns him. Mi Rae is happy to hear that and continues to dig further what he thinks of Yoo Kyung but Se Joo tells her Yoo Kyung is not his type. As they were conversing, Shin walks past and stops to stare at them. At that moment, something weird happens. A mysterious man gets into the time machine (lift) with a picture of Ajumma and travels back to 2013 too. Could that be…? Is that … Kim Shin? Or it’s some sort of time police?

Flashback. The images start rewinding and we get a glimpse into the original time line between Shin and Mi Rae if they were to meet each other in the car crash. Next we see Shin visits Mi Rae in the hospital as she puts on her top.


Shin sees her burnt scar, lovingly and apologetically says, “You hate scar and I just gave you another one.” Mi Rae just smiles and says nothing. Shin turns her face towards him and gives her a kiss…

In bed, shin is dreaming about this and wakes up with confusion. He puts his finger to his lips, puzzled because it must have felt so real. The clock indicates the time is 2 AM in the morning. He picks up the dictionary from his bedside table and proceed to pick a word for his pronounciation exercise. He picks the word – dream.

Dream. noun

  1. A psychological phenomenon where a person sees and hears things while asleep as if he or she is awake.
  2. Something you want to realise, a hope or vision.

Shin enters the lift and just as the door is about to close, Mi Rae rushes in. Shin thinks to himself and then apologies to Mi Rae before he pulls her clothes down to check if his dream was real. Shocked to see the scar and he asks Mi Rae when she had them but Mi Rae is too astonished herself at his sudden behaviour; she tells him she does not need to tell him everything and storms out of the lift.

Mi Rae is stucked in her work when writer Bae walks in to give her the script she wrote up. Mi Rae is delighted and writer Bae tells her she is not her sunbae and that she only edits the script because she wants everything to go well. She makes sure that Mi Rae knows she still object letting Mi Rae joins the team.

Kim Shin Morning Show On Air.
Shin could not help but keeps stealing glances at Mi Rae, who is standing in front of the TV screen before his eyes. Se Joo approaches Mi Rae for a chat, asking her how she feels, telling her that everyone is watching. Mi Rae thinks it’s like a dream and she is all excited that the story she wrote is being broadcasted throughout Korea. Shin frowns a little when Se Joo pats Mi Rae’s back but quickly resumes to host the show.

Mi Rae did not believe her name will be in the credits so Se Joo whirls her around (as if he’s giving her a backhug) to pay attention to the credits. Their heads are basically touching each other and this gesture greatly annoys Shin.

Mi Rae sees her name on the TV credits and gets all excited. She jumps on Se Joo and hugs him, twice. Leave some for me, will ya?
*BANG* Shin slams the table. He yells at them furiously, “I told you no dating among the team!” Eh? When?

Mi Rae, looking confused while the two men engage each other in a glaring contest.


Oh my goodness. What an episode! I don’t get why the rating has dropped *weep* Oh wait, Jung Yi is coming to an end, that’s why. So it isn’t because Mi Rae is getting boring because I don’t find it boring at all. I feel that I get to know more about our main characters in this episode but more mystery arises too, like, who is that man from the future? Ajumma keeps saying she risks her life to come here, how? In what way? Is she aging faster because she travels through time?

Finally, I see another side of Kim Shin. The not-so-hateful and actually sweet and/or friendly side. I didn’t like the staring moment between Mi Rae and Shin but when he ruffles her hair, that threw me off. It’s nice when guys do that affectionately, it shows you are being, how to say, cherished and loved – be it the sibling love or in a relationship. That said, I can’t see Shin falling for Yoo Kyung because his first reaction to her wrapping her arms around him is to push it away. I know he did not push it away the second time and he is all nice to her, but there is that hint that he’s just guilty for crashing into her and gave her a scar. There is no love, at least I do not see it.

I am starting to like Mi Rae more and more too. I like her spunkiness and never give up attitude. I also like that she didn’t let Yoo Kyung steps all over her even though she hasn’t found a way to handle Yoo Kyung. I enjoy watching her stand up to Kim Shin at the meeting. She speaks the truth that others would not dare to say it to his face.

Park Se Joo, what can I say? I have been swooning at him ever since episode 2. Sadly, there is no ring-around-Se Joo in this episode. I’ll be devastated if Hanjae gets to recap another ring-around-Se Joo this week *pout* Hahaha! I also enjoy greatly the scene between Se Joo and Yoo Kyung. I am sorry, I don’t know how in the original time line, Se Joo can fall in love with Yoo Kyung. Hanjae mentions that Se Joo isn’t blind and is definitely smart enough to know Yoo Kyung’s true character but really, does he? I’m puzzled. Maybe like Kim Shin, she has that other lovable side of her I have not seen, yet. I cannot help but wonder if Yoo Kyung pretends to never know Se Joo being the heir to YBS but knew it all along, which is why she koala him and would not let go in the original time line.

The wet hair scene is definitely daebak. I love it when I saw the stills and I love it when I saw the scene. Again, even though Se Joo looks at Mi Rae lovingly and affectionately, I cannot feel the doki-doki moment from Mi Rae. *Weeps* This only tells me Mi Rae is ‘friends’ ‘buddy-buddy’ with Se Joo. Nonetheless, it was a beautifully shot scene – Park Se Joo’s part 😀 Lastly, I just want to say Jung Yong Hwa is not a wood. I mean, I don’t see him being a wood at all for the last 3 episodes. He displays the right expression and delivers his line and emotions decently in each scenes. He may not be able to act with his eyes like Lee Min Ho and everything else, but he definitely isn’t bad in acting. Well, at least not anymore. And the last scene where he glares at Kim Shin. That was done perfectly. My only request now is he would produce, compose and sing a song for this drama.

In conclusion, the hint is obvious. My ship is sinking, huh? *Cries*

Beautiful Gif created by: Hanjae