[K-Movie] Friend 2: Kim Woo Bin and Others

In waiting patiently or impatiently for the next episodes of Heirs, what an agonising wait with all the tantalising teasers and stills, I did some Kim Woo Bin research to tie me over the until I get some Woo Bin/Young Do goodness.

Friend 2 which began filming earlier this year is due to be released on 14 November 2013. It is part 2 to the hugely popular and successful Friend movie released back in 2001 which starred the famous Jang Dong Gun and not so famous Yoo Oh Sung. 

Starring in Friend 2, you guessed it, is my deliciously gorgeous Kim Woo Bin as the son of Jang Dong Gun, Han Sung Hoon. Other casts include Yoo Oh Sung who will be reprising his role as Joon Soek seventeen years later and Joo Jin Mo who plays the role of Joon Soek’s father, Lee Cheol Ju, a gangster back in 1963.

Fans of Faith will recognise Oh Sung as the infamous evil but funny Ki Chul in Faith and Joo Jin Mo who is starring in the upcoming drama Empress Ki as King Chunghye.

As you can see from the stills Oh Sung and Woo Bin’s characters will meet in jail and become friends. Joon Soek is like a father figure to Sung Hoon who grew up as a delinquent in Busan and never knowing who his father was. When released from jail Joon Soek takes Sung Hoon under his wings and to try and reclaim his father’s mob legacy. Unbeknownst to them is the fact that  Joon Soek is the man that caused the death of Sung Hoon’s father. I see there will be some broken hearts/fathermance!!!!!

Funny enough Woo Bin’s role was rumoured to have been offered to Lee Min Ho who is currently starring in Heirs with Woo Bin. Lee Min Ho starred in Faith with Yoo Oh Sung as Choi Young, Ki Chul’s nemesis. Just imagine Choi Young and Ki Chul in a fathermance or love/hate relationship again.

Here’s the trailer if you want to check it out:

I have never seen a gangster that looks this damn fine, so fine that he could walk straight into a modelling show!!!!!

I’m definitely looking forward to Friend 2! Kim Woo Bin does rebellious bad boy so well, almost too well that you forget how dorky and weak (I only say this because I’ve seen him in Runningman) he is in real life (my friendly giant). He is engaging and has such great screen presence and dominates the screen with his manly aura and mesmerising performance. So far he is doing great job as the arrogant, rude and malicious bully in Heirs. Not to mention he has a body to die for and hopefully we get to appreciate it in the movie since I read that he put on 9 kilos for the role.

Something like this to look forward to?

Or maybe this?

I’ll have to make a confession, Heirs is my first Kim Woo Bin drama and he has blown me away with his performance so far. I discovered Kim Woo Bin through some friends who showed me a very interesting modelling video and some photos. Some may say he looks like an alien but he is definitely one FINE alien and totally my kind of alien. Ma Woo Bin is an acquired taste.

The bad boy that we would love to hate. I would stop at love. The bad boy that I LOVE!!!