[BTS] Step Siblings Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won Playing Golf in “The Heirs” – Updated!

What’s this? This looks to me it is a BTS from one of The Heirs set because I see Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) and Yoo Ra Hael / Rachel (Kim Ji Won) playing and/or learning golf together. I also see Kang Ye Seul (Jun Soo Jin) in the background so perhaps this is some sort of school/sports event? I remember perfectly well in the trailer preview that Kang Ye Seul has her hand wrap around Lee Bo Na (Krystal); I thought they were BFF! Hmm… curious indeed.

That said, I am not too sure I can approve of that checkered orange coloured pants pairing up with a dirty blue kind of jacket, Woobie. *Dizzy*


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Source: 唯彬碩與2min