[Drama News] More Stills Released for The Heirs, Lee Min Ho “I can’t get you out of my mind”

More stills have been released for episode 5 “The Heirs” from SBS today. As seen in the stills, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) visits and waits for Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) in front of her school. Eun Sang could not believe her eyes when she sees Tan standing right before her, he looks like a figure from a painting. Her schoolmates are all looking shock, surprise and possibly envious of her *giggles* Yeahhhhhh I’d trade places with Eun Sang any day now…

I am not digging that sweater Lee Min Ho has on him, however, the 900×600 stills made it all worthy of a post. I could over-look that hideous, yet expensive sweater because of that perfect hair, face, eyes and expression. I like the school uniform Park Shin Hye is sporting even though brown may not be my favourite colour for a uniform, yet I love the design of the little coat, the vest and the skirt. It looks to me, Eun Sang goes to an all girls school.

Well, this could be the last time we’ll see this uniform because the girl is getting transfer to Jeguk High with the help of Daddy Kim! Curious as it sounds, why daddy Kim? Is he shipping this OTP too or he has a motif behind it? Or Eun Sang’s smart mum has got dough on Daddy Kim’s dirty secret(s) as well? *Curious*


Tan: “YAHHH CHA EUN SANG! I can’t get you out of my mind!”

Tan: “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Eun Sang: “Kim Tan???” (Trying to make sure she isn’t seeing an imaginative figure)

Eun Sang: “This CANNOT be real. I thought it’s just a Mid-Summer Night Dream!”

Pretending not to care…

Eun Sang, secretly all happy that the boy has came all the way back to pursuit her… hee hee hee.

From Nate and SBS