The Heirs: Episode 3

So we’ve been patiently waiting for episode 3 of Heirs. To be honest it was a long wait for me. I’m pretty much on board and captivated by these wonderful and glorious Heirs aka Kim Tan, Kim Won and Young Do (mainly). I do like our OTP but I don’t love them just yet. This is a good thing because I want to start loving them slowly as the show moves forward.

Okay let’s get the ball rolling and see how Eun Sang responds to Kim Tan’s sudden revelation of affection towards her.

Eun Sang and Tan are in the cinema. Tan pretends to be sleeping whilst Eun Sang struggles to understand what the characters in the movie are saying. Tan who is supposed to be sleeping starts to translate the dialogue. Eun Sang says to Tan ‘you weren’t sleeping?’ Tan continues to translate only to change the topic and says ‘but then he met a girl yesterday. Her name is Cha Eun Sang.’
Eun Sang interrupts him and asks ‘how did you know my name?’
Tan continues ‘There’s something he wants to ask Cha Eun sang. Do I like you?
Tan is giving Eun Sang that look that could kill a million Shenny.

Caught off guard Eun Sang stares back at Tan in shock. After a moment she replies ‘probably not’. Tan asks ‘why not?’ Eun Sang continues ‘you are engaged’. Tan insists he does but Eun Sang think it’s too much like a movie. Tan states that they are in Hollywood and that it can really happen in real life. At the mention of Hollywood Eun Sang finds her escape from awkwardness asking whether this really was Hollywood. Tan can’t believe her response.


We cut to a new scene with Hollywood in the background (totally awkward camera work here). Eun Sang exclaims ‘It’s really Hollywood! It’s so cool. I saw that in the movies!’ Tan is still persistent and asked how the Hollywood sign can be cooler than his admission of feelings for her. (Ha! busted Eun Sang and I really like confident Tan). She ignores him and continues to talk about Hollywood not wanting to talk about his or her feelings. Tan continues to press Eun Sang (Goshhhh I love him) but finally recognising that he won’t win this battle and suggests that they should go home and wash up. He will drive her there for a closer look since they can’t walk there.


Eun Sang refuses Tan’s offer stating that he has done too much for her already. She doesn’t want to trouble him anymore and they should return to his house to pick up her suitcase. Tan looks hurt and disappointed from Eun Sang’s rejection and walks away.

They’re back at the house and Tan stops at the sight of the dreadful suitcase. Eun Sang walks over to pick up her suitcase while Tan stares at her like a little angry boy. Eun Sang picks up the suitcase and walks over to Tan and shamelessly asks if he could check if there’s a comment from Chan Young yet but Tan just stares at her. She takes the hint and says thank you and good bye.


Angry Tan grabs the suitcase and walks into the house (Yes!!!) Tan reads the message from Chan Young unsure what to do with it. Eun Sang comes in and asks for her suitcase.


Tan says it’s up in his room and he’s going to take a shower if she dares to come and get it. (Love it when the guy is creative to try and keep the girl around.) As he walks up the stairs he tells her to stay until her friend leaves a comment. She can’t fight against this and gives in. (I think secretly she wants to stay, well at least I know I would want to stay forever!)


In his room Tan notices the photo frame and message left by Rachel saying that she ate lunch alone and that they should eat dinner together. Tan sighs at the message feeling slightly guilty I guess. He gets a call from secretary Yoon informing him that there’s a family party with the American shareholders that Tan’s father wants him to attend with his brother Won. Tan is worried that Won might be upset and asks if Won knows that Tan is coming. Secretary Yoon reiterates that Tan’s father wants him to attend. (To Tan his brother’s feelings are much more important to him than anything. This makes me wonder how their relationship was before it turned soar. Won must have loved his brother one time for Tan to look up to Won this much. I want to understand why Won is cold and mean to Tan. Surely it can’t just be for the role of CEO of Jeguk. I just hope blood is thicker than power and money. Secretary Yoon wishes Tan good luck (ha!! He really needs it) Tan sits and sighs.


After wishing Tan good luck secretary Yoon is greeted by Bo Na who calls him father. He tells her to call him Ahjusshi and not father. She complains to him that Chan Young must be having fun in America since he hasn’t called her. Secretary Yoon calls him a jerk to which Bo Na defends her boyfriend (oh gosh her acting is awful – she has one angry expression scrunching up her nose and face. I’m not finding her cute at all). Secretary Yoon warns Bo Na to be careful since Chan Young likes girls too. Bo Na thinks that only girls chase after him especially Eun Sang. She tells him not to like Eun Sang and says good bye calling him father again. He tells her again it’s Ahjusshi to which she responds only Won Bin is Ahjusshi (ha!!! Okay this is cute).


Bo Na meets Hyo Shin in the broadcast club room. There are girls in there chasing after Hyo Shin claiming that they made food for him. Bo Na bursts their bubbles recognising where the food were purchased from. She argues with the girls and beats them with her background being the daughter of the CEO of ‘Mega Head’.
Hyo Shin and Bo Na discuss how a freshmen director was forced to quit the club and how Hyo Shin was good at hiding this from his family for the last 3 years. They start eating and Hyo Shin pops some pills. Bo Na is curious and Hyo Shin tells her he needs vitamins since he is no longer 18 years of age (okay!!! Whatever you say Hyo Shin – I’m pretty sure those are your morning sickness pills. I still don’t get the purpose of this scene hmmmm)


Anyways moving on with the real story Tan is all dressed up ready for the party. He tells Eun Sang they can’t go to Hollywood and she should stay here until he returns. Eun Sang insists she should go since she’s given him enough trouble. Tan gets angry and tells her loudly she should stop saying she needs to leave when she has nowhere to go.

Jay interrupts their cute argument. Jay with his Asian fetish notices Eun Sang instantly and rushes over to her. Seeing this Tan is forced to take Eun Sang with him to the ranch party.
We get a beautiful driving scene. Eun Sang takes a look at Tan’s gorgeous face (yes I think she’s admiring him LOL) and he looks back at her. They keep driving to their destination with Tan watching Eun Sang every now then.

Ki Ae is at the tennis club with a friend. Her friend advises her to hire a guy to seduce Kim Nam Yoon since an affair is the easiest way to force a divorce upon the legal wife. Ki Ae takes this advice and makes a call to set up the trap for the wife. Hee Nam overhears this conversation. Ki Ae yells at Hee Nam for eavesdropping but Hee Nam argues on her notepad that she wasn’t. It appears that Tan’s mum is a dumb dumb whilst Eun Sang’s mum despite her disability is a smart cookie (Lady Choi FTW!)


They arrive at the orchard. Tan tells her to walk around while he goes inside as he does not know how long he’ll be. He might be kicked out in 5 minutes. He tells her to be careful of the coldest looking person (that’ll be hot Wonny).
Won is at the party talking to some shareholders and laughing (goshhh he’s wrinkly smile is gorgeous). Tan walks over and pauses to prepare himself to meet this cold person. Won turns around and sees Tan. The smile on Won’s face disappeared immediately obviously not happy to see his cute brother. Tan is happy to see his hyung though with his soft but nervous smile.

Won excuses himself and walks over to Tan. Tan calls his brother only to be ushered away from the party by Won. (I think Tan knows this isn’t going to be pretty.)


Eun Sang is walking around the orchard. She sees Tan and Won talking.
Tan says to Won in a soft and loving manner (probably still nervous) ‘It’s been a long time’
Won responds coldly ignoring his brother’s affections ‘Who called you? Was it Yoon?’


Tan continues with a smile on his face asking how Won has been doing. Won ignores Tan and says that secretary Yoon really called Tan. He asks whether Tan really thought that this is a place Tan for to come. Tan responds in his childish voice ‘How could I not, you are here’ (OMG Lee Min Ho is great at displaying his emotions here, I can see him shaking in this scene).

Okay I rewind just to see Won’s reaction to Tan’s words. Not sure if I’m being delusional but I think Won was affected by Tan’s honest words. He misses his brother and wants to see him. Won, come on dude why do you have to be so cold!!!
With tears in his eyes Tan continues whilst avoiding his brother’s stare ‘I don’t care what you say now, since I saw you…’ Won says coldly ‘This is why kids are troublesome. How could you come just because you missed me? You don’t even realise what this means’ (Again Won I don’t want to hate you!)

Poor Tan softly says in a childlike manner ‘It’s been three years, I’ve gotten taller’
Won snigger at this and coldly says ‘That’s it? That’s all you’ve gotten in America? You should stop right here. You’ve already done more than you deserve. Go’
Won walks away leaving Tan standing there with his heart cut into a million pieces at his brother’s coldness and harsh words. (I hate you Won!)
But man the background is gorgeous. This scene is filmed beautifully.

Eun Sang watches Tan in pain with sympathy. She doesn’t know what to do but decides to walk over to Tan after the sprinkles come on. What a beautiful scene – I love it.
They are facing each other wordless for a few seconds. She then asks him ‘Are you okay?’

Tan says the famous line from the previews ‘I’m not okay’
Eun Sang says he will get wet and Tan asks why she was eavesdropping. Eun Sang responds ‘I was going to run with you on the count of three if you were in danger.’

Tan asks ‘Then why didn’t you do it? I was in danger the whole time you were watching’ (OMG – he really meant it my poor Tanny. I hope in the later episodes we get to revisit a similar scenario and Eun Sang will not stand and watch Tan get hurt. She’ll protect him. Am I too hopeful? I hope not. I hope Eun Sang is a strong character and protects the person she loves regardless of whatever is thrown at her. I don’t want Tan to be the only protector in this relationship. Kim Eun Sook you hear me!)

Eun Sang does not know what to say and watches Tan walk away.

They head back in silent (OMG – Lee Min Ho is so handsome). Eun Sang looks worriedly over at Tan to see if there’s any reaction from him. Tan breaks the silence and asks ‘What?’


Eun Sang asks if she should turn on the radio since it’s so quiet. Tan says ‘Forget what you saw earlier’. Eun Sang says she was going to anyway, just like a summer night’s dream. He looks at her a little disappointed maybe?


Tan doesn’t pay attention and crashes after belatedly noticing fallen rocks on the road (What I love about this scene is that he reaches his arm across Eun Sang trying to protect her from any impact of the crash. Gahhhh why so perfect Tanny! I love him!)

The car is stuck and Tan can’t ring for help as there is no reception. Tan asks if Eun Sang can drive but I guess she can’t since she ends up having to push the car (cute!).
After trying without success Tan decides to leave the car to look for shelter before it gets dark. Eun Sang is scared because the scenario is very similar to the horror movies she’s seen. Eun Sang thinks they should stay since people often die when they go to wrong places in the movies. She throws out a few names of horror films.
Tan laughs at her and says she can stay then. Eun Sang runs after him since the person left alone always dies. Tan sniggers and probably thinking she’s crazy in a cute way. (They’re so cute! I like this scene too it’s very pretty with the sunset in the background and Tan’s backside is hot!!!!!)

They are walking and both are hungry. Eun Sang remembers she has almonds that she bought earlier. He teases her about spending lavishly. Tan asks what Eun Sang will do when her friend replies. Eun Sang tells him she plans to borrow money and buy a plane ticket back home. Tan says he can lend her money but Eun Sang is sceptical and teases him that he would take her kidney as security. Eun Sang asks if Tan trusts her but he doesn’t reply and just tells her that Chan Young left a comment but without reception there’s no way she can see it.
They reach a gas station and a motel. But since everything is closed they have to stay the night. In the motel room Tan throws a t-shirt at Eun Sang and tells her to change out of her dirty clothes since they can’t sleep in dirty clothes. Tan comfortably starts changing into the couple t-shirt (Oooohhhhhh la la yeah baby).

Eun Sang is startled and turns around joking that they are planning to act like a couple. Tan tells her to dream on. After Tan leaves Eun Sang kicks herself for not taking a look at Hot Tan. (Hahahahahaha yeap you should have Eun Sang these chances are rare you know.)
At dinner, Eun Sang notices all the alcohol. Tan asks if she drinks and she jokes that she’s an alcoholic (They’re so cute here. Couple t-shirt and all, having a nice meal together) Tan smiles at her joke and tells her she’s cute. She says I know. He keeps staring at her with that smitten grin on his face.

Eun Sang tells him to stop staring or she’ll ask him awkward questions. He says ‘What kind of awkward questions? Like, who is that man at the ranch?’ She says ‘yes’. Tan says ‘That person is someone I like the most in the world.’
Eun Sang teases him about being gay and he says don’t insult his hyung. Eun Sang jokingly suggests that he likes his brother that way to which Tan yells at her. Eun Sang is shocked at his sudden yell and pulls back almost falling off her chair.

Tan reached out to catch Eun Sang as she tipped backwards, bringing their faces startlingly close together. Their eyes met for a breathless moment as they remained in stasis, shocked by their sudden proximity and unable to hide their charged romantic attraction, before they pulled away awkwardly (cr Hanjae)

Now back to their seats Tan teases her that she’s blushing and has a dirty mind. Eun Sang defends herself and says she’s not blushing; she’s only disappointed that she doesn’t get to try American pancakes like in the movies (Hahahaha yeah right Eun Sang you were totally affected by his touch. Forces of attraction can never be denied dear. I would have smooched him then and there.)
Tan says he knows of a good pancake place back in LA and he’ll take her there when they get back.
Eun Sang scolds him not to make promises since the person who makes promises always dies (hahaha she’s still stuck on those horror movies). They’re so cute love them here.

Back in the motel room, Eun Sang prepares her sleeping spot on the couch and Tan walks in and tells her he is taking the bed. Eun Sang doesn’t protest and is just grateful she has a place to sleep. He asks her why she is so positive given that it was his fault they are in this situation.
She responds it’s not because of him but rather the fallen rocks. She wishes him good night.
Tan purses his lips in frustration at her indifference. He asks if she’s sleeping. She pretends to sleep but child like Tan doesn’t want to sleep.


He tries to makes noises to get a reaction from her. He forces her to get up and asks why she wants Jeguk to go bankrupt. She asks if he is reading her SNS. He responds why not since she logged in for him. She tells him to log out before she goes all crazy on him. Tan still wants to know why Eun Sang wants Jeguk to go bankrupt. She wants to know why Tan is so curious. Does he have shares in Jeguk?
Tan doesn’t answer and tells her to watch him until he falls asleep since it’s her fault he’s scared from all the horror stories she was telling him about (hahahaha Tanny is such a kid at heart – adorbs!)


In bed, Tan tells Eun Sang to just look at him and not get any dirty thoughts (LOL hahaha how could she not – look at you! Tanny would not be safe if it was me in that motel room). Eun Sang responds that he is not her type. Tan lying in bed asks Eun Sang when she would go back to Korea after contacting her friend. Eun Sang says as soon as possible. Tan starts to say ‘What if…I’ but stops to turn around and see Eun Sang already fallen asleep sitting up. He gets up just in time to catch her from falling hard onto the couch. (hahahahah lame but cute)
He rests her head on the pillow and stares at her with the new OST playing in the background (love this feeling….love this feeling….love is my pain….) Tanny is in love. I think I’ll just imagine Lee Min Ho is staring at me instead.

Next morning Tan and Eun Sang are back at the house. Eun Sang asks if she can see his phone quickly so she can contact her friend. They get off the car and Chan Young is there waiting for Eun Sang after receiving the tip off from Rachel. Both Eun Sang and Chan Young are happy see each other. The only sad face is Tan. He throws a hissy fit and tells them to come into the house since it’s hot. (Gosh love jealous Tanny hahaha – okay okay I’m just going to keep saying how much I love Tan regardless)


Inside the mansion, our jealous boy is shooting electricity at Eun Sang whilst drinking his energy drink. She thanks him for everything he has done for her and that she will be going to her friend’s house now. Tan asks why she has to go to her friend’s house when she could just borrow his money and stay here. Eun Sang says she has no reason to stay at the mansion. Tan comes up with a reason for her. He says that it’s because of him and Jay that caused all the problems for her so in compensating her back he’s letting her stay at the mansion so she does not have to leave. (OMG Tanny is adorable when jealous)


Chan Young interrupts their conversation asking if there were any issues. Tan aggressive says ‘what if there is.’ (Whao I think possessive and aggressive Tanny – I see a hidden tiger!) Eun Sang insists there’s no problems and thanks Tan regardless. Chan Young recognises Tan but Tan does not know who Chan Young is. Tan asks Chan Young ‘Did I bully you during middle school?’
Chan Young replies ‘It’s not that simple’. Chan Young gets a call from the cab and tells Eun Sang to go. Eun Sang bids Tan good bye again. Tan stares at her in heartbreak, feeling dejected. (Gahhhh I can’t take it anymore. That stare is just killing me each time). Eun Sang is also sad with the separation but to her this seems to be a mere dream or a holiday that she needs to wake-up and return to reality.


Tan is left behind all alone in that big and beautiful mansion. (It has been an interesting but emotional couple of days for Tan)

We are back at Chan Young’s hotel. Eun Sang has told Chan Young about the events that had unfolded and why she was staying at Tan’s house. Eun Sang asks Chan Young whether Tan’s name was really ‘Kim Tan’. Chan Young is surprised that Eun Sang didn’t know Tan’s name. Eun Sang says that she didn’t ask for Tan’s name because she didn’t want to talk about herself. Eun Sang curiously asks Chan Young ‘Is Tan a bad guy? Did he bully you?’
Chan Young replies ‘I’ve only seen him several times. He’s not a nice guy.’ (hmmm interesting I don’t think Chan Young likes Kim Tan. Could it be that Tan had a bad rep before he left Korea or could it be that Chan Young knows that Tan is Bo Na’s ex. I guess we will find out soon enough)
In the room Chan Young comforts Eun Sang about her sister. They enjoy sightseeing together (Referred to by some fans as the lollipop date. Personally, I think they have no romantic chemistry only friendship).

They take a photo together and Chan Young posts this on his SNS. The cheeky Chan Young tells her to count from one to three. Eun Sang does and Chan Young gets an angry jealous call from Bo Na (Hahahaha cute). Eun Sang can’t believe he is using her to tease Bo Na worried that her hair would get pulled out by the jealous girlfriend (Eun Sang ah I think you’ll need a lot training to defend yourself from all the bitchiness waiting for you in Korea)
Chan Young walks off to act all cute with Bo Na on the phone. Eun Sang sees some couple t-shirts on the rack and thinks about Tan and her lost chance at seeing his bokgeun (Ha I made that up! Park Shin Hye is really pretty in this scene)

In contrast Tan is lonely sitting and enjoying the beautiful scenery from his enormous mansion, eating a sandwich by himself. (The scene and music is just beautiful!)

Tan is writing and he sees a status update of Eun Sang and Chan Young’s lollipop date. He looks at the picture update and casually says ‘Whatever!’ only to change to a jealous status in just a few seconds and exclaims ‘It’s so annoying!’ (hahahahaha jealous Tanny)

Tan is bored in his bed and looks at his engagement photo. He realizes that his anniversary is tomorrow. Rachel is at the hotel waiting for Tan to call her. She’s about to leave to return to Korea. She’s angry as usual. She gets a phone call from Tan and answers in rude tone even though we know she’s been waiting for his phone call. She lies and tells him she’s already in Korea only she didn’t know that Tan was already at the hotel. She tells the helper to change her flight for tomorrow. Rachel gets a phone call from mum telling her that she’s going to tell Tan’s mum on paper (Ji Sook) that Tan wanted Rachel to come to America and not the other way around.

Rachel’s mum Esther and Ji Sook are meeting up over coffee. Esther compliments Ji Sook’s ability to look great even after giving birth to Tan so late. Ji Sook with her grumpy face says she’s born with it and that she’s spent lots of money as well. (Ha!) Esthers tells Ji Sook about her upcoming marriage. Ji Sook says she’s heard about it and says that Young Do also goes to the same school as Tan. Esther asks if something happened between Tan and Young Do since Rachel said they weren’t friends anymore. Neither of them knows.

Young Do is with Myung Soo at their hang out. Myung Soo complains that his photos are ruined because Young Do opened the door at the decisive moment. Young Do says ‘I spent my entire life trying to capture the decisive moment’ and looks over at a photo of himself and Tan. He continues ‘But every moment in life was a decisive moment’. Myung Soo is confused and Young Do says they are quotes from Myung Soo’s idol Henri Cartier-Bresson. At least Myung Soo should really know who is idol is (hahahaha god I love smart arse Young Do)

Young Do gets a phone call from his dad. They do judo together and Young Do keeps getting thrown to the ground. Young Do keeps attacking but he can’t beat dad. (Okay I needed to pause and watch Woo Bin on the ground for a sec. I’m ready now). Shitty dad tells Young Do off for not doing his job properly and getting complaints from the kitchen manager.
Dad tells Young Do ‘You want to know why you always lose? First, it’s because you’ve never beaten me.’
Young Do retaliates ‘Maybe because I’m more like mum, when I should have been more like you.’ (Ohhhh I love him!)
Dad continues ‘Second, you attack excessively. On the mat and off the mat’ (I wonder why Young Do is like this. Shitty daddy is abusive and shows no love towards Young Do).
Shitty Dad says Rachel is coming back to Korea and Young Do should go and pick her up from the airport.

Rachel and Tan are walking along the streets. Rachel thanks Tan for spending time with her. Tan tells her to try and sound more sincere. She says they both can’t be moved by things purchased with money. She says he didn’t buy her clothes but rather gave his time to be with her. He says she doesn’t need to thank him since he likes shopping and if it was anything else it would seem like they are dating. (Ouch Tanny that’s a bit harsh) Rachel’s stuck up face changes at Tan’s comment. I think she’s actually hurt by his words. She goes on the attack and asks about Eun Sang. Tan says it happened the way Rachel wanted since she gave Chan Young the address to his house. Rachel says let’s stop talking about Eun Sang. Tan replies that it was her who brought Eun Sang up.


Rachel gets a phone call from Young Do. Young Do already in a bad mood tells Rachel that she’s not a kid anymore. Why does he have to pick her up? He tells to rebook her flight so he doesn’t have to pick her up. He adds menace tone ‘Make sure I don’t have to call you for this again. Do you understand?’ (Gosh he’s mean! I get shivers looking at him)
Young Do drops the phone and unveils his gorgeous bokgeun!!! (OMG let me pause for a few minutes to enjoy the view. What a pleasant surprise Kim Eun Sook)

Rachel is shocked by the random rudeness. Tan asks Rachel whether Young Do is doing well. Rachel says Young Do is doing well. He is doing all the stuff that the two of them used to do together. Rachel is annoyed that their anniversary is ruined by Young Do’s rude phone call. She suggests they go and eat something sweet – pancakes at Tan’s favourite place on Melrose. Tan remembers his conversation with Eun Sang and suggests they go to a different place. Rachel asks ‘Why?’
Tan says he thinks that Eun Sang might be there. Rachel suggests they should go there to check if Eun Sang is there. She wants to see if Tan’s feeling is correct. They arrive at the place and bingo Eun Sang is there with Chan Young. Tan sees her from afar and Rachel asks if they made a promise to meet each other. Rachel notes how Tan looks at Eun Sang. She’s jealous.


Eun Sang looks up and sees Tan. They stare at each other. Tan tells Rachel to go somewhere else. Rachel doesn’t want to leave. Tan says he is trying to be considerate to Rachel. Rachel tells Tan not to be ridiculous. She wants to cause trouble. (What a spoilt bitchy child)
Rachel walks over to Chan Young and Eun Sang’s table. She recognises Chan Young and calls him White Hacker Yoon and tells him she will sit and pay the bill. Eun Sang asks if Chan Young knows Rachel. Chan Young says they go to the same school but they are not friends.
Bitchy and rude Rachel says ‘This is the first time we’ve talked. He’s of a lower social class so I never talked to him.’ (What nerve! Goes and sits at someone’s table and talks to them in a demeaning manner. No wonder she has no friends.) Tan walks over and tells Rachel to get up. Rachel looks at Eun Sang and says ‘It’s our engagement anniversary today so Kim Tan you should have the pancake that you like.’ Tan gives up and sits down.


Rachel asks how Chan Young and Eun Sang know each other. Chan Young says they are childhood friends. Rachel finds out that Eun Sang wanted to eat at this pancake house. Tan looks at Eun Sang after hearing this. Rachel exclaims ‘Whao..what a coincidence. But my fiancé and her think that this is fate.’ Tan cuts in and tells her to stop.
Rachel reveals that Tan used to date Bo Na and tells Tan to greet Chan Young who is Bo Na’s current boyfriend. (OMG Rachel is a trouble maker! But I’m glad everything is out in the open) Chan Young is uncomfortable and tells Rachel not to talk about Bo Na who is not here at the moment.
Rachel attacks again and says it’s Chan Young’s fault. And asks what he is doing here with Eun Sang instead of Bo Na. She turns on Eun Sang (who really is the key to her hate) and says ‘It’s actually your fault for seeing guys who either have a girlfriend or a fiancée.
Tan gets up and drags Rachel away (Protective Tan to the rescue! Love!)


They leave and Eun Sang is hurt by those words. Chan Young asks what he can do for Eun Sang. Should he get involved or should he pretend nothing happened. Eun Sang just wants to order, eat and go buy her plane ticket. She wants to go home fast because she’s worried about mum and she has to work to repay Chan Young.

Tan and Rachel are arguing. Tan says to Rachel ‘We first met when we were ten. I thought you were a genius since you could speak English and Japanese. At 14, you liked my brother and you said you couldn’t like me because I was a child. When we got engaged, I realized I was really a kid. For 8 years, you were always the smartest person to me. You were pretty and mature but right now you’re hard to bear. Don’t do that especially because of me. I’m not worth it.’ (Ouch! Tanny really has his way with words! Definitely a match for Young Do) Tan leaves telling Rachel he will take her to the airport tomorrow.


Rachel meets Won at the hotel. They both avoided Young Do’s hotel chain. They exchange friendly greetings. (Interesting enough they seem like normal human beings with each other as compared to their foul behaviour with others) Rachel asks if Won met Tan. (Tan is their common weakness) Won gives a vague answer and so does Rachel when asked about meeting Tan.


Rachel follows Won because she doesn’t want to be alone and just wait for a phone call.
They are at Won’s mother’s grave. Won says his mum was a normal country girl until she met his father. The rich life was hard and suffocating for her. Korea was hell for his mum who grew up in the country in America. Won’s mum made a wine called Won after he was born.


Rachel ask if Tan has visited Won’s mum but Won says Rachel is the first person. Rachel says Tan would be jealous if he knew she got to come. (I wonder what the significance of this scene between Won and Rachel. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. It might mean nothing but just giving us insight into Won’s background.)

Yoon and Esther meet with Young Do’s dad in the elevator. (Awkward! Yoon and Esther must have a past to which I’m sure we will find out later). Young Do’s dad leaves and Yoon and Esther exchange conversation. Yoon says he heard she’s getting married. Esther says ‘20 years ago it wasn’t you and now it’s still not you.’ Yoon congratulates Esther. He leaves and Esther says that it’s interesting her heart still races when she sees him (OMG – seriously the adults in Heirs are a mess!!!)
Yoon responds confidently ‘I hope you feel the same after you get married!’ (Ha!!!)
They obviously still like each other.

Tan calls Yoon. Yoon lies that Won is on his way back to airport. Tan learns that Chan Young is Yoon’s son. Tan calls Chan Young and rudely asks to talk to Eun Sang. He tells Chan Young to tell Eun Sang to call him. (Gosh these rich kids are so rude. Even Tan is rude. I want to see what he’s like back at School in Korea)


Chan Young and Eun Sang are at her sister’s restaurant but the sister has not come back since running away with the money. Chan Young tells Eun Sang about Tan. Eun Sang hesitates and decides not to call him since there’s no point given that she won’t see him after tomorrow.
Tan patiently waits for the phone call from Eun Sang in his beautiful home. Tan notices Eun Sang has left her socks behind handing to dry.
Eun Sang is at Tan’s University and writes message on notice board ‘It was like a summer night’s dream. It’s time for me to disappear now. Like the dream last night. Farewell.’


The next day Tan picks Rachel up from the hotel and takes her to the airport.
At the airport Tan tells Rachel to go in and text him when she arrives (Cute! Tan does care I guess). Rachel asks if Tan has any plans to return to Korea. Tan replies ‘I always have plans but I don’t have the courage.’Rachel questions why Tan needs courage to return to Korea. Tan confirms ‘Yes, he needs rash boldness.’
Rachel hugs Tan and tells him she hasn’t forgiven him and that she really hates him. (Hahaha talk about saying opposite things from what you feel. I think Rachel does really like Tan)
Tan doesn’t hug her back and tell her that he knows.

Coincidence or fate Eun Sang walks into the airport at the same time and sees Rachel hugging Tan. She seems a little sad and disappointed and turns to leave. Tan sees her leaving and calls out to her ‘Cha Eun Sang, stop right there.’ And the episode ends right there!!!


I like that the guy likes the girl first since that’s always how I prefer things however, for me Kim Tan revealing his affections in the cinema came too early but the sense of attraction and attachment is probably believable enough.
I like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye as a pair a lot so I’m looking forward to Kim Eun Sook giving me more development for their relationship so that they can deliver the FEELSSSSSSS as per la petite’s words.

As per this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert:
“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”
I think both Eun Sang and Tan saw each at their lowest moments and this formed a connection between them. They understood each other’s pain. As the show moves on and they return to Korea I hope that they get to fully see each other in their realistic world rather than a holiday or a dream but still love each other regardless of their position as viewed by society and dictated from when they were born. I want to see them fight for their love and prove that love conquers all.

I like Young Do and Kim Won. Their characters are very intriguing to me and I look forward to more of their interactions with Kim Tan. I want to see the loving and caring side of Young Do and Kim Won when they interact with Eun Sang and Hyun Joo (Kim Won’s love interest). I like their cold and distant characters and somewhat malicious behaviour towards others in order to mask their pain or disappointment in their love ones.
Chan Young is an adorable friend, boyfriend and son but at this stage his character is not giving me much. I’m not that intrigued with him apart from the fact that he analyses everything and convince people with his arguments and analysis. I love Min Hyuk but he isn’t standing out as much as Kim Tan, Young Do and Kim Won.

I have no comments about the rest of the cast apart from Hee Nam (Eun Sang’s mum aka Lady Choi) who kicks ass as usual playing the housekeeper with swagger.

Overall I’m hooked and looking forward to how the romance and bromance unveils. Heirs Aja Aja!!