The Heirs: Episode 2

The 1st episode was fun and mostly introductions, I’m hoping to see more action in this episode and of course see more of our couple interact.

Tan asked Eun Sang to come to his place. Will she agree?!  Honestly if it was me I don’t have to think about it, it’s every Lee Min Ho fan girls fantasy! So, Eun Sang say “YES!”


As Eun Sang walks away from her sister’s house, Kim Tan, comes back for her. I knew deep inside you were a nice guy, haha! “You want to come to my place?”

Eun Sang unsure took some time to reply, she asks if it’s safer there. Tan replies that he is not sure if it’s safer, but it’s better than this place. So she wants to go or not?

At Tan’s place, Eun Sang gaped at how big and beautiful it is, surely Tan is not just a simple person. Suspiciously, Eun Sang asks if he lives in this place alone, he confirms that he is. She jumps to the conclusion that Tan is a drug dealer, you know after all the circumstances.

Tan cleverly starts to tease her, stood up staring intently at her. Is she sure he is only a drug dealer? Does she still have two kidneys? All the while walking towards her making Eun Sang back up to a door OMG! that stare!!! “This is your room. Ask me if you need anything.” HAHA!

Inside the room, Eun Sang recalls what happened earlier with her sister only to be interrupted by her growling stomach. LOL! Her last meal was on the plane. She slowly gets up and sneakily goes out of the room.

At his study Tan hears some noise and when he looks downstairs he sees Eun Sang sneakily going to the kitchen. There’s nothing but canned products in the refrigerator, but being hungry she can’t be picky and ate in the dark. Poor Eun Sang!

Tan turns on the lights, “What are you doing in the dark?” She apologized for not asking him and she ate food passed the expiration while pushing a $5 bill towards him as payment. Tan asks how she could eat those. Thinking he is angry she starts to walk away, Tan calls her back to clean up her mess.

While Eun Sang is cleaning, Tan watches her and asks her name. Not wanting to give her name she tells him that she forgot to thank him earlier, Tan comments that, that’s a long name. Getting the hint Tan tells her that she doesn’t need to thank him since it’s compensation for the bean powder that she’s supposed to give her sister.

Back in Korea, Chief Secretary Yoon briefs Won on his upcoming US business trip and inform him that Zeus Hotel is offering that they book with them. Won notes that the CEO is already acting as shareholder, since he is engaged the RS group CEO, at that Secretary Yoon freezes. Interesting!

Noticing, Won asks him if anything’s the matter, Secretary Yoon informs him that he declined politely and hands the guest list of the family party Won is attending in the US. He had also supplied the Chairman with the same list. Won lividly asks him to who is his allegiance and warns secretary Yoon to know where he should put it.

At the Kim family mansion, Chairman Kim Nam Yoon (Kim Tan’s Dad) tells his 2nd wife (Madam Jung Ji Sook) to take care of her health, something he realized when he got sick. Madam Jung says he need not act nice she will not divorce him. Chairman says he not asking her to. She brought Tan and his mom (Han Ki Ae) in this house anyway. Bitter madam Jung tells him she couldn’t bear the chairman flaunting his dirty laundry in the public, so she trapped his mistress (Ki Ae) here to stop her from doing anything more.

Outside, Ki Ae is listening on all this when Won arrives. Instead of hiding. It’s funny that she’s not even abashed, being discovered. Ki Ae just tells Won that they are not talking about him, but bashing her. She announces Won’s arrival. Ki Ae tells Won his “mom” is here, but Won says he has no mother in this house, at that Ki Ae says, fine! It’s the ahjumma that took care of him then. Ha!

Won walks in, madam Jung grudgingly greets him first pointing out his cold behavior, as his stepmother she raised him for ten years after all. Won apologizes and says “I’m sorry I let you down after ten years of your efforts.” At that Chairman put a stop to their bickering, prompting madam Jung to leave. What a dysfunctional family! Haist!

Chairman then tells Won to bring Tan at the family party he is going to attend in the US. Won scoffs at the idea and tells his father that it’s his business. Chairman points out that it is not his business yet.

At another part of the mansion Ki Ae drags Madam Jung, wanting to know about the meeting with Rachel’s mom since it’s an in-law business.

Madam Jung snaps at  Ki Ae pointedly, who are your in-laws? Is she forgetting Tan is HER son! So Tan is registered as Madam Jung’s son! And as long as she is alive Ki Ae will not be registered as the legal wife!

Tan writes on his note book:

Another woman’s bag, another woman’s house, another woman’s husband… a pitiful person who spends her whole life wanting others’ things. That person is…

his mom keeps calling him.

In her room, Eun Sang makes a call to her mom, trying to hold back her tears while lying that her sister is doing well, copying the lie Rachel made to her mom about Tan. Tan accidentally listened to all this holding a sandwich.

Tan open the door, making her jump and scold him for not knocking. He knocks while looking at her. LOL! then shoved the sandwich towards her. She thanks him, he says no need to thank him, it’s good for the kidneys. Ha! He really likes teasing her. Tan notes she’s a good liar, Eun Sang realized he heard.

Tan sees the $1 note beside the phone and asks Eun Sang what’s it’s for, she says for the phone call. Tan tells her she spends lavishly.

Eun Sang hands him a dreamcatcher, “It’s for the room” since she will not use it anymore she’s giving it to him. It’s to ward off bad dreams, so only beautiful dreams can pass through. He asks if beautiful girls can pass through also. Pervy! He tell her to finish the sandwich, it’s good for her kidneys. HAHA! Making Eun Sang scream at him to stop it! After he leaves she suspects that he might have drugged the sandwich. LOL!

Outside, Tan hangs the dreamcatcher, then proceeds to eat half of the sandwich at the poolside. He notices Eun Sang busy inside her room barricading the door. HAHAHA! Tan is insulted but chokes when Eun Sang proceed to change her clothes, he hurriedly goes inside, his head brushing with the dreamcatcher. Tanny’s such a gentleman. LOL!

Next Morning, Eun Sang wakes up abruptly realizing she is in someone else’s house.  She walks outside to taking in the nice view. Whilst, Tan is busy preparing he notices Eun Sang and watches her with amazement. I’m melting!

Tan walks down speechless; Eun Sang tells him his house is beautiful in the morning. She asks where he’s going, Tan tells her he’s going to school. So, he’s not a drug dealer but a student! Eun Sang tells him that she’s been curious what an international school looks like. Tan say like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Making Eun Sang laugh, which Tan did not fail to point out.

Eun Sang asks him to wait she will wash up and leave. Tan give her various excuses to stay and when they did not work he tells her to just go with him to his school, since she’s curious! LOL, Tan is really desperate to hold on to her.

On the drive to school Tan notice her eyes hurting due to the sun and hands Eun Sang a pair of sunnies telling her it’s a necessity. Eun Sang tells him she’s going to stretch out her hand just tell her if it’s embarrassing, Tan tells her to do it for only a minute and he smiles seeing her having fun! Wow, the landscape is so pretty!

At school, Tan is in class checking on Eun Sang from time to time while she waits outside. English prof. is talking about meaningful words and says a survey from non-English speaking countries say that the most beautiful word in English is “mother” Tan notes this reflectively in his notebook. Outside Eun Sang looks at her mother’s notebook where “dry cleaning” is written repetitively clearly missing her mom.

Tan’s class ends. Prof ask him if he’s not going to turn in his essay. Tan tells him it’s not for turning in, prof tells him “Don’t you think you might find a new purpose if you turn it in, sometime?”

Eun Sang was not at the bench where Tan left her. He finds her watching some Korean girls posting flyers for a party, envious that they have good parents. Tan assures her those parties are lame.

Eun Sang tells him thank you and “goodbye” set on finding her sister to get  back the money her mom worked hard for. Tan asks if she knows where she’s going, she says yes. Tan then drags her the other way and tells her he’s coming along since he wants to ditch his next class which is Math. Eun San say she likes Math, Tan thinks she’s crazy. LOL, nerdy!

At the diner, they find out Eun Sang sister bailed and left a message telling her to go back home. They ran into her sister’s drunkard ex outside, who is pissy that Sis also took his money and ran. Sis’ ex starts to demands an explanation from Eun Sang, so Tan steps in to stop him. When two of drunkard ex’s buddies see them.

Tan starts to say something when Eun Sang grabs his hand and ran. Tan ask her why they are running, when clearly the goons can’t catch up. Tan starts to mock the goons for Eun Sang’s benefit, but gets a call from Rachel turning his mood dark. Eun Sang seeing the goons getting near tried again to grab Tan’s hand, but he slaps her hand away. Realizing what he did, he says it’s an order for organic drugs and that they should really run now.

Rachel is pissed at Tan’s continuous snub, but smirks when the phone rings thinking he finally called back… only it’s her mom. Ha! Mom assumes she already told Tan about the engagement, but Rachel says she had not mentioned it, her mom insists because Tan and Young Do are best friends prompting Rachel to say that “they’re not friends”

Back in Seoul, Young Do goes to his dad’s hotel. We find out that he’s been doing work at his father’s hotel every summer since middle school as training. Young do is not in a good mood when the manager calls him off for his mistakes. Young Do menacingly tells the manager that he should work hard he will need the experience for his resume, in ten years when he inherits the hotel. A staff came informing the Manager that the Attorney General is dining at the hotel, at which Young Do found a more suitable job for himself.

The Attorney General is dining with family and discussing his son’s (Lee Hyo Shin) about his preparation for the College entrance exam. Hyo Shin is pressured to follow the footsteps of his grandfather, father and 2 uncles.

Young Do enters the room and introduces himself, earning approval from the Attorney General for his manners. He pours water for them, and when it was Hyo Shin’s turn he fills it up to the brim, saying he looks thirsty.

Young Do goes to his hotel room, a few minutes later Hyo Shin comes knocking to use the bathroom and throws up. It seems to be his habit, Young Do asks him, why he does not use the bathroom downstairs at which Hyo Shin tells him that he’d rather meet Young Do than his father when throwing up. Young Do thinks it’s strange that Hyo Shin is allowing him to see his weakness, Hyo Shin counters that he has seen more of Young Do’s weakness.

In LA, Eun Sang buys Tan coffee and exaggerates on how delicious it is. Tan tells her to stop; Eun Sang asks that he bears with her since at least once she can drink Americano in America. Why does that sounds weird to me?! She wants to at least have one good memory in America. Tan ask her if she really does not have any good memory of America. She says she’ll think about it and Tan anticipates her response but she suddenly changes the subject.

She then realized a way to get home watching some people and borrows Tan phone. She sends a message to Chan Young on his SNS since she does not have his number memorized. Tan curiously ask if it’s her boyfriend, she answers it’s her “boy friend” Tan can’t understand how “that jerk” could help when Eun Sang is not even sure where he is, she replies defensively “he’s in my heart!” … and to not call him jerk since she respect this friend. HAHAHA! Tan is so jealous! Tan sarcastically ask if this friend saved the world or invented the Korean alphabet. HEHE! He asks her what if he doesn’t respond, Eun Sang so certain says he will.

Inside the taxi Eun Sang asks the annoyed Tan, if her friend has not replied yet. He asks her if they are really close, she tells him they’ve known each other half their life. Tan tries to pry from her if she and Chan Young dated and she calls him off for being nosy.

Tan drops her off at his house giving her the keys; he is going to get his car from the beach. Inside the taxi he started nosing in on Eun Sang’s account finding out her name. He reads her SNS updates, her favorite movies which are mostly gory horror, like Friday the 13th, Nightmare, Texas Chainsaw Massacre etc. He finally see’s a post about Chan Young and is hilariously jealous. LOL! One update caught his eye though…

I hate it that Mom is having a hard time. I hope Jeguk Group goes bankrupt!

The police officer knocks on Tan’s car window handing him Eun Sang’s passport saying it was a mistake.

In Seoul, Lee Bo Na whines that Chan young has not contacted her. Myung Soo teases her that he might have found sexy American girls. Young Do then arrives and teases her too! Bo Na calls Chan Young again and this time he answers and tells her he turned off his SNS so he could study. She asks him to check because she posted a crying picture, he does and see Eun Sang’s message.

Eun Sang with her suitcase packed, carries it through the stairs, when Rachel arrives holding a bag of groceries. Eun Sang recognizes her as the girl from the airport, but Rachel demands to know who she is and why is she in her fiancé’s house. Eun Sang finds it strange that Tan is engaged since he is still in high school.

Rachel’s bitchiness goes up when she finds out Eun Sang spent the night in the house and see’s her holding Tan’s house keys. She pushed Eun Sang’s suitcase down the stairs breaking it, then orders her to open it to prove she has not taken anything. Eun Sang thinking of Tan’s kindness grudgingly opens her case, at which Rachel proceeded to spill the contents on the floor, forcing Eun Sang to re-pack her things. Such a biatch! With nowhere to go Eun Sang, sits at the beach to spend her time to think.

Bo Na wonders why Chan Young has not posted a response to her picture after 2 hours. Young Do tells her to just dump him and date Myung Soo, at which Bo Na replies “Am I crazy? Out of my mind? Or on drugs?” They keep bickering until Myung Soo mentions Rachel visiting Tan.

Eun Sang at the ticketing office tries to book a flight going home, but she lacks money. She tries to reserve anyway, but she remembers her passport was confiscated.

Tan come home to find out Eun Sang left, he barrages Rachel with questions about her, pissing Rachel off. Rachel points out that they have not seen each other for 6 months and this are the first thing he tells her, why would she care where Eun Sang went. Tan then dully tells her “You’ve gotten prettier.” Then continued with his questions. LOL!

Tan is dismayed to hear that Rachel told Eun-sang that they were engaged, she tells him that he should have told Eun Sang before she did. Tan counters that she should have let her stay, he could’ve introduced her. She asks why he didn’t come to the airport to pick her up, he nonchalantly made excuses like, “it was too hot” or “it was too far.” She asks why he agreed to this engagement then, and he answers indifferently:

“Because if I did not want to marry you later, I have to get engaged at least.”

The doorbell rings, it’s Eun Sang. Tan answers the door, seeing him Eun Sang tries to leave. She just wants to get the policeman’s card to get her passport back, but Rachel tells her that she threw it away. Eun Sang runs to the trash bins before Tan could tell her he has her passport.

Tan asks Rachel if she really threw them, but Rachel saw nothing. Tan tells her that he knows this is an uncomfortable situation for her, but he was responsible for Eun Sang losing her passport. Rachel says it doesn’t matter to her, but Tan says it matters him so stay out of it!

Rachel goes in to get her purse, but hears Tan’s phone go off. Oh no! She reads it; Chan Young worried for Eun Sang and left his number.

Tan goes outside finding Eun Sang going through the trash, he tells her the card is not there and she says yes it’s not there. He asks if she’s crying. She replies that she’s trying not to, but it’s difficult to change her fate. She cries that she can’t escape.

Apologizing, Tan tell her to get up. Eun Sang says why apologize, he hands her the passport and she’s happy he found it. He says he had just gotten it.

A taxi arrives (isn’t it the same taxi Tan and Eun Sang rode earlier? LOL!) It’s Tammy (the girl Jay is flirting with) with her thug boyfriend and a thug friend looking for Jay. Tan and Eun Sang hide behind the trash bins but, they are seen. Tan says he can’t handle them so they run.

They manage to hide in a movie theater. Inside Eun San nervously looks out for something. Tan asks he what’s she’s looking for. She says serial killers are always behind, LOL! Tan tells her to stop watching those kinds of movies. She ask why are they after him, he ask her back why are they after her too.

Tan tells Eun Sang to just watch the movie he will get some rest. She watches, but doesn’t understand the dialogue. Tan starts to translate for her: “He came to make sure he was not after him. She says, In order to trust you, I need to know who you are.”

Tan continues with his own lines:

“But he met someone yesterday. Her name was Cha Eun-sang.” Eun-sang wonders how he found out her name. “He wanted to ask Cha Eun Sang… Do… I… like you?”


What an ending!

Tan’s family is so dysfunctional. A cold father, a bitter legal mom, a materialistic birth mom and a brother that hates him. It’s a wonder that Tan is warm, caring and thoughtful or is it just for Eun Sang, because we don’t see it on the way he treats Rachel.

Tan has been alone in an unfamiliar place and far from people he cares about. This is the first time in a long while that he finds someone to care for and obviously needs him.

I don’t think Tan is already in love with Eun Sang. He tries to cling on to her because he recognizes her as a kindred spirit. They both have and older sibling they admire and both are abandoned by said sibling. Tan also finds Eun Sang fascinating, the way she gets up every time she falls, she keeps fighting no matter how many times life makes it difficult for her.

Eun Sang on the other hand will try to push Tan away, she knows he’s engaged and everything so far as she sees it, is Tan only helping her out because he felt responsible for her. She is very realistic and as she told Chan Young she does not have time to have any commitment. I do hope that this changes as we go along, can’t wait for the next episode!

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