[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Back to School to Wreak Havoc? Kim Woo Bin shows Tenderness with his Pet Dog

The latest release stills from The Heirs shows Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) returning to Empire High while Lee Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul) observes from the top of the building and narrates:

“In the school of Satan (devils), enters Lucifer”

Interestinggggg… So far Kim Tan has been nothing but nice and within the 4 episodes, we did have a couple of short glimpses into his cold, dark side. He covers them up after very well but with these new stills and trailer preview, I am extremely excited to see him channel his dark side. Unleash it, Lucifer. Let me see you rule over Empire High again even if you are too lazy to do so, LOL.

While the Lucifer returns to Satan Land, his devilish ex-side kick Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) are seen in the stills with his pet dog Rottweiler. From the character description, the dog is bought with the money his father’s women give him and he would get the dog to bite those women he dislikes. From the stills, I see Young Do really loves his dog. He’s lovingly caressing the dog and looking at it with so much affection. Perhaps, the dog is his only friend which he feels most comfortable with. After all, dog is always known to help in improving human’s mental health, reduce stress and depression.

We have seen the many sides of Young Do throughout the 4 episodes – the boy comes across as arrogant and menace on the outside but we also saw his friendly side towards his friends. We also see his weaker side when the father tosses him all over the ground during Judo and we see two kids bullying him (in my opinion, haha) into saying he has no mum. I feel sad for the boy, he said it so normally but I am very sure the word “mum” being mentioned open up his wound each time.


2 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Back to School to Wreak Havoc? Kim Woo Bin shows Tenderness with his Pet Dog

  1. I’m loving this trailer ! I have been watching it over and over. LOL
    I like how KT is taking up each of his ex-friends, one by one. lol he even attacks Chan Young ah~ is it because he’s still jealous over Eun Sang ? lol

    And the exchange between KT and YD full of bitterness and tension.. It doesn’t seem like YD was the only victim of their past, KT seems to resent him and everyone else as well. Or is he just being wary ?

    But the sentence that kills everything is Kang Ha Neul’s, overlooking the scene. (can I go KYAAA ?!)

    Really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. *___*

    “off to rewatch the trailer*


  2. Oh, I forgot to mention how cliché it is for Eung Sang to oh so coincidently stuck between KT and YD. >_> Was it really necessary for the viewers to understand they’ll be stuck in a love triangle, chincha ?

    Also, I noticed that she doesn’t seem surprised to see KT but her expression changes totally after looking at YD..


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