The Heirs: Episode 1

The wait is FINALLY over. The drama was announced around April 2013 and all these hype can finally be put to an end with the show airing. SBS has been going insane with the publicity of The Heirs recently, for sure, fighting for rating but ever heard of too much of something can become poisonous? Whatever the rating is like, Crazy 9 are here to spazz together till the end. Alright, let us begin our 3 months journey with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.

P.S. To help with knowing the characters, here is a summary of the characters.


The show starts off with our male protagonist – Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) surfing at the beach at Southern California. When he came ashore, a bunch of Caucasians approach him and he bids them farewell before he goes for a shower. *Cue the long awaited topless scene*


*nosebleeds* Onion Head Emoticons 4

…. are we done yet? …And movingggg along *ahem* *ahem* The boy broods in the shower while he narrates, “The day I was going to go abroad, hyung’s farewell speech was short, honest and easy to understand.

The scene changes to when Kim Tan was 15 and Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk), his half brother (currently president of Jeguk Group) standing beside the window of his room. Kim Won coldly told him “no need to study hard, no need to learn English if he finds it troublesome, just live and play and there is no need to think too much because that is how rich family’s son live their lives. It is alright for you not to have a dream and most importantly, if possible, do not ever come back.”

At that moment, I understood. I wasn’t sent abroad for studying. I was exiled.”

Tan and his mate Jay (Aaron Groben) are sitting in a café looking over the sunset at the beach. Tan continues to narrate, “Hyung is just prematurely taking back what would eventually be snatched away by me”. As he thinks, Jay asks if Tan ever blame them – the brother who hates him, his mother who gave birth to him and the father who never takes his side. Tan looks away sadly and thinks in his mind, “I am just too lazy to hate anyone“.

The scene changes to what look like in a school where we see Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), heir to Zeus Hotel, throws a baseball at his fellow student while his lackeys steal a snicker. Young Do is all cold and wearing this menacing smile; he tells the boy that no matter which choices he make, his fate remains the same i.e. one day they, the bullies, will become his employer. The boy fires up and throws the ball at him but misses. Young Do did not even blink an eye on that. He stands up, approves the boy’s bravery and leaves with “Have a good vacation” while his lackeys start beating the boy up. This bad boy gives me the chills. *Shivers* But kudos to Kim Woo Bin’s acting.

He drops by a motorcycle shop and we see our female protagonist – Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) walks in to deliver food for the staffs. The male staffs refuse to pay and harass Eun Sang for a date. She brushes it off lightly by calling the police on them; that puts the dirt-bags off and she gets her payment. Eun Sang runs past Young Do to her next job while Young Do sends a glance at her.

Exactly how many part-time jobs are Eun Sang doing? We see her delivering food and next she is working in a café while her best childhood friend – Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk) sits at a corner studying.

Sweet Chan Young passes an umbrella to Eun Sang stating that it will rain later. Eun Sang looks surprised but takes it with appreciation and sits down. Chan Young urges Eun Sang to get a boyfriend so she can do the romantic things he does with his. Eun Sang is not at all interested and says that is a waste of time, she rather use the time on earning extra cash. She then disapproves that he has chosen this venue to wait for his girlfriend. Soon enough, a demanding voice orders Chan Young to look down. His girlfriend, Lee Bo Na (Krystal) – heir to MEGA Entertainment appears at the café. She throws dart with her eyes at Eun Sang and orders Eun Sang to quit flirting with Chan Young while she goes sit next to him.

Eun Sang reacts towards her snarky comments calmly and looks to me she is used to Bo Na’s insults. She fires back her own mockery which we see Bo Na does not quite get it – saying she is too busy for this entire childish act and rushes her out if she is not going to spend money in the café. Ha! Yes, I like that Eun Sang so far is not going to be the kind of damsel in distress I strongly dislike.

Bo Na drags Chan Young out of the café before he could tell her he is going somewhere. While Bo Na turns into full-mode jealous hulk, Chan Young brushes her hair and tells her for probably the “N” time that he and Eun Sang are just good friends. Bo Na screams, “There is no such thing as pure friendship between a guy and a girl” and stalks off. Chan Young smiles and shoots her a glance of “I’m so amused” and follows her. I don’t know why you find that cute, Chan Young? Right now, Lee Bo Na isn’t in my To-Like list with this kind of princessy entrance. Hmph.4
At night, Eun Sang is walking on the street and on the phone; ranting about Bo Na to her older sister, Eun Suk (Yoon Jin Seo). Unfortunately none of it is heard because Eun Suk is in a middle of a quarrel with her boyfriend, calling him trash and that earns her a slap on the face with a “Bitch, get out of my house!” Life is not at all smooth and happy for uri Eun Suk, it seems.

On the way home, rain pours and Eun Sang hid herself under an awning. A dream catcher catches her attention and brings a smile to her face.

Chan Young and his dad – Yoon Jae Ho (Chief Secretary of Jeguk Group) are cooking dinner in the kitchen. They look like they get along really well. Dad asks Chan Young if he has told Eun Sang that he is going to study language in the US. Chan Young sighs no, he did not have a chance and proceeds to ask how Eun Sang’s mother is. Dad thinks for a second and tells him with a smirk that she is the centre of Jeguk Group and the madam of the house is in the palm of her hands. Chan Young asks in disbelief, “Really?”

Hahaha! I supposed she does have the madam i.e. mistress of the house and Kim Tan’s birth mother, Han Ki Ae (Kim Sung Ryung) in control. Eun Sang’s mother is Park Hee Nam (Kim Min Kyung) – Kim family’s housekeeper. Omo, Lady Choi. How have I missed you! Will I see you LC-ing anyone in here? Perhaps, uri daejang a.k.a the modern Kim Tan? Hee Nam is warned by another housekeeper that Ki Ae is in a bad mood and she just smiles and calmly walks into the dining room to attend to Ki Ae.

Ki Ae is upset that Tan is not answering her phone; she takes a sip of the soup and complains it has no taste. Turns out Hee Nam is mute and communicates with a notepad. At that exact moment, Ki Ae is notified that Kim Won is home. She chokes on her wine and starts freaking out on what to do with the wine. Hmm, why aren’t you allowed to drink?

Hee Nam is quick to react by snatching the wine glass off Ki Ae, pours the wine into the soup and hides the wine glass under her apron just before Won walks in. It is obvious that Won and Ki Ae are on bad terms, he did not look at her in the eye when he answers her simple question of “Have you eaten?” Ki Ae thus loses her appetite and orders Hee Nam to destroy all those food while quoting if she has to swallow the indignity, she would be a concubine.

Hee Nam decides not to waste food and takes the food home but Eun Sang is not amused and balks that they are not the family’s garbage bins. Mum tells her to eat up and emphasizes that surviving is the most important thing. “Do you think with our situation, we can have such luxurious food?” That statement upsets Eun Sang greatly, with tears in her eyes, she questions mum “Is that my fault we live like this?

Eun Sangs stomps off into her tiny room and blames unni for living a good life on her own. Mum comes in, whacks Eun Sang when she did not respond (hell yeah, Lady Choi!) and tells her, fine,  she will not bring food home next time and passes her a bank book to send to sister. Her sister is getting married. Eun Sang is shocked with the news.



Yoo Ra Hael or Rachel (Kim Ji Won) yells at her mother, Esther Lee (Yoo Son Ha) – CEO of RS International when she tells her daughter she is getting married. Ra Hael is not at all amused especially her parents hadn’t divorced for all that long. Esther orders Ra Hael to dress pretty because she is taking her to meet her new daddy.

Meanwhile, Eun Sang drills mum on who the guy her sister is going to marry. Korean? American? When is the wedding? Are they invited? Mum tells her to stay put in fear that their situation will drives away the good man. Eun Sang immediately gets upset and slips up on her resentment towards her sister for leaving them behind to have a better life. She tells mum she will deliver the cash in person and storms away.

Ra Hael is dragged to lunch and meet her step-father-to-be, Choi Dong Wook (Choi Jin Ho) – CEO of Zeus Hotel and father of Choi Young Do. Oh dear. These two are going to be step-siblings? Interesting combination, I say. While their parents chat on, the two teenagers occasionally let out a sneer or a scoff. Ha.

Esther asks Young Do to take care of his step-sister-to-be because now he is going to be an older brother. Young Do smiles evilly, “Annyeong sister” and tells step-mother-to-be that of course he will take good care of her because she is his type. He stands up to excuse himself only to be slapped by his father for his rudeness. He storms out of the dining room. Is this where Young Do inherits his violent and murderous streak from? If I were Esther, I would probably re-consider the marriage proposal, this man has DV (domestic violence) tendency. Eek!
Ra Hael follows him out and calls out coolly, “Hey brother!” stopping him in his tracks. Their little exchange indicates that Tan and Young Do will be related by marriage through Ra Hael and she thinks he isn’t happy about that. However, Young Do surprises her by saying he is not against the marriage because after all this is a marriage that comes with profit – pointing out that her mum holds shares of the Jeguk Group and he muses who will end up owning those shares.


Eun Sang is working another job in the kitchen scrubbing dishes. The amount of dishes pile up for washing and the resentment of her life crack her composure today. When the owner of the restaurant asks her about her vacation plan, she tells him her sister is getting married and that means her sister has no intention to return. Eun Sang does not want to spend her whole life with mum washing dishes so she is going to the US too because escaping this kind of life is what she has been dreaming off since she was eight. Aww. *Pat*


Eun Sang packs her luggage and tells mum not to worry. She then replaces new notepads with the old ones but starts to tear up upon seeing the contents of the notepad.

I am sorry, madam
What would you like to have for dinner, madam?
Please don’t be angry, madam
I don’t know much about English. I will try to memorise it quickly, madam.
Dry cleaning only

She cries silently while flipping through the pages and my heart breaks with hers. She takes a pen and writes to mum “I’m sorry, mum. I’ll come back successful so just wait a little while.”

Ra Hael is also packing her luggage to pay a visit to her fiancé – Kim Tan. While she packs, she and mum bicker back and forth about her mother’s marriage to Choi Dong Wook. Mum ignores her and walks off to end the argument. She makes a call to …


… Kim Tan sitting on his bed while he narrates that occasionally he does think of rebelling against his hyung but in the end he takes his advice and just live easily. The result to that is he has a policeman on his tail, acquiring too much attention in school and gain the ability to make his mum cry every day. Jay comes into his room and throws the ringing phone to him. He takes a quick glance at the phone – Ra Hael and puts it down. Jay asks Tan why he is ignoring the call. Tan tells Jay he already know who is calling, it’s his fianceé and that she is either getting on the plane, or on the plane or she is already here because it is their one year anniversary.


Jay asks, “Why are you acting like that’s not a good thing?” Tan goes, “No, I always look this good!” (Yes. Yes. We know, you shit) Instead of meeting up with Ra Hael, Tan decides to go surfing with Jay at the beach.

Eun Sang arrives at LAX all nervous with a piece of paper (Map and English written on it) and hypnotises herself that she can do this, after all, she scores no. 14 in the school. She walks out of the airport and someone catches her attention by speaking Korean on the phone. That person is Ra Hael. Ra Hael is obviously lying to her mother that Tan has come to pick her up. Her whole conversation has been overheard by Eun Sang and she smiles a little to herself when she realises the lies Ra Hael made up.


Ra Hael spotted Eun Sang just as she smiles and is offended. She calls out to Eun Sang, demanding an explanation. Eun Sang pretends to be Japanese but only to be shot back down by Ra Hael speaking back fluent Japanese to her. Ha! *applaud Kim Ji Won’s Japanese* Eun Sang apologises and explains it was not a mocking smile. It’s just… only because she thinks the both of them are in the same situation i.e. their arrival is not welcome. Somehow her statement gives Ra Hael an extra slap on the face and is seem even more offended now.


Eun Sang arriving at the beach, with her mouth opened wide exclaiming, “Ahhh I really have come to the US” and eyeing the girls in bikinis. She looks down at her own chest and sighs, “It must be the food they eat.” Hahaha! From afar, she spotted Tan walking back from surfing and Tan notices Eun Sang as he listens to Jesse complimenting his surfing. Yeah right, these two sure has good eye-sight. He turns down Jay’s invitation to a party (while I drool at his chest slowly being covered up by that god damn singlet!) and tells Jay that he needs to go do some thinking.

Eun Sang arrives at a rundown house and rough neighbourhood, all confused while knocking on the door. She is even more puzzled when an American woman answers the door with a man follows closely behind. While Eun Sang fumbles through her notebooks, the man recognises her, “Eun Sang?” Eun Sang asks Chris in poor English, “Are you Stella’s husban-de?” Chris scoffs and says no, they are just staying together. “When are you getting married to Stella?” Chris laughs it off. Eun Sang then asks what about school, in which, Eun Sang finds out her sister has never gone to school. Eun Sang loses her cool and demands Chris to tell her where her crazy bitch sister is.


Tan sits inside Duke’s café, deep in thoughts, writing something in English. Eun Suk is the waitress in there and she comes up to him, “What are you writing everyday?” Tan tells her he is doing homework in which Eun Suk retorts that he does not look like one who would be hard working. Ha. One day I’d love to see a geeky Lee Min Ho. Turns out Tan is writing a school essay, it is his little rebellious way against his hyung. So cute.

When I am writing the essay, I feel like I am thinking… the type of thinking that hyung asks me not to do.

Jeguk group’s meeting room. Kim Won wears a stern and hard expression as he listens to his board reporting the bad news regarding the less than expected low sales for their shopping mall. It looks to me that Won’s dictatorship style is not widely accepted by the board members, his father the CEO of Jeguk is still in charge and that the Chief Secretary is challenging his ability.

Tan takes a break from his thinking and looks up to notice Eun Sang standing just right outside Duke’s café. Eun Sang is completely oblivious with Tan’s deep stare because she is too engrossed in watching her unni chatting up with different men.

Tears welling up in her eyes as she watches on while Tan watches her even more intently. Eun Suk approaches Tan’s table to offer more coffee and follows Tan’s gaze and finally sees Eun Sang. She drops the coffee pot and breaks Tan’s about-to-burn-a-hole-in-my-screen-staring. (P.S. I’d like to be that straw if possible…)

Eun Suk rushes out to meet Eun Sang, “Why are you here?” The two sisters start bickering back and forth. Eun Sang yells at unni that she is her last hope. Eun Suk half-heartedly apologises and goes through Eun Sang’s luggage, looking for the money. Eun Sang warns her not to take mum’s hard earn cash. Unni ignores, finds the envelope, tells Eun Sang to go home and runs off. Eun Sang, left behind, all devastated and sobbing in front of her luggage.

Tan witnesses the whole ordeal with tears in his eyes. Jay sits opposite of Tan and notices Eun Sang too. He runs out to say hi to Eun Sang. Just when you thought the guy is being nice, he snatches a bag of powder from Eun Sang’s luggage and runs off. Eun Sang barks in disbelief, “What? Am I being robbed now?” and runs after Jay. Silly Jay runs into the volleyball net and *WHAM* falls onto the ground.

Eun Sang tries to snatch the bag from Jay and the bag breaks. Powder splatter all over Jay and he sniffs it but within a minute or so, the guy starts to gag. Uh oh! Allergic reaction? Tan runs toward Jay for the rescue and urges Eun Sang to call the ambulance.

*Laughs* So uri beach boy – Jay is allergic to bean. Hahaha! XD Tan acts all pissy towards Eun Sang regarding the trouble and follows the doctor away to sign some hospital documents. Eun Sang is being questioned outside by a police named BARBEE (Bwahahahahahaha! Is Kim Eun Sook trying to be funny?).


While Eun Sang struggles to understand Barbee’s questioning, nosy Tan decides to come to the rescue by pretending she is his girlfriend (It’s okay baby) but only to make matter worse due to his reputation with drugs (Aishhh boy, you’re supposed to enjoy life, not abuse life). Barbee decides to investigate further and confiscates Eun Sang’s passport.


Without a passport, Eun Sang cannot go back to Korea and she decides she’ll have to crash at her sister’s. Tan highly doubts her sister will take her in but sends her there anyway. No one is in and Eun Sang tells Tan to go even though he is concerned of her safety in that nasty neighbourhood. After Tan leaves, Eun Sang sits on the porch and waits for her sister. A bunch of boys walk past and that scare her. She decides to leave and we see this cheesy scene whereby the headlights appears, a Maserati driving towards her and stop at her track. Of course it is our boy, Kim Tan. They stare at each other for, I don’t know, a minute before Tan asks, “Want to go to my house?

Ooohhhhh YES pleaseeee! I’ll go. 😀


The scenery of California is beauuuu-ti-ful. So far I wouldn’t consider myself hook as this episode is just a prelude, an introduction to half of the characters in the show. Lee Min Ho looks great although I take issue with the hospital scene simply because he is too pale in that scene (which means the tan looks healthy on him!) and I have no doubt he will pull through with his acting. That stare down at the café is burning through my monitor and I hope to see more development for his character. My heart aches for Eun Sang and mum, life is indeed difficult and if she can break free from the poverty, I wholeheartedly support her so. Park Shin Hye is doing great in episode one although I’d say she has had help from Kim Min Kyung for the emotional scenes. It makes it easier for the audiences to feel the emotion with Kim Min Kyung’s narration and Shin Hye’s crying scene. I love Kim Min Kyung. She is a fantastic actress, no doubt about it. The moment she appears on-screen or just her voiceover, I can feel the emotion flowing through my blood. There is chemistry, physical or biological reactions whatever you want to call it.

Right now I just have one major question to ask Yoon Chan Young. What exactly did you see in Lee Bo Na? So far this girl is nothing but a spoilt brat. I get her insecurity; I do but for crying out loud, at least mask it with class! *Eyes-rolling* Whatever it is, I just hope she stops being irritating. As for Choi Young Do, Kim Woo Bin delivers it. He’s an intriguing and scarily badass character. I like it. As oppose to Bo Na, I actually like Ra Hael. I know I know, she’s bitchy but she is a bitch with class and I actually like Kim Ji Won’s acting. She makes minor facial expression with the scene against Kim Woo Bin at lunch to shows her emotions. I like na actor who can act with their eyes and their expression rather than exaggerated body movement or yelling.

I anticipate for the story to unravel between all the characters. I look forward to see that other face of Kim Tan too. He’s supposed to be the evil of all evil in school and I am intrigued to see Lee Min Ho portrays that. I want to see bromance between Tan and Won and/or bromance between Tan and Young Do. I want to see moreeeee romance between Tan and Eun Sang as well although it is weird that Lee Min Ho is now staring at Shin Hye rather than Kim Hee Sun. Haha! It’s a good start for the drama. YAY!

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