[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Putting Choi Young in the Past and Taking on “The Heirs”

The newly released stills of the upcoming drama, The Inheritors, shows Lee Min Ho deeply engaged with his character as a student. It reveals an intelligent Kim Tan, immersed in his studies, paying close attention to the foreign professor while sitting in a lecture hall. 

He appears to be a little uneasy about something, which is probably why we see him approaching the professor. However, I have a feeling it isn’t because he is lost and confused; rather, he seems to be questioning the material that’s being taught but, I could be totally wrong. 

Whichever the case be, I am anticipating to hear Lee Min Ho speak English because knowing we can understand each other that much more makes me die a little on the inside. Beside, his “it’s okay baby,” already received a pass from me, which is really the most one can expect from his character who went to study abroad in the United Sates for a few years. I’m just saying because I understand that it’s near impossible to perfect a language within such a short time. Therefore, even IF Lee Min Ho’s English will not be fluent, at least it is realistic. 

I wonder what happen in this scene? I see him using his eyes as the acting tool here

On another note, can we all just take a brief second to admire his haircut and thank his stylist for dressing him in such young fashion? The man has never looked younger and fresher! Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few more days before the show airs, which will be on October 9th, but I’m sure it was needless of me to say because we’ve all probably already marked the date on our calendar.