Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 1


Mi Rae’s Choice also known as Marry Him if You Dare or The Future Choice is the new KBS2 drama starring Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Yong Hwa, Choi Myung Gil, Go Doo Shim and Han Chae Ah.

It tells the story of future Na Mi Rae (Choi Myung Gil) travelling from 2038 to 2013 to find herself – the 32 years old present Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) and attempt to change her own future. In future, she is married to the once an anchorman Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun) while the YBS chaebol Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) is perhaps engaged or married to reporter Seo Yoo Kyung (Han Chae Ah).
This rom-com drama is interesting, light and easy to watch for the first 2 episodes.


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The show starts off with our heroine, Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) diligently working at a call centre. She looks cheery and seems to have a large amount of patience dealing with unreasonable callers where one calls up asking her to sing. She sings for him while surfing the internet and watching the news.

Kim Shin
, the 5 o’clock evening news anchorman at YBS has been demoted to host a 10 am morning show and replaced by a new freshman. Before wrapping up the news, he boldly declare that he will be back and that this won’t be his last time being the anchorman. Obviously, he is not-at-all impressed with the arrangement. His character comes across as arrogant, uptight and simply rude with swear words being censored when the second time he appears on-screen.

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Some time in the future, Shin and Mi Rae got married and we hear a voiceover, “I am sorry, yebo. This is the only way.” and she tears the picture into half. That person is future Mi Rae (Choi Myung Gil). She travels from her time to 2013 in what looks like a lift.

Present Mi Rae runs into the filming crew who are having some trouble with the running traffic so Mi Rae happily volunteer to help while day-dreaming about herself being the broadcast writer. She asks the writer if it is possible for her to become one at age 32. She gets a hesitated answer. Back to her job, the caller verbally abused her and that upsets her even more. She cries in the rest room for some time before picking herself up again.

Future Mi Rae waits inside of Mi Rae’s car after work and told her not to drive at all cost on the day, Mi Rae ignores the warning and future Mi Rae had no choice but to yell for her to avoid lane 3 on the highway.

Although she thought future Mi Rae is crazy but she couldn’t help but change lane and when she did, a car accident happened. Turns out it was Kim Shin smashing his car head on onto Seo Yoo Kyung’s.Yoo Kyung has hit her head on the steering wheel and Kim Shin looks apologetic (showing a huge contrast to his previous behaviour).

Present Mi Rae breathes a sigh of relief and thinks it was surreal that the Ajumma (future her) was actually correct. When she reaches home, Ajumma is waiting for her inside the house. She scrambles out to the door and traps Ajumma in while she threatens to call the police.

It is not until Ajumma hold out a torn, half piece of cash note that matches with what Mi Rae had that Mi Rae starts to believe everything she says is true – that she is herself from the future.


Ajumma gives Mi Rae a few pointers and helps her win the grand prize to Jeju island for 5 days 4 nights. Mi Rae is thrilled to spend some fun time at Jeju island, contemplating to wear bikini when Ajumma tells her off that they are not here for fun. She wants Mi Rae to start considering what is best for their future. She wants Mi Rae to study to become 7th civil servant. Mi Rae is not at all interested and did not take her old-self seriously. Note: It’s curious that Mi Rae has some sort of burnt mark on her shoulder, and I wonder whether this scar will link to the story in the future.

Ajumma leaves Mi Rae in the hotel to do some useful thinking while she herself searches high and low  for Park Se Joo. We get a flashback of Park Se Joo and Seo Yoo Kyung on TV talking about where they have met and with those clue, Ajumma determines to match Mi Rae up with Se Joo. Question: How did she pick the man and why Se Joo?

Mi Rae ignores her old-self’s order and proceed to have fun in the pool. She manages to catch the attention of all suited up Park Se Joo when her bikini came loose.

Se Joo is about to ask the waiting staff to help her when Ajumma goes into the pool and slaps Mi Rae. Se Joo witnesses all but did not interfere.

Both Mi Rae had an argument in the hotel and ended with Ajumma telling Mi Rae that if she is going to continue her life this way, she might as well end her life. Ajumma immediately regrets what she has said when she hid herself in the restroom while Mi Rae sobs away.

Next we know, Mi Rae is walking at the beach towards the sea. Noooo! Don’t do it! There is a beach house at the beach and whaddaya know, Park Se Joo stays in there and notices Mi Rae. At first, he thought she was going to drown herself so he picks up the phone to call reception. But then he realises it was a false alarm; instead of approaching Mi Rae, he uses the video camera to zoom in on her and silently keeps watch on her.77c61-mc1-avi0028
Mi Rae probably did thought about ending her life but she stops when she saw little Nemos swimming around. Uhmm I doubt there will be fishes in there but I’ll just go with what the drama throws at me. Mi Rae decides to strip and swim along with the fishes and that cheer her up greatly, while she swims, Se Joo is watching (ahem) and mesmerises by her beauty under the moonlight.

And… cut to Mi Rae waking up in the hotel room with Ajumma sitting on her bed. Ajumma cries and questions Mi Rae if she was going to kill herself. Mi Rae says no. She assures Ajumma that she is going to work hard to change herself after seeing how hard the fishes swim in the sea last night. They both smile and made up. Aw. Sweet.

Lee Mi Ran (Go Doo Shim), Chairman of YBS is lecturing Se Joo about his decision to work undercover as a VJ in the company. She is a little upset that Se Joo chooses to disguise as a VJ rather than a PD. These two are cute to start with and their conversation shows that they are really close with each other. Grandma Mi Ran ushers Se Joo out to see her lawyer next door and before he goes, Se Joo turns around and tells grandma that he has heard of  what others have nicknamed her – Miranda.

Grandma is oblivious with the given name and Se Joo tells her it derives from the movie The Devil wears Prada. Upon hearing Meryl Streep is the main character in the movie, grandma is interested to check it out although Se Joo tries to advise against it.

However, he was too late because grandma is quick on the dial and has asked her secretary to obtain the movie. Se Joo shrugs it off lightly and tells her, “It’ll be good that you get to know yourself.” Hahaha! Cheeky grandson! He is confident his grandma can take the criticism, LOL.

Se Joo leaves grandma’s office and pays a visit to the lawyer just when Kim Shin came to see Chairman Lee. Kim Shin wants to go back to his original job, complaining to grandma the new anchorman can’t even pronounce words clearly and properly. But grandma stands her ground and she shoots him down with the lethal truth. He is getting old and uninteresting. The rating has risen when they replaced him. 70aa0-mc1-avi0042
Kim Shin leaves the office in a huff and bumps into Se Joo who stops to address him. Kim Shin marvels at how a maknae VJ can be standing at the corridor of the Chairman’s office, eager to conceal it, Se Joo hushes the security guards to keep quiet and goes down with Kim Shin to be introduced to his team, The Team 3, which he will be working with.

Kim Shin orders the PD around (Mi Rae’s brother) and demanded to move their meeting to an earlier time slot so he can go to bed on time while Se Joo is observing the entire conversation in silence. Taking down notes in his mind perhaps?
Meanwhile, Mi Rae marches into her workplace without a uniform and swears into the phone at the customer who demanded her to sing again. She then hands in her resignation and all determined to start her life over by studying at a café. Ajumma is delighted to hear the good news.

The production team holds the meeting as requested by Kim Shin and he declares that they must aim to achieve a rating of 20% for their show. Everyone snorted and laughed, stating the impossible for the morning time slot they have. Here we see a flashback to when Kim Shin was in grandma’s office. Grandma has striked a deal with him. If he is to raise the rating of his current show to 15%, then she will let him be the 10 pm news anchorman. Ahhh so that’s why the sudden motivation.

Somehow, I don’t know why, the others turn to maknae-in-disguise Se Joo for his opinion on this matter. Se Joo gives his input but Kim Shin takes offense when Se Joo refers their show as “a product” and “business”. Oops! Looks like the two started off on bad terms.

Kim Shin stands up, all pissy and tells PD to get rid of Se Joo because he can’t work with him.

Put him in the canteen or stall so that he can do business”.

He puffs and walks out angrily. Se Joo lets out a breath and not looking impressed/happy (?). Designed Se Joo’s OS: You are DEAD MEAT, dude!

Mi Rae studies in the café ’til 3 am and at that exact same time, Kim Shin wakes up and starts the day with pronunciation exercises. Mi Rae packs up and heads home in the car, talking on the phone with Ajumma, telling her that she wants to be a variety writer. But Ajumma is against it, telling her that the bastard who is the reason she came here works in that industry.

Mi Rae says she does not have to work in the same company as him and just at that moment, her car runs into Kim Shin’s. Holy crap! NO! NO! NO!


I cannot say I like Mi Rae’s character yet since she is all but ordinary at the moment, however, I like Ajumma because she is strong minded and she kicks ass. I sense a friendship coming up between the two. How weird, BFF with yourself, LOL.

Kim Shin. Oh dear. What a self-absorbed jerk. He is an arrogant, uptight and oily-haired man with too much pride up his sleeves. I am unsure if I can like him at all but that said, it is only the first two episodes, usually these kind of story will turn an asshole into an angel at the end. I supposed Lee Dong Gun is doing his best as Kim Shin because I already find myself hating his guts and his male chauvinistic behaviour towards women. Ugh.

Park Se Joo. Oh boy. The moment he appears on-screen in that suit, Mama mia! Gorgeous, much? This is my first Jung Yong Hwa drama and I think he did pretty well as Se Joo. I have read about him being terrible in acting on other sites and am glad to know he might actually change some opinions with this one.

I like Park Se Joo, a chaebol who chooses to start off at the bottom level and learns how a broadcasting company works. His relationship with grandma is adorable and even though he acts coldly and rejects the whiny girl at the pool, he did not fail to notice and observes what is around him. When no one is willing to help the troubled Mi Rae in the pool, he was there to her rescue, in the not-getting-myself-wet way.

I like it. It is light and entertaining. I think this drama starts off quite interestingly although the storyline itself is cheesy. Let’s face it, we have seen dramas or movies like this before. But I’m all for cheesy if it can be done correctly. So far I like it enough that I want to continue to watch it.


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  1. Thanks Le Petite for this good and well detailed review ! =D

    LDG is very convicing as Kim Shin. it helps that it’s my first LDG’s drama. lol I know he’s the man lead, but I’m still confused as to who will end up with who.
    I thought it was obvious that the person MR loves and is going to die was SJ, but not so much now. =/ I’m loving the mystery in this show and hope it’ll be handles well.

    LDG is definitely going to be more likeable as there’s some sweet scenes coming between him and MR next week. Hehe…
    But I’m especially looking forward to more MR&SJ’s scenes. *__*


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